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_ { <br /> ���_�4 �� <br /> � ��'i�J ���j� u�i��� ����a Vl�.//q� 'v��l�l� �LJ .�JJ�1��► �m <br /> � � <br />_.__ _ _ - ____ ._ __ _. �_ ___ __ �._ �.� — <br /> r�� _--- _ <br />� y� 71p���STATEJOUHNALCOMPANY LINCOLN.NEB.� _�__��. <br />,-.__...__:.- . ... .._ .. _.__... . ._. <br /> FR O✓�1 <br />� �Cfje �tate nt �e�ra��a, � <br /> George 1►liechman & �ife John � ��• <br /> �aYt t�OUntp, ) <br /> G oet tsche (Single� <br /> TO � I hereby certify that this instrument was entered on Numerical Index, <br /> � dnd filed for Record this 1 day of Au t�Bt 19 22�, <br /> at 4.5� o'clock P..NI. ��%-2� � <br /> �T ohn B.Peters on and Anna Pet ers on Re�ister of Dee s. <br /> Deputy. <br /> Fees, ,$ Z. 10 <br /> �r�o� �Y� ,�er� �p t�je�e �re�er�t�: <br /> That G�orge Wi �ehm�n� �.nd �li�abeth Wi�cY�an,�u�b;�.nd and wife,�.nd �Tohn Goet�sche� <br /> �, s i.n�l P md.n �f H�l Count�, and State of Nebr�.ska <br /> in consideration of the sum of Forty-�."'IR HundY'ed F1 fty 2uld no`1�0------------__�--�-- DOLL.gRS, <br /> in hand paid b� J oh2i E.P e t�s rs an r�nd An n�. Pe t e rs on <br /> o f I�iall Count�, and State of S8'ebraska do hereby �rant, bargain, sell, convey, <br /> and confzrm unto the said �?ohn B.��t ar$en �,nd Anna Peters on� �.s Joint Ter.u.nts,nat TeMa�nts in Common <br /> the followin� described premises, situated i�a the Caunty of Hall, and Stcate of ✓V'ebraeku, to-wit: <br /> Lot Two (2) in Block Five (5 ) in Gilbert� s :5�cond Addition to the City of Gx�.nd Island,Nebr��kg, <br /> as surveyed,platted and recorded. <br /> ___.._..____�_____...,.�_..�_� <br /> (�5.00 I. R. St�s } <br /> ( e].led ) <br /> ��.,�.�..:..._....,.n..�..���. <br /> To�sether with ¢,7l the tenernents, hereditaments, and appurtenances to the same belon�ins, and all the Estate, Ri�ht, Title, <br /> Interest, Claim, or Demand whatsoever; includin� Dower, Cd'urtesy and Homestead Rishts, of the said GSOTgC �3.eChiTldYl� <br /> �lizdbeth �li�►chma.n a.nd John Goettsehe <br /> of, in, or to the same, or any part thereof. • <br /> TO .FI.IVE .1ND TO HOLD the above described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the sai-d ,7pMn �3.,��ter$on ane� <br /> Anna, Peterson and the �urvi.vor therpof <br /> and to their ' <br /> heirs and assisns forever. .Ind t11rg hereb� eovenant with tlze said JOhtl B.Pster�on r�,nd Anna Pete�son <br /> that YVg hold sai�? premises by �ood and <br /> perfect title; that Wg hay g �ood ri�ht and lawful authorit� to sell and convey fi��ee-same; that they are <br /> free and clear of all liens and incumbrances wTzatsoever. PX�e�t ' th� un�,�.id portion of �he p� t�xes.�hiel� <br />'�I gr�,.nte�s a�sume. <br /> �nd W6 covenant to warrant and defend the said premises a�ainst the lawful claims of tt�d persons whomsoever. <br /> �xc ept �s �b ov e stated. <br /> SIGNF,D this 13t day of At1gU�t �• �• �9 22 <br /> IN PRE,SF.NCE OF Gr e0�gC Wi ech�nrzn <br /> W.B, Hi.lbert �lizabeth �Ciechman <br /> John Goettsche <br /> ��je �tatQ of ,�e�ra��a, � ss. <br /> H�.11 County,� On this lgt day of ALi�uSt .4,•�19 22, <br /> before me, �. B.�:zlbert � a NOtc.Ty Pub1iC within and for said <br /> Count�, personally came George �iechm�n,Elizr�beth ip'ieehman and .Tohn Goettsche <br /> to me personally known to be the identical person8 whose name S aT� afj"ixed to the above instrument as �rantor g and <br /> severally acknowled�ed the execution of the same to be their voluntar� act and deed for the pzcrposes t3zerein expressed. <br /> ,�n �itne.�s �f�erenf, I have hereunto subscribed my name and afj'ixed my of�Bcial seal, at Gr�nd Isl�.nd,Nebraska <br /> orz the date last ubove written. (�;Ay� �l.B. Fi3lbeTt ,:.,'• <br /> Notary Public. � <br /> .Mr� commission expires �6dTCh 15 � 1927 ___�__� <br /> I <br />