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���� � �� 4�37 <br /> �EC � �T�. �� <br />� <br /> _ _ --- <br /> _ <br /> TI{FAUGUSTINECO.--��Qn3--3-3rj � <br />"_'_.. . ._ ... . . <br /> . . .. . . . ._ . ..._ . . . ._:_. .... .. .. ....:r�_':,:-:� <br /> � STATE OF CALIFORRTIA ) On this 2gth da.y of April A.D. 1931, before me, the uridersigned, <br /> )ss <br />' i SANTA BARBARA COLIPJTY ) Hurley T.Bailey, a Notary Public, duly commissioned �.nd qualified f r <br /> and :�esidin� in said County, person�.11y came A1Pred C .Lederman and Charlotte Lederman, husband an <br /> � �rif e, to me l:no`�n to be the identical r�er�ons whose names are aff. ixed to the f oregoing instrument <br /> as_ gr�.ntors ar_d ackno�.�Ieclged the same to be her voluntary act and. deed. <br /> ; WitnesG my hand and Notarial Seal the d.a.y and year laQt above v�ritten. <br /> � Hurley T.Bailey <br /> ( SEAL) Notary Public <br /> � My Commission exnires the 5 da.y of Jan. Ig32. <br /> f Filed for record this 2lst day of May, 1937, at 2:j0 o 'clock P.�. <br /> � ��-�� �-�-� <br /> i Register of Dee s <br /> � <br /> 0-0-0-0-0-C)-0-0-U-��-0-0-0-J-0-0-t�-0-0-0-0-C?-U-U-U-0-J-0-�-J-J-��-��-J-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-0-�J-0-0-0-0-0-0 <br /> WARRANTY DEED <br /> KNO�'V ALL P�EN BY T�iESE PRE�ENTS: That J.Fred Russell, a single man, Charles Z.Rus�ell and Greta rd. <br /> Ru�sell, his �rife, of Hall County, state of Nebraska, Maud Vredenburgh and Jesse S.Vredenbu-rgh, <br /> , <br /> her husb�.nd, Eva Vredenburgh and Orvey E.Vredenburgh, her husband, oP Harri�on County, state of <br /> � <br /> fIowa, Laura Jennings and Francis �k.Jennings, hex� husband, of Sedgwick County, Kansas, for and in <br /> I <br /> f conGideration of the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars (�1�,000) in hand paid, do hereby grant, bargain <br /> sell, convey and conflrm unto Emma �Iuhlbach, of the County of Buffala and State of Nebraska., the <br /> fo1loE�ring descrjbed real estate situated in Hall County, and State oP Nebraska, to-wit: <br /> All their undivided interegt in the Northv��est quarter of the northeas� quarter, and the eaet half <br /> oP the northeast q�aarter of the nor thwest�quarter, and the quarter of the northwest <br /> quarter, oP Section �'ive (5) , in Township Eleven (11) , Range Tvrelve (12) , and the west half oP <br /> the quarter, t�nd east quarter of the e�.st half of the southwest quarter of Section Thir y- <br /> two ( 32) , in Township T�velve (12) Range T�velve (12) , <br /> TO HAVE AI�?D TO HOLD the nr�emises above described, together with all the tenements, hereditaments, <br /> and arourten�nces thereunto belonging, untu the said Emma Muhlbach, and to her heirs and. assi�ns <br /> Porever. <br /> pnd we do hereby cov�nant v�ith the said grantee and with her heire and asQigns , that we are <br /> s <br /> lawPully seized of s�.id premises ; tha_t they are free from encumbrance, that we have good right <br /> � and la�vful �.uthority to sell the same, and �re do hereby coven�nt to �varrant and ��efend the title <br /> to said premises against the lawful claimG of aIl persons whomsoever. � <br /> And the said Greta M.Russell, Jesse S.Vredenburgh, Orvey E.Vredenburgh, and Fr�.ncia M.Jennings, <br /> , hereby relinquish all their inter�st in and to the above deacribed premises. <br /> Signed this 20th day of April, 1937. <br /> � In presence oP: <br /> L.F.Hau� �s to J.Fred Russell ( 10.�0 I.R. St�.mps ) J.Fred Russell <br /> : L.F.Hau� As to Ch�rles Z.Russell ( Cancelled ) Charles Z.RusseZl � <br /> and Greta M.R.ussell Greta M.Russell <br /> V.S.Petersen As to N,a,ud Vredenbur�h and � Maud Vredenbur�h <br /> ' Jesse S.Vredenburgh " JesGe S.Vredenbur�h <br /> " �T. S.Petersen Aa to Eva Vredenbur�h and Eva Vredenbur�h <br /> Orvey E.Vredenburgh Orvey E.Vredenbur�;h <br /> Bertha Breisin� As to Lau.ra Jennin�s and Laura Jennin�s May �+ 1937 <br /> . Fr�.ncis �,�T.Jennings , Francis M.Jennln�s May �-, 19 7 <br /> � <br /> STATE OF NEBFASKA ) On this 20th day oP April, 1937, bePore the undersigned, a Notary Pub11 <br /> )ss <br /> �3UFF+'ALO COt?NTY ) duly commissioned �.nd quali�ied for and reeiding in said count,,y, per�on <br /> �,lly came J.Fred Russell, a sin�le man, Charles Z.Russell. and Greta Pvi.Russell, hie wife, to me <br /> known to �ae three of the ider_tic�,l per�ons �*rhose names are affixed to the foregoing instrument as <br /> grantors, and acknowledged the Qame to be their voluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNESS r�y hand and Seal. the dt�y and year last above �written. <br /> L.F.Haug <br /> (SEAL) rlotary Public � <br /> r�y commission expire� ��ay 25, 193�. <br />