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��� I <br /> \ <br /> � ������J �������� �����a ���� ���� ������'�� <br /> � <br /> _. _ _ _. _ _ __ � .� __ _ _ _. _ <br /> -� �� �� 'J��$*j�-57A7EJ6URNALCbMPANY.YiNCOLN.NEB. � � � � ��� <br /> - .� _ FRO.M , <br /> ��je �tate nf ,�e�ra��a, � ��. <br /> Ralph :�. �i�nna �.nd wi fe ���[ (�OUtttp, � <br /> TO I hereby certify that this instrurnent was entered on Numerical Index, <br /> and fcled for Record this ZN day of February 19 23. <br /> Ethel Gullion at 11:45 o'clock A. .M. �f„�.�c �� <br /> Re�ister of Dee s. <br /> Deputy. <br /> Fees, ,� l./0 <br /> �r�o� �YY ,�er� �p t�je�e �re�er�t�: <br /> That R�lph R.Fi�.nn�i and NPl li� �•�i�ir���,hu+ab�� r•'�n.d �.�f e. <br /> of Ha11 Count�, and State of Nebr�.ska <br /> in consideration of the sum of SlX thousc�.ric1 (��80Q0. �0� 8c no/100-------------------DOLL.gRS, <br /> in hand paid by Ethel Gulliori <br /> o f �iGl l �'ounty, and State of N eb ras ka do hereb� Qrant, bar�ain, sell, oonvey, ' <br /> and confdrm unto the said �,t h�s I G u 11 i on <br /> the following deseribed premises, situr�ted in the C`ount�r of .F�all, and Stat� �f N�braskd, tr�-wi�: <br /> ThA Easterly one third (E�) of Lot cix (6} in Block Thirty One �31j of ths Ori.�inal To�rn, nov� <br /> city ,c►f Grand Is1�,nd,Nebruskw.bPin,� � rect�,r�ular �iece of ground havin� � southerly front°�� <br /> of 22 feet on Fourth Street �,nd �. depth of 132 feEt off the e�.sterly side of s�id lot. vub�jE3'Ct <br /> ta thQ conditions �nd provisi �r_s of d pdrty v�all le�,se betw�en the gruntors �,nd the Feople'� <br /> State B�,r_k of Gr�,nd Isl�,nd�2�ebruska,dwted September 7, 19?2,and recorded in Book O�at page <br /> 224 of the records of H�11 County�Nebrwska. <br /> ______..___....________..� <br /> ��6.00 I.R. 5t�,rrtp s 3 <br /> (Ca.n_c eZled �_�___�.,� <br /> To�ether with all the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtencznces to the same belon�in�, and all the Estate, Ri�ht, Title, <br /> Interest, Claim, or Demand wh,atsoever; includins Dower, Curtesy and Hoinestead Ri�hts, of the said R�,�ph R. �i�nnd a.nd <br /> rT e 11 i� 14�._�i�;.nn� <br /> of, irc, or to the same, or 'any part thereof. <br /> TO H.gVE ✓1ND TO HOLD the above described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the sa�d . Etheh� Gullion <br /> and to h8r <br /> heirs ared assisns forever. .lnd we hereb� covenant with the said $thQl Gullion <br /> that Wg hold said premises bz� �ood and <br /> ' perfeet title; that We ha pg�ood ri�ht and lawful authority to se,ll and convey the same; that they are <br /> free and clear of all liens and incumbrances whatsoever. <br /> �nd we covenant to warrant and defend the said premises a�ainst the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. <br /> SIG.NED this 31st day of �T�,nU�.Iy �• n•�1`� �3• <br />� <br /> IN PRESENCE OF <br /> R�.lp h R.Han nd <br /> C h4s G. F',���:,n <br /> N P 11 i e M. Fi�,n na <br /> ��je �tate of ,�e�ra��a, � ss. <br /> �i�s.l l County,� Or� this 31st daz� of ��;;,nu�,� a4-�- 1923 , <br /> before me, Chas.G. ]�y�22 � a NOt�,Ty' publiC within and for said <br /> Courity, personally came R�.lph R.�iunnd. und ��el1i p M.�i�.n n�,�husband c�t'1d wif e� <br /> to me personally known to be the identical psrson S whose name g �,rg czfjixed to the ab�ve instrument as brantor8 and <br /> severally acknowled�ed the execution of tjae same to be their voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein expressed. <br /> �lt �ifitP�,� �I�F�Pi��, I have hereunto subscribed m� name and afj"zxed my of�'icial seal, at Gz'a27d IS1a.Cld <br /> orL the date last above written. <br /> (SFAL) Ch�.s G.Ry an <br /> Notar� Public. <br /> .Mz� commission expires Feb ruary 1,1925. <br /> -_� ---. - _--- ,�-_ _,_ .,_----_ <br />