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���� �]EC ��]C� �T�� � �7�`� <br /> � <br /> _ - __ <br /> SHEAUGIISTINECO.�����3--3-3rj <br /> . . . .. ._.. . .._._._ <br /> i� WARRANTZ DEED: � <br /> � <br /> This Tndenture,�ade this 25th day of Sept mber in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred <br /> and thirty-six,betwe�n Nebraska Central B ilding and Loan l�ssociation a corporation organi2ed and <br /> I existing under and by virtue of the laws f the State of Nebraska,party oP �he first part,and <br /> i <br /> � R.S.Wenger of' the County of Hall and Stat oP Nebraska,party of the second part, <br /> � Witnesseth,That the said party of the fir t part,for and in consideration oP the svm of One Doll <br /> ! <br /> � and other valuable consideration in hand aid,receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged,has eold and <br /> i <br /> ; by these presents does grant,convey,and c nfirm unto the said party of the second part, the follow <br /> 1 <br /> � ing described premises,situated in the Co nty of Hall and the State of Nebraska,to-wit: <br /> '. All oP Lot Five O ,Block Eighty-one (�I) ,Or�.ginal City of Grand Island,Ha11 County,Nebraska, <br /> a <br /> 5 <br /> � Sub3ect to all instal2ments of special assessments not now delinquent. <br /> � Sub,j ect to one-half of the 19 j6 taxeg. <br /> � together with all the appurtenances theret belonging. <br /> ; And the said Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association Por i�self and its successors,doee <br /> � hereby covenant to and with the said party of the second part and his heirs and assigns, that at <br /> i <br /> � the time of the execution and delivery of hese presents it is la�rfully seized of said premises ; <br /> � , that it has good right and lat�fu7. authorit ta convey the same; that they are free from incumbran- <br /> � ce except as above stated and does here�y ovenant to warrant and defend the said premises again- <br /> s <br /> s st the law�ul claims o� all persons whomso ver. . <br /> In W�.tness Whereof,The said Nebraska Centr 1 Building and Loan Association has hereunto caused <br /> � its corporate seal to be aPfixed and these presents to be signed by its President dc Secretary <br /> y the day and year f irst above written. � <br /> , (COR'F') Nebraska Central Building and Loan Assoclation <br /> Signed,Sealed,and Delivered (SEAL) By John �.Hurket Pres. <br /> � 3n the Fresence of ___^__________`___ By W.M.Folsom Seeretary <br /> � F.C.Burke ( �5.00 I.R.Stamps <br /> ( Cancelled <br /> � State of �ebraska, } <br /> )ss. On this 25th d.a.y f September 1936 before me F.C.Burke,a Notary Public <br /> � Lancaster County ) . <br /> � duly commiesioned and quallEied for and residing in said County,person- <br /> ally appeared John G.Burket,Pres. d� W.P�.Fo som,Sec 'y of Nebr.Central Bldg dc Loan Ass 'n a corporat <br /> ion,to me known to be the identical person described in and whose names are aPf ixed to the fore- <br /> � <br /> r <br /> going instrument as Fresident & 3ecretary f said corporation,and acknowledged said instrument <br /> to be his voluntary act and dee�,and the v luntary act and deed of said corporation. <br /> � Witness my hand and notarial seal at Linco n in said 6ounty, the day and year last a�aove written. <br /> e <br /> �`, � (S L) F.C.Burke <br /> Notary Public <br /> � Commission expires Aug.2o,Z937 r,,�' <br /> � <br /> j Filed Por record this 26 da.y of September, 936,at 2:30 o �cloek P.1�. ��f�� � <br /> � <br /> j Register oP Deed <br /> g -o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o--o-a-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-a o-o--o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- <br /> ; SHERIFF 'S DEED ON FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGE <br /> Xnow a.11 D�en by t ese �?resents : <br /> I That Whereas, in an action in the District ourt of the Eleventh �udicial District of Nebraska, <br /> j within and for Hall County,wherein Ada Roe �artle vlas the plaintiff,and Ed.A.Jonea,Jr. , et al. , <br /> i <br /> � were the defendants, it was by said Court a the October Term thereof,A.D. ,193�+,to-wit,on the 2�th <br /> � day of November,A.D.193�,considered,ad,judg d,and decreed that in dePauZt of the payment to the <br /> � <br /> E Clerk oP the District Court of the costs o said action,and to Ada Roe Bartle the aum of �I��2.71, <br /> � - <br /> d with interest at the rate of 7 per c-ent pe annum on the sum oP �1570.71 from date of November <br /> � 2�,i93�. and with interest at the rate of 1 per cent per annum on the sum of �252.00 from Novem- <br /> _ <br /> ? ber 2�,193�+, within twenty days Prom the d te of such �udgment and decree, that the equity of re- <br /> � demption oY each and all of said defendant in and to the lands and tenements hereinafter describ d <br /> � <br /> � be Foreclosed and Porever barred,and that he Sheriff of said Hall County cause the lands and <br /> 1 _ <br /> __ . . __ <br /> --�-- _ __ __. - _ ._ .--. ,_. <br />