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�� � <br /> ���� �]E� �3� �T�� �� <br /> __ __ <br /> . _ _ _ ._ <br /> THEAUGUSTINECO--��0�3--3-3rj <br /> acknowledged �he execution thereof to be his volun ary act a.nd deed as such officer and the vol- <br /> untaxy act and deed of 'the said The Equitable Buil ing and Loan Association,of Grand I�land,Nebras <br /> �ka and that .the Corporate seal of the said associa ion was thereto affixed by its authority. <br /> 4�9itness my hand a,nd �'otasial Sea1 at (�rand Island n said county the day and year last above writt n. <br /> My Commission expires the 27th day of August,1937. <br /> Florence V.Myers <br /> � ( SEAL) Notary Publie <br /> Filed for record this 29 day of October,1936 ,at 4 � clock P.D�. ����� � <br /> Register o Deeds <br /> -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-c-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o <br />, �ARRANTY' DEED - Corparation <br />� THI� INDENTURE, �ade this 2nd day oP October, A.D. , 1936, between DAVID CIT7C BUILDIAtG AND LOAAT <br />� ASSOCIATI�N, a corporation organized and existing nder and by vir��e of the la�s of the State aP <br /> �Nebra$ka, party of the flrst part, and P�ollie A.P tersen, of the County of Hall, and 8'tate o� <br /> , <br />, � Nebraska, party of the s�cond part, � <br />' �VITNESSETH. That the said party oP the first part Por and in consideration of the sum of One Doll <br /> � <br /> � ar�d other vaivable consideration Df)Li,ARS, in h�.nd paid, receipt whereoP is hereby acknowledged, <br /> � has sold and by these presents doe� grant, convey and confirm unto the said party of the second <br />, art the followln described premises, situated n Grand Island, Hall County, and State of Ne- � <br /> p � g <br />' braska, to-�rit: <br />� � All oY North Sixty-Six (No 66 ) feet of Lots Four (�) and Five (5) B1€�ck 3ixty-Three ( 63) , �heeler <br /> � E� Bennett �s Second Addition to the City oY Grand sland,Hall County, 1Vebraska. <br /> � TO HA.VE AND TO HOLD the premises abone deseribed, together with all the Tenements , Hereditaments <br /> � and Appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the s� d Rdollie A.Petersen � <br /> � <br /> And the said David City Bui�.ding and Loan Associa ion for itself or ita Buccesaora, do hereby <br /> covenant and agree to and �rith the said party oP he seeond pa.rt and her heirs and assigns, that <br /> at the time of the execution and delivery of thes presents it ie lawYully aeized of said premiaes; <br /> that it has good rlght and lawful authority to c vey the same; that they are free from encumbranc <br /> and David City Building �nd Loan Association doe hereby covenant to w axrant and defend the said <br /> premises against the lawPul claims oP all person whomsoe�!er. <br /> I�i �'ITNESS �HERE�F, the said David City Buildin and Loan Aasociation has hereunto caused its <br /> � <br /> corporate seal tQ be afPixed and these presents o be si ned by its President and Secretary the <br /> ( 3.00 I R.Stamps ) <br /> day and year Pirst above w'ritten. Cancel ed <br /> Signed, sealed and delivered in presence oP (C RP) �avid City Building and Loan Assoaiation <br /> � E.J.D�rr��ak (S L) By G,A.Becker, President <br /> By J.E.Evans, Secretary <br /> I STATE OF NEBt'�ASKA ) On this 2nd day of Oc . 1936, before me, the undersigned, a Notary <br /> )ss <br /> BUTLER COUNTY ) Public in and for sai County, personally came G.A.Becker, President <br /> and J.E.E�rane, Secretary, of the David City Buil l�� and Loan Aseoeiation, to me personally known <br /> � to be the President & 8ec� and the identical per ons whoee names are a�fixed to the above conveya ce <br /> � and ackno�rled.ged the execution thereoP to be the vc�luntary act and deed ae such of�icer and the <br /> � <br /> S voluntary act and deed of the said �s��d City Bu lding and Loan Association, and that the Corpora e <br /> , . <br /> �eal oY the said David City Building and Loan As ociation was thereto aY�ixed by ite authority. <br /> �fitr�ess my hand and 1Votarial Seal a t Dav3d City, Nebr. in said county the day and year last above <br /> ' written. E.J.Dworak <br /> (�EAL) Notary Public <br /> l�y commiasion expires Dec. 15, 1936, �� <br /> � Filed for record this 31s� day of Oetober, 1936, at 2:45 o'clock P.�i, • � <br /> � �,`-��.-Z-C- �-L�.�-�/ <br /> Register of Deeds <br /> g <br /> 0.-0-0-0-0-t�-�-<3- -0-0-0-0--�-0-�-�-�J-t�-0-0-�J-0-0 0-0-�J-U-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-U-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0 <br /> � , <br />______ __ _ � ,_ _.. _ _ __ <br /> i _ . <br />