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' F��+`3 <br /> �]E�� ��� ��1� �T�. �c� <br />_ _ <br /> � THEAl1GUSTlNECO_-��(�Q3--3-3rj ���� <br />.,.... .. . . { , . . . . ......... ..... . <br /> ' i <br /> �anders, as Sheriff of said County, was ordered� to execute a deed of said premises to the said The <br /> �tebraska �,oan �c T-ru.-t Company, a corporation, <br /> �TOW, THEREFO�.E, I, the said Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff of Hall County, Nebraska, in pur�uance oP <br /> �the order of said Cour� as aforesaid in consideration of the remises and b virtue of the <br /> { '�, , P , Y p owe s <br />� ' !�n me vested by law, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto the said The Nebraska �oan & Trust Com <br /> �any, a corporation, and assigns , the premises sold as aforesaid, to-wit; All of The Northeast <br /> lquarter (NE4) Section tr,renty-six (26) , and the Southeast Quarter (SE4) of the Southeast Quarter($E ) <br /> in Section T��renty Three (23) , all in Tovmship 'I'�relve (12) , Range Eleven (lI.) , We�t of the Sixth <br /> �P.R4. , Hall Csiunty, Nebraska, containing 200 acres more or less. <br /> �ub,ject to right of v��,y of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company as now located <br /> , '�.cross same; <br /> with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging, to have and to hold unto it the said <br /> The Nebraska �oan and Trust- Company, a. eorporation and its assigns forever. <br /> ''IN WITNESS WHEt�EOF, I have, as such Sheriff of Hall County, Nebraska, hereunto set my hand this <br /> 23rd day of July, A.D. , 1936. <br /> . �Executed and Delivered in Presence of ( 15.00 I.R.Stamps ) Danlel Sa nders <br /> �argaret Vick ( Cancelled ) Sheriff of Hall County. <br /> 'THE STATE OF NEBRA.SRA ) On this 23rd day of July, A.D. , 1936, before me, D.O.Beckmann, a Cler <br /> . )ss <br /> �rHAI�I� COUNTY ) of Distriet Court c�uZy elected and qualified for said County, person- <br /> 'ally �,ppeared Daniel Sanders, Sheriff of said Count,y, to me known to be the identical person des- <br /> ``cribed in and who executed the foregoing instrument as grantor, and acknowledged said instrument <br /> , ',to be his voluntary act and deed as such Sheriff. <br /> ',IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereu�to set my hand and official seal. at Grand Island,Nebraska, in sa,i <br /> ICounty, the day and year last above written. <br /> D.O.Beckmann <br /> ' (SEAL) Clerk of the District Court. <br /> jFiled for record this 2�th day of July, i93b, at 11:30 o 'clock A.�. , • <br /> � � <br /> � Regi�r�'�ed$- <br /> � <br /> �0-Q-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-U-0-0- -0-0-0-0-0-0-0- - <br /> i <br /> 'WARR.ANT� DEED - Corporation <br /> ��THIS INDENTURE, �ade this 27'� day of July, A.D. , 1936, between The Equitable Building and �oan <br /> i <br /> ;Association, of Grand -Island,Nebraska,� a corporation organized and existing under ar�d by virtue of <br /> 'the laws of the State of Nebraska party of the first part, and Raymond Nelson and Ruby Nelson, as <br /> � ' <br /> ' �oin'G tenants, not tena.nts in common, of the County of Hall, and State of Nebraska, party of the <br /> second part, <br /> �WITNESSETH. That the said party of the first part for and in cansideration of the sum of E,ighteen <br /> �Hundred and 00/100 DOI�LARS, in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby ackno�rledged, ha,s sold and by <br /> ' these presents does grant, convey and confirm unto the said party oP the second part, the followin <br /> �described premises, situated in Hall County, and State of Nebras.ka, to-wit; <br /> �A11 of the I�ortherly Fifty-Two (NS�� feet of Lot Number Six (6) in Block Number Five ( 5) , in <br /> ; Gilbert �s Addition to the City of Grand Island, Nebraska, as said lot is surveyed, platted and <br /> Irecorded, <br /> � <br /> ! It being the intention of all parties hereto, that in the event of the death of either of said <br /> i <br /> i <br /> ; grantees, the entire fee simple title to the real estate described herein shall vest in the sur- <br /> , <br /> i <br /> �viving �rantee. " <br /> jT0 HAVE A11D TO HOLD the ;aremises above. described, together with all the Tenements, Hereditaments <br /> s . � <br /> and A purtenances thereunto belon in unto the said Raymond Nelson and Ruby Nelson, as oint ten- <br /> P: g g .� <br /> � fants, not tenants in common, or the su-rvivor thereoP. <br /> I . <br /> ; jAnd the said The Equitable Building and Loan Association, of Grand Island,Nebraska, for itself <br /> . lor its successors, do hereby covenant and agree to and with the said parties of the second part, <br /> _ __..�:..�__. � <br />