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��� <br /> ���� R�C ��3� �T�e �� <br /> -_. <br /> � � THEAUGUSTINECO.��]�QQ3--3-3'rj ' � <br /> ' WARR.ANTY DEED '� <br /> � KNOW ALL �EN BY THESE PRE�ENTS, That Willi�.m McClure, a widower, of the County of Hall, State of <br /> Nebraska, C#rantor, Por and in consideration of Love and Affection DOLLARS, in hand paid, CONVEYS <br /> an3 WARRANTS to Rosa Costerisan, Trustee for benePiciaries herelnaPter named�of �scondido, County <br /> ! of San Diego, State of CaliPornia, the Pollowing deecribed real estate, situated in the County oP <br /> � Hall, State of Nebraska, to-wit : Lots four and Pive (4 & 5) in Block One (1) in the original tow <br /> of Cairo, af. .C�.iro,, Nebraska <br /> ' The within cor�reyance is made to grantee herein named in trust Por the following named beneficiar es : <br /> i An undivided one-seventh interest to Rosa Costeriean, grantee, Harry �deClure, Anna Stoeger, Fred <br /> i �cClure , �lalter Mc�lure; Edna �day, and Ella Raue. <br /> CThe grantee is hereby g.iv.en unresti°icted suthority to sell, mortgage or encumber the above des- <br /> � cribed nremises w.ithout any hindrance whatrver or without first obtainin� any order oP any court <br /> i <br /> � of eompetent �uriar•�ietion to so do. <br /> � In the event oP a sale o.Y said property by the said tru�tee the net proceede arising from euch <br /> $ale shall be .divided equally between the beneficiaries above named and all rents and profits fro <br /> � eaid premises received by trustee prior to a sale of sald property after deducting taxes and ex- <br /> � <br /> �enees of.upkeep shall likewiae be divided equally between said benePiciaries each receiving an <br /> � undivided one-gev�nth interest thereof. <br /> � AND THE SAID �/illiam AdcClure her.eby eovenants with the said Roea Costerisan, Trustee, .that he is <br /> lawfully seized oP said premises; that they are Pree Prom encumbrance, and WARRANTS the title <br /> thereto against the lawful clai�is of all persons whomsoener except --no exceptione, hereby <br /> releasing a:�d waiving any and all ri�;hts under and by virtue of the Homestead Exemption Laws of <br /> this state. <br /> DATED, THIS 27th day oY �[ay, A.D. 1937• <br /> 9lgned, sealed and delivered t�illiam �cClure <br /> IN THE PRESENCE aF: . <br /> J.1�.Rou s har . <br /> � Roberta Ashburn <br /> i THE STATE OF �YOAdING ) I, J.�.Roushar, a �Totary Public ,in and for said county, in the state <br /> )ss <br /> 4 COUNTY OF G05HEN ) aforesaid, do hereby certify tnat eaid William McClure, a widower, <br /> personally kno��n to me as the person whoae name is subscribed to the annexed instrwnent, appe�red <br /> bef'ore rae this day, in person, and acknowledged that he Signed, sealed and d elivered said instru- <br /> ment of v�riting as his free and voluntary act for the uses and purposes therein set forth and <br /> eapresely waived and released all right, title and benePit under any and all homestead Exemption <br /> � Laws, so ca.11ed of sa,id state of' �yoming. <br /> And I �urther certify that-------------------------� �i�'e oP the said -------------------wae by <br /> me f ir�st eaamined separate and, apart from her hueba�d, in reYerence to the ei�ning and aeknow- <br /> i ledging such deed, the nature and effeet of said deed being explained to her by me, and that she <br /> being by me Pully apprised of her right, and oP the efPect of signing and acknowledging said dee , <br /> did sign the same v�hile separate and apart from her husband, and did then acknowled�e that she <br /> � freely and voluntarlly signed and ackno�vledged the same Yor the uses and purposes therein set <br /> forth, and expressly waived and released all her rights and advantages under and by virtue of all <br /> laws of said State of Wyoming relating to the Exemption of Homesteads. <br /> GIVEN UNDER MY HAND and notarial seal this 27th day of Bday, A.D. 1937. . J.�.Roushar <br /> ( SEAL) Notary Public <br /> My commission expires Januaryl�, 9�+C <br /> STATE OF WYO�iING ) I, kosa Costerisan, do hereby accept the trust expre8aed by the Poregoing <br /> _ ss <br /> COUNTY OF GO5HE�T ) warranty deed. Rosa Costerisan <br /> . J.M.Rvushar, <br /> � Witness - <br /> Roberta Ashburn <br /> � Witness . - <br /> STATE OF V�YOMING )$s I, J.�.Rouehar, a notary publie within and for sald county in the s�ate <br /> . N COUNTY OF G03HEN � aPoresaid, do hereby certify that Rosa Costerisan personally known to me <br /> as the person ��rho ai gned the foregoing instrument accepting the trust expressed in the within de d, <br /> j being by me first duly aworn did acknowledge that she signed said acceptance as her Yree and vol n- <br /> tary act and deed. Dated at Torrington this 2?th da�_of Ma A,D. 1���. J.�4,Roushar <br />,.��__._. , ._._.. ._�__._ . _ _ . _ ___ __._ _ __._ � <br /> 3��-ccTmmi�ei�ori expires J-anuary -I�;�Ig�� .__..__ _�Lr <br /> Filed for record this �th day oY -June, 1937, at �:30 o 'cloek A.�. `�'� <br />� � eg s er o . ee s <br />