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TRUST DEED <br />q. <br />T40 TRUST DGEDY made this 26th day of <br />December <br />be and between: <br />(A) Richard A. Carstens and Galie Z. CArltens. Husband <br />called "T mailing addrwis is <br />, <br />r <br />Morwest Bank Grand Island , National Association, = - F <br />�y <br />N Third. P. <br />Is �Nat�r�Association 4 <br />a� <br />�� �:• <br />` <br />as "se if v <br />h <br />WITINESSETH: That Trustor, In consideration of One dollar <br />(51.00) and <br />conveys, whereof to heileby acknowledged, grants, sells and warrants to Truid0se, In t l <br />following descrMed property, sItu*W In Hal 1 <br />Lot Five (5) Hidden lakes Subdivision Neer <br />Three, Hall County, Nebraska <br />The Intention being to convey hereby in absolute title in fee simple, including all the rights of homestead and <br />dower, together with all buildings, fixtures, improvements and appurtenances thereunto belonging; and all of Aft <br />foregoings together with said property are herein referred to as the "Property." <br />FOR THE PURPOSE Of SECURING p8rtor�tan�e o� Bch �rmment and covenant of Trustor herein contained <br />uurn re r o <br />and the payment of the principal sum ofT�ne <br />-urn 134,500.00 ** <br />dr (= <br />as by a promissory note boarireg d�eri a ales bIt which may hereafter be paid <br />or advanced under the terms of this Trust Deed; both principal <br />sum and Interest thereon being payable according <br />to terms sett forth in said promissory note, reference to which is hereby made, at the office of the Beneficiary or at <br />such other place as the holder may designate in writing, the final payment of principal and Interest, If not sooner <br />l be due and payable on the 1St day of <br />January <br />Trustor and Beneficiary covenant and agree as follows: <br />B. WandeftefThle, Trusrotialsoluply seized of tM Properly; N hall right and <br />WNW further" to "# the Property. the Property is tree and Clow <br />respectiq Plies. AN iMwanoa Policies Maintap" Pursuant to INS TTas1 Dead <br />of all <br />"M am esyow ft" hale Of record; and Truator will waft!"[ arid <br />shall harm Trustee 814 B~ICWV as Inewrads, so than Mpeaffte aterself, they, <br />appear. are! PMIN00 that Ihers Mall M not cohcaliithot Or <br />1 _. M pis VMS the Trustee end Its successors and s"Illne <br />pus came er M Truster. at ifs,,pens®, Will malnta,n <br />forest, says tnesw wrdfan nottla"Itcat Is Trustee sfad Bettedivary. in tM event fully <br />am <br />IN Tr Dad" • keru upon tna Treat Proust a only to <br />Danny er rtor rq er fsura 1 dsya prio, to ItA <br />Oala. Ted th ty orsawe auCfi M atra fM saaf t <br />- oaf rte daM Mraof. win Caima 11»6 Tnsl D/aa, std tuft <br />e , Itt <br />. W M to" and raeorMO ere a rest"" of tM <br />to fees se "f <br />es b EM bill aY IfNa Trust afKf Mao at tM <br />T Rr am! et too PW*. and will take such oltw action as <br />proper of tM r Ittsfern 0, Me RaMrest raNf aultelorclas <br />ay the owe of IM � 04 . T � <br />A st T r ay anY M of future law In Ofdw to <br />ail sort of this Trust DOW. as the ,arm may o from <br />Pnco of inswahM and or of such and <br />Ems to 1*4 - er tai <br />r . Failure la trautyame ay Tfuster, a ae MPAM <br />shalt, of 1st W , cWhIlgate a 9. Ali <br />3. sal Tfustor pwtcfuay pay Me D,i of, <br />011"Wme We to Trews u foetal sly and a e <br />coWayanca of the "Me Tsatm M ea to to M <br />- s of and an alb IMMO es pr <br />- Provided thsfafh"wilt <br />!m Ttustora!Merest an end to au Policies IN inswae+oa upon the Tresf <br />M IM WOyfslohe of afty otter security <br />w#h tit floe. <br />I TRAM and T aaNyf spy pp sued Mt to <br />t w oiwnm or dye aefSaft tM ds* y. user <br />T, M . 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