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. �� *_`7 <br /> ���� ��E� ��.� �T�. �� <br />� <br /> . <br /> __. <br /> THEAUGUSTINECO..-��0�3--3-35 � _ y. <br /> . ..... . . . . . . . <br /> � WARRANTy �EED- Corporation <br /> � THI5 INDENTURE Made this l th day of October, A.D. , 1936, between DAVID CITY BUILDING AND LOAN <br /> , 3 <br /> i <br /> ; AS�OCIATION �, corporation organized and existing under and by virtue oP the laws of the S�a�Ge o� <br /> � <br /> . <br /> Nebraska, party of the first part, and Oschar A.Henry of the County of Hall, and State of Nebrask , <br /> � party of the seeond part, <br /> � �ITNE�SETH, That the said party of the first part for and in consideration oP the sum of One Doll r <br /> and other valuable consideration -- DOLLARS, in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, <br /> has sold and by these preaents d�es grant, convey and confirm unto the said party of the second <br /> � part, the following described premises, situated in Grand Island,Hall County, and 3tate of Nebras a, <br /> , <br /> � to-wit: <br /> � AII of Northerly Fifty-One (51) Feet of Lot �'ive, Block Twenty (20) , Packer & Barr's Second <br /> ' �lddition to the City of Grand Island,Nebraska. <br /> TO HAVE AI�tD TO HOLD the premises above described, together with sll the Tenements, Hereditaments <br /> and Appurtenances thereunto belvnging unto the said Oschar A.Henry <br /> And the said David City Bullding and Loan Aasociation for itself, or its successors, do hereby <br /> � covenant and agree to and with the said party of the second part and does Yieir� and assi�ns, �hat � <br /> < th�- ime bf_ �h execution and deliver oP these resents it is lawfully �eized of said remise • <br /> at _ � � Y P P � <br /> � tha'G it has good right and Iawful authority to convey the same; that they are free from encumbran e <br /> � and David City Building and Loan Association does hereby covenant to warrant and defend the said <br /> premises a�ainst the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. <br /> IN �IITNESS �VHEREOF, the said David City Building and Loan As�ociation has hereunto caused its <br /> ; corporate seal to be aPfixed and the�e presents to be si�ned by its President and Secretary� <br /> 1.00 I.R.Stam s ) <br /> � P <br /> the d�.y and year first above written. (, Cancelled <br /> D va id City Building & Loan Association <br /> ; Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of (CORP) By G.A.Becker, president <br /> ( F.H.P�izera {SEAL) By J.E.Evans,8ecretary <br /> � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) �n this 13th day of October, 1936, before me, the undersigned, a <br /> ��S <br /> BUTLER COUNT`� ) Notary Publie in and for said County, personally came G.A.Becker <br /> Pre�ident & J.E.Evans Secretary oP the David C,ity Building and Loan Association to me personally <br /> known to be the President and the identical pers�ns who�e names are aPfixed to the above convey- <br /> ance, and Reknowledged the execution thereof to be the voluntary act and deed as auch officer and <br /> � the voluntary a�t and deed oP the said David C3ty Building and Loan Association, and that the <br /> � Cornorate seal of the said David City Building and Loan Association was thereto affixed by its . <br /> authority. <br /> � �itness my hand and �'otarial Seal at David City, Nebr. , in said county the day and year laet <br /> � above written. F.H.I�izera <br /> I � (SEAL} Nutary Publie <br /> 1 <br /> � My eommission expires the 23 day of April, 1937� <br /> :�,s� <br /> ' � Filed for record this 15th day of October, �936, at 2;30 o 'clock P.M. ���� ('� <br /> � \..ld�� <br /> - , Register of Deeds <br /> �-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-Q-�-�-0-0-0-�-�-O-U-U-U-O-�-U-�-U-O-u-U-O-U-�-�-U-0-U-0-U-0-�-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 <br /> SHERIFF 'S DEED ON FORECLOSURE OF NI�RTGAGE <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: <br /> . . <br /> That i�hereas, ln an action in the District Court of the �leventh Judicial District of Nebraska, <br /> within and for Hall County, wherein E.T.Rounds, John Luebs and S.A.3herrerd, Trustees for the <br /> Depositors, Farmers State Bank, Wood River, Nebraska, were the PlaintiPfs, and James Brennan, <br /> Anna Brennan, Becher,Hoekenberger & Chambera Company, a corporation, and John Doe, real name <br /> ' unknown, were the Defendants, it was by said Court at the April Term thereof, A.D. , 1936, to-�vit <br /> on the 2�th day of July, A.D. , 1.936, considered, ad,judged, and decreed that in default of the <br /> payment to tr�e Cl.erk of the District Court of the costs of said a.ction, and to E.T.Rounds, �ohn <br />�.____ _ _. ._ Lu��� �,z�d S.i9,.Sherrerd, _�rustees for, the Depositors, .Farm�r� ���,��B.�nk,---I�QQCL Risreri._�Lebraska,_ _ <br />