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i <br /> w.� ' <br /> �� �� �� � ��� <br /> ]ID �ID ��� � . � <br />_ <br /> THEAUGIISTINECO.--�]QQ3.-3-3rj ' � ��' <br />__':"".. . . . . _ . .. <br /> anc�, �heir heirs, executors and administrators, remise, release and forever quit-claim and convey <br /> nto the said party of the second part, and to his heirs and assigns forever, all �heir right;,; tit e, <br /> ?interest, estate cla3m �nd demand, both at 1aw and in equity, of, in and to aIl <br /> � <br /> �Che East one-half oP lots Fourteen and Sixteen (1�F & Z6) , Hlock Fourteen (14) College Addition, <br /> ity of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> 7 ogether with all and singular the hereditaments thereunto belonging.Kenneth Zornes and Audrey Zor es. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above deseribed premises unto the said Howard R.Zornes, his heirs and assi ns; <br /> �so tnat neither Kenneth or Audrey Zornes the said First Party, or any person in their name and be- <br /> �alf, shall or will hereafter claim or demand any right or title to the said premises or any part <br /> �thereof, but they and every one of them shall by these presents be excluded and Porever barred. <br /> � <br /> iN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hand and seal the <br />� day and year above �;�ritten. <br /> ( .50 I.R.Stamps ) Kenneth Zornes <br />� #Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of �, Cancelled ) Audrey Zornes <br /> � H.T.Brov�n <br />, ;STATE OF NEBRASKA ) On this 2�th day of August, 1936, before me, the undersigned H.T.Brown, <br /> � )ss <br /> 'HALL COUNT� ) a Notary Publie duly commissioned and qualified for and residing in said <br /> 'County, personally came �enneth and Audrey Zornes, to me known to be the identical persons v�hose <br /> ''names --- affixed to the forego3ng instrument as grantors and acknowled.ged the same to be their <br /> I ;voluntary act and deed. <br /> 9�Vitness my h�.nd and Notarial Seal the day and year last above wr-itten. <br />� ; � H.T.Br�wn � <br /> ' (SEAL) Notary Publie <br />' ��y commission exp3res the 26 d�.y of November, 1.936. t;, <br />� iFiled for record this 2�th day of August, z936, at 11:�-5 o 'clock A.�. <br /> i � ������� �� <br /> E Register of � eeds <br /> i <br /> :a-o-o-o-o-o-o-�-o-o-�-�-a-o-o-o-o-o-a-�-o-o-o-o-�-o-o-o-u-o-o-o-o-o-u-o-o-�-u-o-a_o-o-o-o-o-o-�-o- �-... <br /> ADR�INISTR�.TOR'S DEED <br /> KNOW ALL MEN B� THESE PRESENTS: <br /> That in pursu�,nce of an order of the Honorable E.G.Kroger, Judge of the District Court of Hall <br /> ! <br /> County, Nebraska, mELde on the 25th day of l�arch, 1936, Emil Tr�elen, Administrator of the estate oP <br /> Harry S.Eaton, deceased, V:ras licensed by said .Tudge to se1.l, at public auction, in the manner pro- <br /> �vided by law, the real estate deseribed; that thereupon the said Emil Thelen, Administrator of the <br /> eatate oP Harry S.Eaton, deceased, gave notice of the time and place of said sale as requlred by <br /> law, and at the time and place therein specifled, after said sale had been held open one hour, <br /> E <br /> �sold said real estate, at public auction, to J.Burgei..Eaton for the sum of Five Hundred and No/10 <br /> �DOLLARS, (�500.00) , she being the highest bidder therefor; that said s�,le was thereupon reported <br /> �to said �'udge of the District Court, and by him in all things confirmed, and the said Emil Thelen <br /> �Admini�trator of the estate of Harry S.Eaton, deceased, ordered to make a deed of conveyance of <br /> 6said premises to sa3d purchaser. <br /> N�t�, THEREFORE, the said Emil Thelen, Administrator of the estate of Harry S.Ea,ton, deceased, in <br /> %consideration of the bremises and the sum of Five Hundred and No/100 DOLLARS, (�500.00) so bid and <br /> , - <br /> �paid by the said �T.Burgei_ Eaton, and by virtue of the powers vested in hiin by said order and pro- <br /> �ceedings, does hereby, by these presentq , grant, sell and convey unto the said J.Burgei Eaton and <br /> 'to her heirs a.nd_ asaigns, the real estate described as follows:- <br /> �The remainder interest in Lot �- Block Dodd & �arahall's Addition to Wood River Hall Count <br /> � 3> > y� <br /> ;Nebraska, sub,�ect '�o the widow�s homestead rights therein, <br /> F <br /> �with all the here�.itaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any �vise appertaining. <br /> ; <br /> e <br /> TO HAVE AI�1D TO HOLD THE SAI��E to her, the said �T.Burgei Eaton, and to her heirs and assigns f'orever <br /> IN WITNESS tNHEREOF, the said Emil Thelen, Administr�.tor of the estate of Harry S.Eaton, deceased, as <br /> hereunto set his hand this 15 day of August, 193�• <br /> � Emil Thelen <br /> � .50 I.t�.�tampa ) Administrator of the Estate of <br /> , Witness : ____ . , _ .�. ___. --- <br /> �- Cancelled ___ .)_ _ _ _ H�rrY_ � �atQn . � <br /> _.__ _ - -. _ __ � <br /> _ __. <br /> C.A.Larsen <br />