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<br />DEC-30-ee FRill :'52 EXCEL. CORP. <br /> <br />P.04 <br /> <br />..~. <br /> <br />88- 107083 <br /> <br />DP.P.D OF TRllflT <br /> <br />TillS DF:P.O OF TRUST is msde II!! nC the ~ day of December , 19DB <br />by and among EKcal J, V. Partnsrs, L,P., a California Limited Pllrtnerahlp, <br />("TRUIl1'OR"), whose mailing addresll ill: 1501.0 hVLnUll or Science, Ste, 100. Snn DIego, <br />and Tieor 1iLle Inaurllnce ComPM~ ' I "TRUIl'I'F.E"), J!l.I1Q,lB mailing Ilddress I.,: Ch 92126 <br />113 Weat Second St,. 1'.0. Dox 6 7. Grand IslRnd, NB ~"ftJN Man/lgement, <br />("0IlNEFIC1AR'i"), whose mailing address is: 817 Hot Springs Rd" Ssnta Barbara, <br />California 93108 <br /> <br />FOR Vl\IolJlIDLE CONSIDER/lTION, Trustor irrevocllbly tran!lf""s, conveys, Ilnd <br />asalgn!l to Trustee, IN TRUST, WITIl POIIER OF SAT,E, for thQ benefit and securily of <br />BOnllficillry, under and lIubject to the t..rms and conditions of thIs Deed of Trust, <br />the relll property located in the City of Grand Islam!, county of Hall, State of <br />.'"braAka, and legally dQ!lcribed as followSl (the "Property"): <br /> <br />Replet of Lot Eight (8), Grand Island Hall Eighth <br />Subdiviainn, in the city of Grand Island, Nebraska, <br /> <br />TOGE'rllp.R WITII all rent.a, ..nsements, appurtenances, hereditaments, interests <br />in adjoining rODda, streets and alleys, Improvements and buildLngs of sny kind <br />situllted thereon and all personal property that may be or hereaCter become an <br />integral part of lIuch buildings and improvements, <br /> <br />The property and the entire estate and interest conveyed to the Trustee are <br />referred to collectlv81y as the "Trust Estate", <br /> <br />FOR TilE PURPOSE OF SECURING: <br /> <br />a, Paym/lnt of indebtednass in the total principal amollnt of $ 271 ,O?O,OL, <br />with interest th/lfUOn, a8 evidenced by the certain Promissory Note of even date <br />(the "Note") ~llIOIlC~~~ as outlined in said note, eKecuted by <br />TruRtor, which has been delivered and is payablQ to the order of Beneficillry, and <br />which by this reference is hereby made a part hereof, and any and all <br />modifications, extensions and renewals thereof, and, <br /> <br />b. Payment of all slims advanced by Beneficisry to protect the Trust Estat.., <br />with interest thereon at the rate of ~ percent per annum, <br /> <br />This Deed of Trust, the Note, and any other instrument given to evidence or <br />further socure the payment and performance of any obligation secured hereby are <br />r.ten'ed t.o coll.ectlvely eo the "t,oan Instrument.s". <br /> <br />TO PROTECT THE SnCURITY OF THIS DEED OF TRUST: <br /> <br />1, PAYMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS, Trustor shall. pay when due tha principal of, <br />and the interest on, the indebtednesll eVidenced by the Note, chargea, fees and <br />all other slims as provided in the Loan Instruments, <br /> <br />2. TAXES, Trustor shall pay each installment of all taxea and special <br />assessments of every kind, now or hereafter levied against the Trust EstatQ or <br />any part hereof, before 4elinqu9ncy, without notice or demend, and shall prOVide <br />Beneficiary with evidence of the payment of Slime. Trustor shall pay al.l taxes <br />an4 allsORRmente which may be levied upon Beneficiery's interest heroin or upon <br />thia Oood of Truat or the 4ebt secured herQby, without ragard to any law that may <br />be enacted imposing payment of the whole or any part thereof upon the <br />Beneficiary. Trustor shall only be liable for these obligations to the exL~nt the Tenont <br />of the above referenced property, Northern Automntive Corporation, en hri~onn Corporation, <br />3. INSUR/lNCB AND REPAIRS. Trustor ahall maintain fire and extended Jan't llnhle <br />coverage ins'lrance lnauring the improvements and buildingS constituting part of for thBAp. <br />the TruRt Eetete for an amount no leAS than the amount of the unpaid principal ohl1getLonf <br />blllance of the Note (co-inaurance not exce.,d lng 80' permitted). Such insurance or is :In <br />polley shAU contain a stllnllerd mortgage ctllllse in fllyor of Beneficiary anI! ..h..U default of <br />not be cllncellable, terminable, or modifiable without ten (10) days prior wrilten pB~t. <br />notice to Bonaficiary. Trustor shall promptly repair, maintein anI! raplllce the <br />Trust astate or any psrt thereof so that, except for ordinary wllsr and tear, the <br />