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- <br /> �1.�+ ► <br /> ��]E� �.�E� ��]� �T�. 7� <br /> _ = <br /> �� THEAUGUSTINECO.���(��3--3-35 � � , ___., ,__ <br /> �ADMINISTRATOR� a DEED <br /> a <br /> �This deed,made this 17th day of August,1936, by and between John Thomssen of the county of Hall, <br /> and state of Nebr�,ska,Aaminiatrator de bonis non of the estate of �ary E. shipton,deceased,late of <br /> Hal.l County,and state of Nebraska,party of the firat part,and Arthur G.Abbott,Edith Abbott and <br /> jGrace Abbott ,all of the county of xaii and state of Nebraska,parties of the second paxt , <br /> ! <br /> VPITNESSETH; the above grantees to take as joint tenants,with the right of eurvivorship,That the <br /> ,said paxty of the first paxt,the duly appointed,qualified and acting pdministrator de bonis non <br /> of the estate af said Mary E.Shipton,deceased,by virtue of the power and authority granted and <br /> conf'erred upon him,and in consideration of the sum of Twenty-ei�ht Hundred and No/100 Dollars <br /> � <br /> a(�2�00.00) ,to him paid by the parties of the $econd part, the receipt whereof is hereby confessed <br /> z <br /> �and aeknowledged,does by these presents grant,bargain,sell,remise,release,alien,convey and confirm <br /> �unto the pa:rties of the second past,and to their heirs and assigns forever,all of the following <br /> , <br /> ¢described real estate situated in the county of Hall and state of Nebraska,to-wit: <br /> �An undivided one-fourth interest in and to The East Half of the Northwest Quarter (E�NT�I�) the <br /> s <br /> ATortheast Quaster and the East Half of the 8outheast Quar-�er (NE� and E� gF,�) of Section 7,Town- <br /> sh ip lO,North,Range lO,West 6th P.M. ,in Hall County,Nebraska,containing 320 acres more or less, <br /> �together with all and singulax the tenements,heredi�amenta and appurtenances thereunto belonging <br /> or in anywise appertainin�;and al$o all the estate,right,title ,interest, property,possession,clai.m <br /> and demand whatsoever,�hich the said testatrix had in her Iifetime,a.nd at the time of her decease, <br /> a,nd which the sai.d party of the first paxt has, by virtue of the said last will and testament,or <br /> �otherwise,of ,in,or to the above $ranted premises a.nd every part and paxcel thereof ,with the appurt <br /> enances. To have and to hold the said premises,the tract of land aforesaid,with the hereditamente <br /> � <br /> and appurtenanaes thereof ,unto the said parties of the second part,their heirs and assigns,forever <br /> �nd the $a3d party of �he first part,for himself,his heirs,executo're and administrators,does cove- <br /> nant,promise and undertake to and with the said party of the second part,their heirs and assi�n�, <br /> the.t he iB lawfully the A�inistrator de bonis non of the estate of Mary E.shipton,and has power t <br /> convey as af oresaid,a,nd has in all respects ac�ed,in making thia conveyance,in pursuance of t he <br /> authori�y granted in and by the said last will and testament;and that he has not made,done or suff <br /> ered any act,matter or thing whatsoever ,since he was Administrator de bonis non as afores�id,where <br /> by the above �ranted premises,or any part thereof,ax e,shall or may be impeached,charged or incumb- <br /> ered,in any manner whatsoever. <br /> In Witness Whereof,the said party of the first part has hereunto set his hand the day and year <br /> � first above written. <br /> '�3 00 I,R.9tamps John Thomssen <br /> '�itness: J.L.Cleary � Cancelled A�ministrator de bonis non <br /> of the estate of P�ary E.Ship�on, <br /> deceased. <br /> 3tate of Nebraska <br /> ss: �n this 17th day of Au�ust,1936,before the undersigned,a Notary Public <br /> Hall County <br /> wi�hin and for Ha11 County,Nebraska,personally appeared John Thomssen, <br /> � <br /> Adminietrator de bonis non of �he estate of Mary E.9hipton,deceased,to me personally known,and to <br /> me known to be the Adminis�rator de bonis non of the said Mary E.shipton estate,and he acknowledge <br /> �. <br /> the execution of the within deed to be his voluntary act. and deed personally and as Administrator <br /> `de bonis non of said estate for the purposes therein set forth. <br /> � J.L. Cleary <br /> (SEAL) Notar y Publi c <br /> �My commission expires April 1� ,�94�. <br /> .. ��, <br /> Filed for record this 23 day of October ,1936,at 4 �o� cloek P.M. <br /> - ������ <br /> �� Register of Dee s <br /> -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o <br />