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��� �'�� <br /> � R�C ��]� �T�. �� <br /> _ : __ - =-_ <br /> �TNE AUGUSTINE C0.__��Q(�3--3-35 <br /> .. _::�.�. . ' ; . . . <br /> .... . _ . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .... :_.__ .� <br /> land agree to and �ulth the said parties o� tYle second part and their heirs and assigns, that at the <br /> , <br /> time oP the execution and delivery oP these presents it is lawfully seized of said premiee$; that <br /> � it has goad right and lawful authorit� to co nrey the same; that they are Yree Prom encumbrance an <br /> ` does hereby covenant to warrant and d fend the said premisea against the lawful claims of al]. per- <br /> I <br /> , <br /> � sons �rhomeoever. <br /> II� �YITNESS WFiERE�F, the $aid Union Lo n and Savings Association has hereunto caused its eorporate <br /> seal to be affixed �nd these resents to be signed by 3ts Preeldent the day and year Pirst above <br /> ; 2.5o z.R.sta,m s ) <br /> written. (. Caneelled ) <br /> Signed, s�aled and delivered Sn preae ce of (CORP) UNIOAT LOAN AND S�ING5 ASSOCIATION <br /> Emma Ba.hls (SEAL) By E.C.Boehmer, Pres. <br /> � Attest: �.T.Piekett, Secretary <br /> d <br /> 1 �TATE QF NEBRA�KA ) �n this l�th day,of April 1937, bePore me, the undersigned, a Notary <br /> ��g i <br /> � I�NCA�TER COUNTY ) Publie in and for eaid County, personal].y came E.C.Boehmer, President <br /> of ,the Union Loan anc� Saeings Asaoeia ion to me personally known to be the president and the iden- <br /> tical pereon whose name is affixed tojthe above eonveyance, and ackno�ledged the execution thereof <br /> ! to be his v4lun�ary act and deed as s ch officer �nd the voluntary act �.nd deed of the said Union <br /> � Loan and Savings Association, and tha the Corporate aeal of the said Union Loan and Saving$ Asso- <br /> � cia�lon �as thereto affixed by its aut�hority. <br /> i <br /> jVYitness my hand and Notarial �ea� at I�incoln, in said county �Ghe day and .year Zast above writ�en. <br /> i <br /> � E'Dl1Aa $A1118 <br /> (SiEAL) ATotary Public <br /> Commissio� expires Sept. 6, 19�-2. , <br /> � Filed Por record this 19th day of Apr1�I, 1937, at 2;j0 o'clock P.�. � <br /> � ��,���d <br /> � Re�i9ter of Deeda <br /> � o-o-o-o-o_o-o-o-o-a-v-o-o-c�-o-�-o-u-�-o-o-o-c�-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ao-�-o_o-o-o-o- <br /> W,ARRANTY DEED - Corporation � <br /> .., <br /> = �HIS IATDENTURE, T�ade this 1� day of Ap�ril, A.D. , �937, between The Equitable Building and Loan <br /> Aasociation, oP Grand Island,Nebraska, ' a corpmration organized and existing under and by virtue <br /> of the laws of the State oP Nebraska, �arty of the Yirat part, and Loyd J.Simpson and Gladya L, <br /> � Simpson, as �oint tenants, not tenants in common, oP the County of Hali and State of Nebraaka, <br /> party o� the seeond part, <br /> �ITNESSETH. That the said party oP the first part Por and in coneideration oP the sum oP Tv�enty- <br /> Five Hundred and 00/100 DOLLARS, in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, ha�e sold <br /> � and by these presents does grant, convey and .confirm unto the said part- of the aecond part the <br /> following described prer�iees situated in Hall County, and State of Nebraska, to-wit; <br /> `All oP Fraction�.l Lot Number Three (3) and the Easterly 91x (E6) Peet of Practional Lot Number <br /> Four (�) in fraetional B1.ock Nu�ber One (1) , in Arnolc�. and abbott 's Addition, and Praational Lot <br /> Number Three t3) and the E�.sterly Six (E6} feet of fraetional Lot Number Four (4) in Practional <br /> Blook Number Twenty (20) , in Rollins ' Addi�ion both additions to the City of Grand Island,Nebraska <br /> ae said lots are surveyed, platted and reeorded. . <br /> � It being the intention of all parties hereto, that in the event of the death of either of said <br /> � grantees, the entire Pee simple title to the real estate described herein shall vest in the sur- <br /> viving grantee. <br /> �TO H�iVE AND TO HOLD the premises above deacribed, together with all the Tenements, Hereditaments <br /> �nd Appurtenances thereunto belon�ing unto the said Loyd J.Simpaon and Gladys L.Si�npeon, as �oin'G <br /> tenants, not tenanta in co�mon, or the surnivor thereof. <br /> � <br /> �And the eaid The Equitabl.e Building and Loan Aasociation, of Grand Island,Nebraska, Por itselP or <br /> ; its succeasors, do hereby eovenant and agree to and with the said party of the second part and <br /> their heirs and assigns, that at the time of the executlon and delivery of theee preeents it ie <br /> lawfully seized of said premises; that it hr�s good right and IawPul authority to convey the,-:same; <br /> � that they are free from encu�brance and The Equitable Building and Loan Association, of Grand Is1a d, <br /> Nebraska, does hereby covenant to warrant and defend the said premises against the lawful claima <br /> _.. _._ _.___. . ___. <br /> _____ _____._____�-- _.____._.___.._�— <br />