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��� �2 � <br /> � ��� ��� ��o �� <br />=� ._ <br /> . . ..THERUGUSTINECO.__I I003--3-35 .. . . . . . . .�. . .._... .._..'_�- <br /> a�ithin twenty daya from the date of such �udgment and decree, that the equity of redemption oP <br /> each and all of said dePendants in and to the lands and tenemente hereinafter described be foreclo ed <br /> ��nd forever barred, and that the SheriPf of said HaI]. County cause the lands and tenemente herein- <br /> 1 <br /> �a.fter described to be advertised, and sold according to law; and whereas the sald defendanta havin <br /> �made dePault t'r�erein, Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff of said County, under and by virtue of the order <br /> � <br /> �oP said Court to him directed, did, on the 23rd day of February, A.D. , 1937, at the north door of <br /> � <br /> !the �ourt House in the city of Grand Island,Nebraska, in said County oY Hall, �(the same being the <br /> I . <br /> �place wherein the Distriet Court was last held in said County) , having Pirs�t given due and legal <br /> � � <br /> � rn'�ice of the time and place of Ba,id sale, for not less than thirty days prior thereto� in �he <br /> ! <br /> (�rand Island Da1Iy Independent, a le�al newspaper printed and in gen�ral circulation in said Count <br /> of Hall, sell the said premises at public auetion to The Equitable Life Assurance 3ociety oP the <br /> United States, a corporation, ( it being the hlgheat and best bSdder therefor) Por the sum of �'hir- <br /> teen Thousand Nine Hundred Seven and 16/100 DOLLARS, which �ale was afterwards at the F'ebruary <br /> Term of said Court, A.D. , 1937, examined and conPirmed, and the said Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff of <br /> said County, �r�as ordered to execute a deed oP said premi9es to the said The Equitable Life �esur- <br /> ance Society of the United States, a cvrporation; <br /> NO�, THEREFORE, I, th� said Daniel Sanders, ae SheriPf oP Hal.l County, Nebraska, in pursuance <br /> af' the order oP said Court, ae aPoresaid, in consideration of the premises, and by vlrtue of the <br /> , powers in me vested by lav�, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto the said The Equitable LiPe <br /> Assurance Society of the United Stat�s, a corporation, and assigns, the premiaes sold as aforesai , <br /> to-�it; All of The South forty-one (41� roda of the South VPeat Quarter of the �outh East guarter <br /> of Section i�Sneteen (19) , also the West Half of the South �est quarter of Section Twenty-Six (26) ; <br /> also the North West Q,uarter of the Pdorth East Quarter, and the North Half oP the North t�est Quarte <br /> oP Section Thirty-five (35) , all in Township Ten (10) North, Range Elev�n (11) West of '�Y�e Sixth <br /> Prineipal Meridian, containing in al.l two hundred twenty ( 220) aeres, more or lees, <br /> wlth all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging, to have and to hold unto lt the said <br /> The Equitable LiPe Asstzrance 3ociety of the United States, a corporation, and its assigne forever. <br /> IN I�ITNESB �fHERE�F, I have, as such SheriPf of Hal.l County, Nebraska, hereunta set my hand this <br /> 6th aay oP March, A.D. , 1937. 1 .00 I.R.Stampe ) <br /> Canc�lled ) <br /> Exeauted and Delivered in Presence of Daniel Sanders <br /> �I�.rgaret Vick SheriPf of Hall County <br /> THE S TATE OF NEBRASKA ) On this 6th day oP March, A.D. 1937, bePore me, D.O.Beckmann, a, <br /> )ss <br /> HALL COUNTY ) Clerk of District Court, duly elected and qualified for said County, <br /> pereonally appeared Daniel ��.ndere, Sheriff of eaid County, to me knov�n to be the identical perso <br /> described in and who executed the foregoin� in�trument as grantor, and acknowledged said instrume t <br /> to be his voluntary act and deed as such Sheriff. <br /> IN �VITNESS VYHEREOF, I have hereunto se'G my hand and official seal at Grand Island,Nebraska, in <br /> eaid County, the day and year last above written. <br /> D.O.Beckmann <br /> ( cEAL) Clerk oP the District Court <br /> Filed for rec�rd this 13th day of l�arch, 1937, at 9:20 O:��lock A.�. <br /> ��=�� ��� <br /> Regiater oP Deeds <br /> o-o_o-o-a-o-o-c�-�-o-o-o-o-a-�-o-o_o-o-o-o-o-:�-o-o-c�-o-o-�-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o..o <br /> 4t <br /> 1�ARRANTY DEED � <br /> THIS INDENTURE, %ade this 6th day of �dareh, in the year of our Lord one thoueand nine hundred and <br /> thirty-seven, between Leo E.Howe and Lettie A.Howe, husband and wife, of Payette, County of Payet e, <br /> State of Idaho, the parties of the firet part, and Lloyd �.Hov�e , of i�oodriver, County oP Hal.l, <br /> State of Nebraska, the party of the second part. <br /> WITP3E�SETH, That the said parties of the first part, Por and in consideration of the sum of One <br />