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��� <br /> DC� � D � C� C� O � D � oo � � �,� <br /> _ _ -- - -- <br /> _=^e:---�_�_�__=_�_�—���:-�—__��_�� <br />�� _ __ <br />� .. 4U]¢9-KLO�P6BARTLETTGO.DPKIIVTINfi.IITHOORAPHIf1G.STATIpNERT:OMRHA . . . . . . _ . . .. . ..... .... .. . . . . .. . . . <br /> . .. . . . .. .. .. ..: , -.___::�. _._R__ ._...._:-�......__:_�.- �.. ___ <br /> ,____.__:.._.._._i.:��_ ., ...,r-�..�_'_�__.'_ <br /> _.��-�._.�.�.-_ . <br /> � '�'.�RRAiVTY' DEEI3: RN0�1 ALL MEA1 BS� TH�SE PRESERITS: Tha� �alter H. Potter anci Pearl Po�ter, h3s wife,! <br /> of the: Gounty of Hall ana StE�te of Nebraska, fox and in consideration of the aum of Ten Thousand <br /> Ei�ht Hundred (�10 800) Do11ar�, in hand pa3.d, do heraby �rant, bar�ain, sell, convey and confirm <br /> , <br /> unt4 Henry Davison, of the Countq of ��a11 and State of Nebraska, the follov�in� deseribed real <br /> est�:te situatecl in Hall County, State o� Nebraska, to-r�it : The Narth-east Quarter of the South- <br /> east Quar�er (N�-��, of SE�) and the �Pest on� half (�l�) of the South-eaat quarter (W� of SE�) of ; <br /> Section Number sev�n ('7) of Tawnah3p Eleven (11) Nor�h�i�e�z Range Ten (10) West of ths 6th Prin- <br /> eipal �deridian in Ha1.1 County, Nebraska. To Aave anc� To Hold the pre�aiaes above des'cribed, ; <br /> toge�her with all the Tenements, �iereditament� and a�nuxtanances thereunto belonging; unto the <br /> said Henry Davison and to his heirs and assi�na forever. And we do hereby covenant with the said <br /> Henry Davison and with his heirs and a�si�ns that we are lativf�.zlly geized of said premise�s; that <br /> they are freo from encumbranee th�t We have good ri$ht and lawful authority ta sell ths same; and <br /> �re do herebq covenant to warrant and defend the title to the said premises a�aingt the la�vful <br /> elaims of all persons �*rhomsoever. Anci the said Pearl Potter hereby re7,inquishes ,a}.1 of her � <br /> righ�s of evexy kind in and to the abovo described prenises , Si�nad this 19th dap of �'ebrua.ry, <br /> A.D. 1910. . <br /> �Oalter H. Pot�er. <br /> In presence of ' <br /> Pearl Potter. <br /> Bayarcl �I. Paine. ' <br /> State of Nebra�ka } <br /> ��$ <br /> Hall County ) <br /> Gn this 19 day of February, A.D . 1910, before me the undersigned, a ' <br /> Notary Public, duly conmissioned and qualified for antl residin�; in sa3,d countp, personally came <br /> �Valter H. Potter and Pe3r1. Potter to me knawn �o be t�ie identical person� �hose name� are affixed <br /> to the foregoin� convayanco as grantars, and acknvwleaged saia instrurnent to be their voluntary ` <br />' act ana deed for tha purposes t�ierein set forth. �ifitnass my hand and Notarial eeal this 19 day <br /> of Febxuary,1910. A�y eommission e�ire� the 14�h day of N'avamber, 19�.0. <br />, Bayard H. Paine. <br /> (SEAI,} Notary Public . <br /> Filed far reco.rd the 25th day of Februarp, 1910, at 4-20 P.�. <br /> � � <br /> �`-� '�.�.._ <br /> ' <br /> � <br /> � County C1erk. <br /> ������7T`ll"���7f�'fi`f�`�i 7;��"11"7�71'Jl'�1`a"7t��71"7171',7 ����7C71'���'7I'�����'1l"�7f7�`���7i 7t'��71'7J"����`��7C71"fiN'R��7!"'P1'71` <br /> �ARRAIITY �EED: Kno;� All �en By 2hese Presants:- That the �►ood River Cemetery Association, of the! <br /> Vi11a�e of �'ood Rivar, in the County of Ha11 and State of Nebra.ska, in consideration of the sum ` <br /> of Thirty-five (�35 00) Dollara, in hand paid daes hereby grant , bar�ain, se11 and convey unto <br /> Carrie Belle Hodges of the County of Ha11, and State of Nebraska, grantee, the follo�ing described <br /> Lot or Lots of land situated in the �ood River Ceme�ery, in the Township of Woad River, in Aall <br /> County, Nebraska, to-wit: I,ot No. 69 in Row No . 5 ana all tha estate, ri�ht, t3tle and intereQt' <br /> whataoever of the �aid grantor in and to the same anci every par� thereof. To Have and �o hold <br /> tha above described lot or lats unto the said Carrie Bell� Hodgee grantee, her heirs and a�sign�,; <br /> forever �nc� the said �rantor herebq covonant� with the said �rantee that i� holda said premiees <br /> by good and perfac� title and has good right and authority to �ell and convey tha same and that <br /> same are frae and clear of 311 claims and incumbr anaes whatsoever and �he said Wood River <br /> Cemetery Association hercaby covenants to �varxant ancl defena said pr�miaes against ths lawful <br /> claims pf all �ersons whatso�ver. <br /> I� i� further agreod and understood that the above de�cribed propert�* is sold and aesi�ned for: <br /> the purpoae of in�erment only ana to be used for no other purpase, sub�eet, howev�r, to the <br /> pzovisians anc� r�s�rictions of the La�s of the St ate of Nebra�ka, relating to Cemetery As�oci3- <br /> tiane, and to all Acts and Laws o�' the Legislatvre of the St�t� of Nebraska which have been <br />