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�,r # * ! <br /> ��E�E� �]EC ��� �T�. `�� <br /> _: <br /> � THERIJGUSTINECO__��003--3-3�j <br /> ;the following described premises in Hall County,Nebraska,to-wit; Lots Four and Five (4) and t5) in <br /> �Bloak Seventy (70) in �lheeler and Bennett� � ��cond Addition to Gra,g+� Ielarid,accordi�g to the recor - <br /> �ed plat thereof together with all the tenements,hereditamente and appurtenancee to the same belo <br /> ; <br /> i <br /> �ing,and all the estate,ri�ht,title,interest,claim or demand whatsoever;including dower ,curtee� a,nd <br /> I jhomeetead ri�hts of the se,id grantors of ,in,or to the sazne,or any part thereof.The sa�id Bertha <br /> �Zlcamke a,nd Edwin Zlomke,executors of the will of the eaid Bernhard Zlomke,having been discharged <br /> 3 , <br /> �as eucsh eaecutors,by the final decree made and entered by the County Jud$e of said Hall County,s <br /> �certified aopy of which ie recorded in Boak 6 of �ills and Decrees a,t page 3�5 in the ofYice of �h <br /> Re�ister of Deed� of said HaII County. <br /> To have and to hold the above described premises,with the appurtenances,�nto the said grantee and <br /> to his heirs and assigns forever.And tve herebq covenant with said �re�ntee that we hold said prem- <br /> � <br /> ises by good and perfect title;that we have good right and lawful authoritq to sell and convey the <br /> �same;that they are free and clear of all Iiens and incuinbrances whatsoever. <br /> �And �►e covenant to Warrant and defend the said premises against the lawful cls,ims of all persons <br /> Signed this 7th day of 9eptember,1936. -------------------- �homsoever. <br /> ,°�Pitness to ei , 4 �•5�� I.R.Stampe ) <br /> gnature� of Hertha Zlomke � Caneelled ) Bertha Zlomke <br /> + Ida Ida, Zlomke <br /> � � Ethel Zlomke Ethel Zlomk� <br /> Irma Zlomke Irma Zlomke <br /> � Florence Berger Florence Ber�er <br /> �arl Berger Earl Berger , <br /> ; Edna Jacobsen � Edna Jaaobsen <br /> � Otto Jacob$en Otto Jacobse� <br /> Ben Zlomke Ben Zlomke . <br /> � Edwin �'.Zlomke � . �;dwin F.Zlom�e <br /> Qladys Zlor�ke Gladys Zlo�e <br /> Art E.Zlomk Art E.Zlomke <br /> Calvin Zlom�e Calvin Zlo�tke <br /> � Ella Johnson` Inez Zlomk� <br /> , Harri� G.Johnson Ella dohnsor� <br /> Inez �lomke . Harris G.Johnson <br /> � �ir�hur C.Mayer �litnees Bertha, Lueth <br /> �Jeasie Overdorff �Pitnes� Ernest Lueth <br /> to si�natur�s of Bertha _ <br /> �Lueth and �rne st Lue�h <br /> i , <br /> �State of Colorado <br /> es. On this il day of September,1936 ,before me Edward B,gtern a notary <br /> �Denver County � <br /> ' publia �ithin and for said Countq,personally aame Bertha Lueth a,nd <br /> �Erneet Lueth,her husband,to me known to be the identieal peraona whose names a�e affiaed to the <br /> �$bove instrument as grantors,and severally acknowledged the ex ecution of t he eame to be �heir <br /> � <br /> . Ivol�tary aat and deed for the purposes therein expreased. <br /> � <br /> , <br /> jIn rvitr�ess whereof,I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed mq offiQial Beal at Denver on <br /> � <br /> �th� de,te last above writtea. <br /> • � � � ( 3EAL) Edward B.Btern ' <br /> �dy commiasion eapires Oct.l3 ,193� Notary Public <br /> �9tate of Nebraska � <br /> ss On thia 9th day of September,l936,before me,prthur C.Mayer,a notary publi <br /> � ��ountp of H�11 <br /> � wi�thin a,nd for said Dounty,pereonally came Berthe Zlomke,a widot�,Ida <br /> �Zlomke,Ethe]. Zlomke,Irma Zlomke,Gladys Zlomke,all unmarried women, Florenee Berger and EarlBerger, <br /> ;her husband,�dna Ja,cobsen and 4tto J�cobsen,her huaband,Ella Johnson and Harris Q.Johnson,her <br /> �hueba,nd,Ca,lvin Zlomke and Inez Zlomke,his wife,Ed.Win F.Zlomke,eometimes known as 8X1win Zlomke,an <br /> i <br />� �unmarried msn,Ben Zlomke,aleo known as Bernhard Zlomke,an unmarried mau,and Art E.Zlomke,also <br /> i . <br /> . �known as �,rthur Zlomke,an unmarried man,to me known to be the identical pereons whose nameB are <br /> �affiaed to the above instrwnent ae gra,ntors,and severally acknowledged the eaecutioa of the same <br /> 4 <br /> 3to be their voluntary aQt and deed for the purposes therein expressed. <br /> � <br /> !In �►itness whereof ,I have hereunto subsaribed my name a,nd affiaed my offioial seal e,t Grand Ieland <br /> � � _ <br /> jon the date last above written. (B�pL� Arthur C.�ayer <br /> Notary Public <br /> �Commission eapires June 11,1941 ��,� <br /> 'Filed for record this 23 day of 9egtember,l936,a,t 2:15 o�elock P.M. ����� � <br /> � e�ister of Desd$ <br />