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� ���� <br /> ����'��J ���������� ������ �1�� ���� �������'� <br /> _. ,__:_ ,��8fr8--s'rx-re.ivvsi�vxccaxiPnrrT.crncoLN.ivEa: _ _ _ _ _ . ,. - �=_�___.._�—_-^�=.;���,.�____�__ _ —_ <br /> . _ __ _ _ , _ <br /> ER O.M � <br /> S. C.Huston and �i.fe ��J¢ �tAte �f ,�C�t�����, � ��. <br /> ��II �lCDUr�tp, � . � <br /> TO I herebr� certify that this instrument zvas entered on JV'umerical Index, I! <br />' '� and filed for Record this �.�. dayC-J���.TE� 19 2�� <br /> at 11: ��j � o'clock A. ✓�1. L�� �.�-� i <br /> � Q. �Ot1.13'�Z and A LiStS B. KOt'lT1'�Z Re�ister of Deeds. <br /> F3usband and �9if e ' Eaeh in t�e i r Deput�. <br /> 4'�tri righ�. Fees, ,� �..,1.� <br /> _ 'I <br /> �� <br /> �r�o� �rY ,�er� � t e�e re <br /> �er�t�: <br /> p � � <br /> That We,S.C. Hustor� and Anna A.Huston (Husband and Wife) <br /> of Hall County, and State of Nebraska <br /> in consideration of tlze sum of 'Pe21 H�dred Fif�p ST1d OOf 10�----------------- DOLL.gRS, <br /> in h.and paid by J. C,gountz an.d Augusta B. Kountz (Husband. and �ife� Each ,ir� their own right <br /> of ��'Z1 Countr�, and State of Nebraska do herebr� �rant, bar�ain, sell, convez�, <br /> and confirm unto the said J. C. KOtit1$Z and Augus ta B.K�w3.�� . <br /> the following described premises, situated in the County of Hall, and State of Nebraska, to-wit: <br /> Lot Five ( 5) in Bloek Thirty-two ( 32) of Lambert� s Addition to �rand Island,Nebraska,as sur-. <br /> veyed,platted and reeorded. <br /> Sub�ect to all assessments of every nature since August 31,Z914. <br /> That they should hold the proper�y as joint tenants and not as tenan�s in commofl,the in�en.- <br /> tion being �Ghat at the death of either of said g;ranteea,the real estate deseribed herein shall <br /> be the sole property of the surviving gran�tee. <br /> (�1. 5� I. R. Stamps----- <br /> (Gancelled � <br /> To�ether with all the tenements, hereditaments, and a,ppurtenances to the same belon�ins, and all the Estate, Ri�ht, Title, <br /> Interest, C,laim, or Demand whatsoever; includin� Dower, Curtesy and Hornestead Rishts, of the said �. C.ALiB'�Ori RY1C1 <br /> Anna A.Huaton <br /> of, in, or to the sarne, or any part thereof. <br /> TO H.gVE .I.N'D TO HOLD the above clescribed premises, with the appurtenances, unto the saidJ. �i. �Oti�1tZ and Augusta <br /> B. Kotantz <br /> and to �heir <br /> heirs arcd assi�ns forever. .gnd � hereb� covenant with the said �j.C. �ount z and Augusta B. KOL1Ti'�Z <br /> tlzat hold said premises by �ood and <br /> perfect title; that ha �SOOd ri�ht and lawful authority to se,ll and convey tl,r.�same; that they are <br /> free afzd clear of �all liens and incumbrances wlzatsoever. except as &b�VE 8'�Et'��C�.. <br /> .�lnd �E cnvenant to warrarct and defend the said premises a�sainst the Zaw�ul claims of�rdd-�ersons whomsoever. <br /> except as above stated. � <br /> SIG,14'ED this 2�j��1 �az� of February .g. 1)� 19 2�. <br /> IN PRESFNCE OF S.C.Au$tOn <br /> Paul C. Huston Anna A.Huston � � <br /> ��je �t�rte Of ,�.e�ra���, � ss. <br /> H87.1 County,� On this 2^�jth day of �'ebruarp eB,..D..19 2!}, <br /> before me, th8 undersigned , a Npt3ry Pub13.0 , within and for said <br /> County, personally came s. G.HuStozl and Anna A.FIu�tort (Husb8,�1d ax3d �!I'ife� <br /> to rne ��ci1y known to be the identical persorc�{ whose iaame g are afj'ixed to the above instrument as �rantor 8 and <br /> severally acknowledsed the execution of the same to be their voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein expressed. � <br /> Jn 3�itne�s �f�e�ea�, I have hereunto subscribed my name and afjixed m9 of/icial seal, at Grand Island,l�ebraalc�,. <br /> on the date last above written. (SEAL) P8,L11 C.�Itl8tOri <br /> , Notary Public. <br /> ,My commission expires �j�e 21�1�2�. <br />