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��� <br /> ���E� ��� ��� �T�� �� <br /> __.. <br /> _ _ �� <br /> � � �� �� THEAUGUSTINECO.���Q03--3-3rj <br />_... .... . . . . . . . ._ , ... .. .._._'r�..__= <br /> � assigns forever,all his right, title, in�erest,estate,claim and demand,both at law and in equity, cf, <br /> 1in and to the �ollowing described real estate, situate in Hall County and State of Nebraska, to-wit: <br /> , <br /> Lot 3even (7) Bloek One Hundred and Thirty-Three (�.33) of Union FaciP3c Ra3lway Company's Second <br /> �Addition to �rand Island,Hall County,Nebraska. <br /> ITogether with a21 and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging;TO HAVE AND � <br /> s <br /> � <br /> TO HOLD the above described premises unto the said Emily A.Hanchett heirs and asaigns : <br /> � Tn Witness Whereof,The said party of the first part has hereuntv set his hand the d.a.y and year <br /> � �irst above written. <br /> � Harvey d. (X) Hanchett <br /> � aigned,Sealed and Delivered in Rresence of <br /> ►Mrs Jennie Grouse ) Witnesses to the mark of <br /> � Esther Hanchett ) Haxvey J.Hanchett <br /> ` State of �ebraska ) <br /> )ss. Or� this 12 da.y of�eptember A.D.1936,before me, H.S.�danville,a Notary <br /> � County of Douglas � . <br /> 8ublic,duly qualified �or and residing in said county and state, per- <br /> � sonally came the above named Harvey �'.Hanchett who is personally known to me to be the identical <br /> �p�raon described in a,n.d whose name ia affixed to the Poregoing Deed as grantor,and he severally <br /> � aeknow].edged the foregoing inatrument to be his voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein <br /> � stated. <br /> I <br /> ��1i�ness my hand and O�f icial Seal,at Omaha,Nebr in said county,on the d.a.te laat above mentioned. <br /> (SEAL� H.S.Manv�.11e <br /> Notary Public <br /> kCommi�sion expires .7an.3,1941 <br /> �iled for record this 1�- day oP Sep�ember,1.936,at 2:25 0�clock P.M. ��i�� �]j <br /> v✓ <br /> � Register of Deeda <br /> -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o <br /> � Y�ARRA�TY DEED--9ESTING �NT'IRE TITLE IN 3tJRVIVORs : . <br /> i KA101� ALL � BY THE3� PRESENTS,That Eulalia Fitzp�triok,single in Qoneideration of One Dollar azid <br /> i <br /> i other �raluable consideretion in hand paid,do hereby grant,ba,rgain,sell ,conv�y and canvey end con- <br /> ! firm unto Pav.1�R�4hl$on a�d �Ianche I.Ohlson,husband and wiFe as JDINT T'��tANTB,axid not ae tena.nts <br /> in common;the following described real eata�e,situate in the County of Hall and State of Nebra,eka, <br /> ; to-�3.t; Lcts ��.fteen (15) a,nd Siateen (16) ,i.n Block Tso (2) ,of Boggs & Hill�s Addition to Gretnd <br /> , <br /> i <br /> � Island,Alebr�Bka�ae s�rveqed,pletted,and recorded. together �ith all the tenements,hereditamenta, <br /> � arsd appurtenanaee to the same belongir�g,and all �he estate,title, dower,right of h�mestead,claim <br /> ! <br /> • � or d�mand wha�eoeesr of the aaid �rantor,of,in or to the eame,or axiy part thereof;sub�ect to ---- <br /> 'IT B�ING THE INTENTIO�T 0� ALL PAR'PI�B HER�TO,THAT I�t TH� �VENT �F THE DEATH OF EITH�R OF SAID <br /> f�RA�TEE�,THE ENTIRF �'EE �IMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATE DE�CRIBED HEft�IN SHALL 4�8T I� THE <br /> SURV I9I�� (�RA�TT�E. <br /> ti <br /> TD HAVE AND TO FiOLD the above described premisea,with the appurter�a,nces,unto the said �rantees �s <br /> J�I�T TE�'AAtT�,and �ot as ter�nts in common,and to their assigns,or to the heirB and assigns of the <br /> survivor of thena,forever ,and I the gra,ntor named herein for mysel� e,nd my heir$ exeeutors and <br /> _ a,dminietrstors,do covenaat with the �Ta,utees herein and with their assigns and with the heir <br /> - and assign� o� the s�ur�ri�or of them,that i am lawfully sei2ed of said pr�mises;that they are free <br /> � from inoumbrance eacept as stated herei.n,and that I the said �;rantor have good ri�ht and lawful <br /> i <br /> authority to sell the same,arid that I will e,nd mq heirs,e�cecutors and administratore shsll warrant <br /> and defead the same unto the grantees named herein and unto their assigns a,nd unto the heira and <br /> - � aseigns of the survit�or of ther�,forever,againet the lawful olaims of all pereons whomsoever, <br /> � ezalu�ing the exeeptions named herein. <br /> I� WITN�S9 1�HEREOF I have hereunto set hand this 15th day of 9�ptember,A.D.�936. <br /> In presence of Eula,lia Fitzpatriek � <br /> Paul C.Hustom <br /> } . <br /> State og Nebraske� ) On this 15th day of 8eptember A.D.1936,before me,a Notary Publie ir� and <br /> )ss. <br /> (7oun�r of Hall f or said Qounty,per�sonallp_.e�me th.e._.$b4��..n,��±ed ��'!a'!i a..F.itzp��i� — <br /> � <br />