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��� <br /> D � � D G� � C� O � D � o0 4� � c, <br /> _� � - — <br /> ..... :�Ol�$✓-��OAY&6FRYlETfCO..PNINTING.LITH06RAPHIN6.3TAT10NERY:OMAHA . .. . . .. . . .. . .��. .:v .� ..� �"i �- �-'- - , �: <br /> .. .. . . . . . . , -�.- _._.._...__ ��.. .�,.jk:-._.._ .-_='__e.�-�:._.. <br /> is a�fixeci to the fore�oing convoyance as �ranto�, and acknowleci�;ed the execution of the same ' , <br /> to lae her volun�ary ac� ancl deed. '�itnaU� my hand and Notarial 5ea1 the day and year last ab4ve ;. <br /> vvrit�en. �Y4y commiss3.on ex�ires the 25th day of July, 1912 . <br /> S. C. Huston, ' <br /> �SEAL) Notax�r Public. ' <br /> F'iled for reco�a the 9th day of �iarch, 1J10, at 2-20 P.��i. <br /> � , <br /> � ��� <br /> County Clerk. <br /> #���#"�-�����������#�#��-�-��,�#��.�'#�#��������=#'�'�'��#���#�#�;��-���#,��.��#�.-��#�.,�-#�# � <br /> WARRANTY DEF.D: KNOi9 ALL �iE2T �Y T�iESE P�ESEttTS: That '�illiam E. Sair�son and E11a F. Sampsan, hus- <br /> �and and wife, o�' the Caunty of Hall ana State of Ne'�raska, for and in consideration af the sum <br /> of Thirt�,�-fivQ hunctred F_w no-100 Dall�rs, in hand ;�aid, do hereby �rant, bargain, �ell, convay <br /> and coni'ir,� unto tieyr:iour FranYlin, of the CountSt of i�Ia11 and Stata of �Te'r�r�ska, the follawing <br /> rlescribed real estate si�uated in 'dall County, ana State of �,'e'r�ragka, to-wit; Lot ei�ht (8) <br /> in Block Twenty-�evan (27) o�' the Qri�inal Tawn, now city, of r�and Island, as shown by the <br /> recorcted plat thereof. �o have and to hold the �?remises above de�cribed, to�ether with all <br /> the tener�ents , heroditamen�s and ap�urt�nance� thereunto belong3nr,; unta the said Seymour Franklin, <br /> ana to his heirs anc'u assign�, forever, Anc� we da hereby covenant with the said �ran�ee, and <br /> with his heir� ar_d assi,�,ns, that we �re lawfully �eizQd of said prernises; that they are free from` <br /> encumbrance; tlzat vre have good right and lawf'ul authority ta �all the same; and �te do hereby <br /> covenant �o �varr�nt and defend the tit�e ta said �arQ�ises a�ain�t the lawful claims of all person� <br /> whomsoevax . Si�ne� �hi� 8th .day of I��xarch A.I3. 1910. <br /> William E. Sam�son� <br /> In presenco of � <br /> E17.a F. Samp�on <br /> Frecl �P. A shtan � <br /> "tate of T�to'c�ra�ka } . <br /> ss <br /> Hall �ounty � Cn tliis 8th day af Iei�.�ch, A.D. 1910, 'ae�ore me, the undersi;ned, a <br /> T�ot�ry Public, du1;� cor�missioned and qualified for and reaiding in said County, personally came <br /> �illiai;� E. Sam��san ana F,11a F. �an�p�an, hus'aand and wife, to me kna�en to be the identical persons ; <br /> wha�e name� are affixect to the fore�oin� conva�;�ance as �rantors, an�, acknowled�ed the execu�ion of <br /> the aama to be tnair voluntary act and deQd. �litness my hand and Notarial Seal the c�ay and ye�r <br /> laa�. above writ�en. ��iy cammi�sion eg�ires tha 18th day of t3ctober, 1912. '� <br /> Frad W. Ashton. <br /> (SEAL) , i�otary Public <br /> Filed far reaord the ].Oth day of �iarch, 1910, at Z P.�d. <br /> ` �����G� ; <br /> r <br /> County Clerk. <br /> . <br /> �����-�'����:�r'��`r a,� °�, „�������;�-���i�:�3����i"��{������i�� ,�-�.�i�.'�=����'���������� <br /> 1�ARRANTY DEED: KN(:�t ALL MFN �Y �HEwE PP.ESEivTS: That we, John F. Dever and Lillie M. Dever, husbar�d <br /> ancl �rife, of thm County of �a1.1 and State of NeUraska, fcr and in consi�iera�ion of the sum af <br /> Three Hundrecl anci no-100 Do�lars iz� hancl paid, dn hereby grant, bargain, sell, convey and confirm <br /> unto xugh never, of the County of �ial1, and �tate of Nel�raska, the follo�rin� clescrik�ed real <br /> estate situateci in rrand I��lanci, in Hall County, anci State of Nebraska, to-wit: LotB No. Five <br /> ancl �ix ( 5 & 6) in 'r�lock nine (9) , Lamberts Addition ta Grancl Islana, as surveped, platted and <br /> racorcled. To Have and to holci. the pre�i�es abave de�crik�ed, together with a11 the tenern,ents, . <br /> hereditaments an� a��purtenances thoreunto belan�ing; unto the said Hugh I�ever and to his heirg <br /> and�sif;ns, forever. And vre cio hereby covenant with �he said �rantee, and with his heire and <br /> assi�ns, that �re axe lavlfully seized of said premises; that they are free from encuxnbrance; that ' � <br /> we hava goocl right and lawful authority ta sell the same; and we do hereby covenant to warrant <br /> and defand the title to saia premi�es against the lawful clainls af all per�ons whomsoever, And <br /> the said Lillie P�:. Devar hereby relinquishes all her ri�hts of every nature �rhataaever in an�i to <br /> � , � <br />