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~32~ts~.1(~~Q~' <br />d. 1=or better seeusity of the indebtedness hereby secured, upon the request of the mortgagee, its successors <br />or acssgras, mortgagor shall execute and deliver a supplemental mortgage or mortgages covering ally additions.. <br />imprcvetnents, or betterments trade to the property hereinabove described. and all property acquired icy it after <br />the date hereof (all in form satisfactory to tnottgagee). Futhermore, should. mortgagor fail to cure any-default <br />in tite payment of a prior orinferiar encutttbranct: an the property described by this instrument, mortgagor here- <br />6y agrees to permit: mortgagiee to cure such default, beet mortgagee is not obligated to do so; and such advances <br />shall become pars of the indebtedness this instrument, subjectxo the same terms and conditions. <br />e. The: rights. created by this: conveyance shalt remain in full farce and. effect during any postponement. or <br />'eattnsioa of the dine of the paymene of the indebtedness evidenced.. by said pramiseory note or notes, or any <br />part thereof sxured hereby. <br />f. To continuously maintain hazard insurance, of such type or types and in such amounts as the mortgagee. <br />nta}t froth: timt to time require on the .improvements now or hereafter on said property, and wilt pay promptly <br />whin tine auty premiums therefor. All insurance shall be carried in companies acceptable to mortgagee. and the <br />policies and renewals thereof shall be held by mortgagee and have attached thereto loss payable :clauses in favor <br />of fUrm acceptable to the mortgagee. in event of loss, moregagor will give immediate notice. in writing. <br />to mortgagee, and mortgagee may make proof of loss if not made promptly by mortgagor, and each insurance <br />cotrtpany eoncertted is hereby authorized and directed to make payment for such loss directly [a mortgagee <br />instead of to mortgagor and mortgagee jointly, and the insurance prods, ar any part thereof, may be applied <br />by u~tortgagee at its option either to the reduction of the indebtedness hereby secured or to the restoration or <br />repaie of the property damaged or destroyed. In event of foreclosure of this mortgage, or othee transfer of title <br />to said. property. in extinguishment of the indebtedness secured hereby, aU right, title, and interest of the <br />mortgagor in and to any insurance policies then in force shall pass to the purchaser or mortgagee or, at the. <br />optttxtof the mortgagee, tray be surrendered for a refund. <br />g. To keep all buildings and other improvements on said property in good repair and condition; to <br />permit,. commit., or suffer ao waste., impairment, deterioration of said property or any part thereof; in the. event <br />of failtue of the; mortgagor to keep the buildings on said premises and chose erected on said premises, or <br />improvements thereon, in good repair, the ar~„ges u;y make such repairs as in is discretion it [„ay d~.... <br />necexsary for the .proper presenaeion kheeeof; and the full amount of each and every such payment shall be <br />immedzately due-and"payable; and. shall. be secured by the Lein of this mongage. <br />h. 'fo rot votuntari[y create or permit to be created against the property subject to this mortgage any lien <br />or liens inferior to the lien of this mortgage without. written consent of the mortgagee; and father, that mort- <br />gagor wilt keep and rttaintain the same free from the claim of ail persons supplying labor ar materials far con- <br />ststtction of any and all buildings ar improvements now being erected or to be erected on said premises. <br />i,. To. not tens or assign any part of the rent of said mortgaged. property or demolish, or remove, or. : <br />sulastantialiy alter any building without the written consent of the mortgagee. <br />j, .All .awards of damages in connection. wills any condemnation for public use of or injury to any of the <br />pet>perty su#jeet to this mortgage arc hereby assigned a.~d shall the paid so mortgagee, who tray apply the same to <br />payment of the instailtnents last due under said Hate, and mottgagee is hereby authorized, in the name of the <br />..mortgagor, to exeCttte and deliver-valid aCtluittanCes thereof and to appeal from any such award. <br />k_ The mortgagee shall have the right to inspext the mortgaged premises at any rcasonabte time. <br />t, To Comply with the provisions of any-lease i f this hfortgage is on a leasehold. If this Mortgage is on a <br />uetit in a Condominium or a planned-uric. development, Borrower zhall perform al! of Borrower's obligations <br />uodcr tkie declaration ar Covenants Ctzating or governing.. the condominitura or planned unit, development the <br />by-taws and. re:gulaeons of the condominitmt or plattrfed unit development, and conststuent documents. <br />2: Default in any of ihe.covenanss- or conditions of this instrument or of the rota or loan ageement secured hereby <br />-shah terminate the mor€gagar's right to ptxsession, use, and enjoyment,of the property, at the option,. of the. <br />mortgagee or assigns (it being agreed.-that the mortgagor shall have such right anti} defauh). Upon any such: <br />default, the mortgagee shall: beeotrie the owner of all of tlse rents and profits acxttring after default assecuriry for <br />.the iruiehtedness secured hereby, with ttte right. to enter upon. said .property for the purpose of coiteCting such <br />i'eets and profits. This itt~*~+ment shall operau as;aa assignment of any rentals on said property to that extent: <br />i. if tls~ mortgagor defaults, and fails to make any payments when due or to conform to and. comply with. any ai <br />the conditions er agreetnenes contained in this mortgage or the notes which itg~t~ures, titt:n the entire principal <br />sum rued scCrued interest shat at once become due and payable,..and draw~'x or Cent. (ik#. t7 e!o) interest <br />thereat'ter until paid at the elect~an of the mortgagee; and this mortgage may thereupisn be foreclosed inxmediately <br />fcr the ssholc of fine indebtedness hereby scgtred, including the rstst of extending the abstract of title from the <br />date of this mert~age to the ti~ea c€ cvtrtmertcSngsuCh eerie. <br />~. In the event of a fareCta4ure or default as provided herein, the exrortgagee shall ac,onCe be-enzitletl to the pot- <br />a^ss+cut. ;t=,e, and cnjoymrnY crf the real esraie afcyrr,aid and to the rant, issues, loyalties, and. profits Lhereaf, <br />front the accrtitsg ,,f :.act: rieF.t3 and during the pendctticy of frJt~ccltasure proceedings and, such possessions, etc, <br />shall at onze be delivered to the nongagcY upon recruest, upon :failure such delivery of such lteassessian mau, be <br />enforced 1$Y rraoz;gagcr, by 2r,} appr4p:iatc legal pr:+Ceedings, includingareCCivgt for the property. <br />~. T~lte prcnceztts c,f' anY sate of said ;irotscrt}° in actordance with he preceding paragraphs shall be applied t;rat to <br />pay the cc,ats end crotpetnrs of said sak, ,he rtipencea ittCUr€ed, by the mortgagee for the purpvsc of pratei;uttg ar <br />~uistsixuaa k.atti t3rCgKn~Y. ser~r.,, t~ n&Y. the inJe~t~ettr.tom-Se+'°s3.rtd.l~a~ceby; arn1 thirdtp, so tTtty atxy 'warp#us ~r <br />,-xr~v ry t3x;~cracut ear I>rwox~s ;e~al.ig reel+tlec3 tacz^_to. <br />