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� %1 ) <br /> ��1E� ��C ��� �T�. �� <br /> _ .__ <br /> �� THEAIIGUSTINECO.���003--3-35 <br /> _... . . .... ._. . .... .. .__.... . . . . .. <br /> .. . � :..:.:._ . ..... <br />�....... . ,.... . ... ..... .. . . . . . . . . _ . .. �_�.�.�:..-_ <br /> �records of Hall Caunty, Nebras�a, said premises consisting of 112 acres, a little more or lea� <br /> �according to the government survey. <br /> i <br /> ;togethPr n�ith all the tenements, hereditaments, anc7 appurtenances to the sar-ie belonging, and all <br /> �the estate, title, dower, right of homestead, claim or de;r��:nci whatsoe�ter of the said grantor, of, <br /> �in or to the same, or �.ny part thereof; sub,ject to , <br /> (IT BEING THE INTENTIUN OF ALL PARTIES HEFiETO, 1'I-il�T IN THE EVEPIT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID <br /> Gt�A.NTEF'S� THF EPJTIRE FEE SINCPL� TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IAT THE SLTR- <br /> IVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AT1D TO HOLD the above described premise�, vrlth the appurtenances, unto the said grantees <br /> ��.s JOINT TENA��ITS, and. not as ten�.ntE in eommon, and to their aseigns, or to the heirs and as�igns <br /> Iof the survivor of them, Porever, and I the grantor named herein for myself,and my heirs, executor <br /> a,nd administr�,tors, do covenant with the grAntees hereln and with the�r assigns and with tY±e <br /> eirQ and assi�;ns oP the survivor of them, that I ar.l lav�fully seized of said premiaes; that they a e <br /> f'ree from incumbra.nce except as stated herein, and that I the said grantor have good r1�ht and <br /> lawful alzthority to sell the same, and that I will and My heirs, executorQ and administrators shal <br /> arrant ar!d defend. the same unto the granteea named herein,and unto their assigns and unto the <br /> etrs and assigns of the survivor of them, Yorever, aga.inst the lav�rful claims of all persons whom- <br /> � <br /> soevPr, exc?uding the exceptions named herein. <br /> i <br /> IN YIITNES5 �IHEREOF, I have hereunto aet my hand this 2rid day of �iarch A.D. , 1937. <br /> In pre�ence of Emil L.Thelen <br /> E.C.Huxt�.ble ( .00 I.R.Stamps ) <br /> � Cancelled ,� <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) On this 2nd day of �arch, A.D. 1937� beYore me, a Notary Public in and <br /> )ss. <br /> CUUNTY OF HALL ) for s�.id County, person�Ily came the above named Emil L.Thelen, single, <br /> �ho is person�.lty known to me to be the identical person vrhose name is affixed to the ab�ve instru <br /> � ent as grantor,� and he acknowledgecl said ir�strument to be hi� voluntary act and deed. <br /> ITATESS my h�.nd and Notar:�al Seal the date last afore�aid. <br /> C.A.Larsen <br /> (SEAL) Notary Public <br /> y commission ex�ires on the 10 day of Dec. A.D.Zg41. <br /> iled for record this 27 d�.y of 1���.y, 1q37, at y :15 o 'clock A.N:. �iG�`-d � <br /> Register of Deeds <br /> �-0-0-0-U-�-0-0-0-Q-0-0-U-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-U-��-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- <br /> EXECUTOR'S DEED - �� <br /> L.,�, THI� DEED, made this 26° d�y oP ��ay, 1937, by and between Frank L.Park, of Fairbury, in the county <br /> of Jefferson �.nd state oP Nebraska, Executor under the last will and testament of Zenas H.Denman, <br /> decea�Pd, late of Fairbury, in the County of Jefferson, and state of Nebraska, pQrty of the first <br /> pa.rt, and Elmer 0. Nielsen an3 R4artha L. Nielsen, husband and w'_fe, cf Grand IQland, in the eounty <br /> of Hall, and state of I�Tebraska, parties of the second part, WITTIES�ETH: <br /> That the said party of the first part, the duly �,�rointed, qualified, and acting Executor oY the <br /> eQtate of said Zenas H.Denm�.n, deceaGed, under his la.Gt will and testa,ment, which is of rPCOrd <br /> in the office of the Probate Court of Jef'ferson County, r?ebraska, by virtue of the power and auth <br /> ority �ranted and conferred upon him, under the said will, and in consideration of the sum of Three <br /> Thousand and No�100 --DOLLARS (�3U00.00) to him paid b�;T the partiES of the second �art, the recei t <br /> whereof is hereby confe�sed and adknowledged, does, �y these presents, grant, bargain, sell, re- <br /> miQe , release, alien, convey and confirm unto the said parties of the second part, as ,joint tenants <br /> with right of survivorship, and to their helrs and ascigns forever, a7.1 of the ° described <br /> tract, piece and parcel of Iand, situate, Zying and being in the County of Hall, and State of Ne- <br /> bra,Gk�., to-wit ; Lot !'G'� in Elm Place, �.n Addition to the City of Grand Island, Nebra.ska, <br /> Al�o a triangula.r piece of �round described as follov��s , to-vJit; Commencing at a point where the <br /> line dividin� Lots No. 11 and 12 in the County Subdivision of the Southeast Quarter of the South- <br /> west Quarter of Section 16, Tov�mship 11 North, Range 9, We.t, interGects with ��ie Plorther�y �ine o <br /> Division Street and runnin�; thence Ea�terly along said Street line 31.2 feet; ence runn n <br /> -.--...______ .__�_.�_._.____ ._ . ___ <br />