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�.+J� <br /> 1���� �lE� ��]� �T�. 7� <br /> , _� � <br />-- __ <br /> .�TNFAUGUSTINECO.���QQ3--3-35 � <br /> SHERIFF'S DEED ON FORECLOSURE OF �IORTGx1GE <br /> �NOW ALL �IEN BY THESE PRESENT�: <br /> That 9�'hereas, in an action in the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial Diatrict oP Nebraska, <br /> within and Por Hall County, wherein The Equitable Life AsGurance Society of the United States, a <br /> �corporation, vaa� the Plaintiff, and Paul William Feldm��.n, et al. were the DePendants, it was by <br /> +said Court at the January, Term thereof, A.T7. , 1936, to-wit, on the llth day of February, A.D.1936 <br /> 9 <br /> �eonsidered, ad,�udged, and decreed 'that in def�.ult of the payment to the Clerk of the District Cour <br /> i <br /> 1 <br /> �oP the costs of said action, and to The Equitab�.e LiPe Assurance Society oP the United States, a <br /> I �cornoration, the sum oP ��2,�53.70, together with interest thereon at the rate of 9� p�t �nnutt� fro <br /> F�bruary 11, �936, within t�aenty days f'rom the date oP such �ud�ment and deeree, that the equity o <br /> I redemption of each and all of said dePendants in and to the lands and tenements hereinafter des- <br />� eribed be foreclosed and forever barred, and that the Sheriff of s�id Hall County cause the lands <br /> i and tenements hereinafter described to be advertised, �.nd sold according to law; and whereas the <br /> isai� de�endants having made default '�herein, Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff of said County, under and <br /> . <br />� ; by ;virtue of the order of said Court to him directed, did, on the �+th day of November, A.D. , 1936, <br />� at the north door o� the court house in the city of C#rand Island,Nebraska, in eaid County of Hall, <br /> ' (the same being the plaee wherein the District Court was last heZd in said County) , having firat <br />� <br /> fgiven due and legal notice of �he time and place of said sale, for not Iess than thirty days prior <br /> � thereto, in the C#rand Island Dai].y Independent, a legal newspaper printed and in gen�ral cireulati n <br />, � in said County of AaIZ, sell the said premises at public auction to The Equitable Life Assurance <br /> p <br />� � Society o� the United States, a corporation, ( it being the highest and best bidder therefor) for t e <br /> � <br /> � sum of Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred FiPty and no/100 DOLLAR�, which sa7:e was aPtervvards at the <br />' I4ctaber Term of said Court, A.D. , 1936, examined and conf irmed, and the said Daniel Sanders, as <br /> sheriPf o�' said County, was ordered to execute a deed of said premises to the said The Eq_uitable <br /> � Lif� Assurar�ce Society of the United Statea, a corporation, <br /> NOW, �THEREFORE, I, the said Daniel Sanders, as SheriPf oP Hall County, Nebraska, in pursuance of <br /> the or.der of said Court, as afores�,id, in cansideration of the pre�ises , and by virtue of the powe s <br /> in me vested by law, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto the said The Equitable Life Assurance <br /> � <br /> SocietAy oP the United States, a corporation, and assigns , the premises sold as a�'oresald, to-wit: <br /> � A11 oP The West Half oP the North East G�uarter, �.Iso the Alorth Half of the North West Qua.rter, als <br /> � the North Half of the South Half of the North West Quarter, all in Section Twenty-five ( 25) in <br /> Townsh'�p Ten (10) North, Range N3ne (9) �lest of the Slxth Principal b�eridian, containin� in all <br /> � <br /> , <br /> Two Hundxed (200) acres, more or Ieas. <br /> . with alI �,nd singular the appurtenances thereunto belon�in�, to have and to hold unto it the said <br /> The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, a cor�aration,�d its as�igns Porever. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have, as such Sheriff of Hall Count�Nebraska, hereunto set my hand this <br /> (�7, .00 I.R.Starnps ) <br /> 12th day of November, A.D. , 193b. � Cancelled _�, <br /> � Executed and Delivered in Presence oP � <br /> Mar��ret Vick Danlel Sanflers <br /> Sheriff of Hall County. <br /> THE STATE OF NE3RASKA ) On this 12th day of November, A.D. 1936, bef ore me, D.O.Beekmann, a <br />� - )ss <br /> HALL COUNT�' ) Clerk of Diatrict Court duly elected and qualified for said County, <br /> personally appeared Daniel Sanders, Sheriff oP said County, to me known to be the identical perso <br /> ' described in and who executed the foregoing instrument as grantor, and acknowledged 8aid instrume t <br /> i <br /> �ato be h3s voluntary act and deed as sueh SheriPf. <br /> d n o i ia seal at Grand I lan <br /> ; IN WITATESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my han a d ff c 1 s d,Nebraska, in <br /> said County, the day and year I.ast above v�ritten. <br /> D.O.Beckmann <br /> ( SEAL) Clerk of the Distriet Court <br /> Filed �'or record this 16 day oP November, 1936, at 9;00 o'clock A.�[. �� �!� <br />