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]L��E�� ��C ��� �T�. ��b <br /> ��7 <br /> _ _ <br /> . _ ___�___� <br /> �.. �. .. ., .._. . .. .rGenucusfirieco.-_11003--3-35 � . . .. . . . .. . . . , . . . _ � . . . . . . . . <br /> who is personally known to me to �be the identieal person whose name is affixed to the above instr - <br /> ment as gran.tor and who has aeknowledged said inatrument to be his voluntary act and deed, <br /> WITNE55 my hand and l�otarial Seal the date last afores�id, <br /> � C.E.arundy <br /> . . (SEAI.) No tar�r Publ i c <br /> l�y commisslon expires on the 'l�th day of June, A.D. 193�. <br /> Filed for record this lst day of July, 1g36, at 2:dQ o �clock P.M. C��-��L /'�.. <br /> J( L./J <br /> - ��gister oP Deed <br /> 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-�J-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0_0 <br /> SHERIFF 'S DEED ON FORECLOSURE OF AQORTGAGE - <br /> KNQW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: <br /> That 'i�here�,s, in �,n action in the District Court �oP the Eleventh Judieial District of Nebra,ska, <br /> within and for Hall County, w,herein .James �eLellan, Executor of the last will and testa.ment of <br /> Xilliam �cLellan, deceaeed, was the PlaintiPP,� and William Wayne Rouse, et al. were the Defendant <br /> lt was by said Court at the April Term thereoP, A.D. , �93�+, to-wit, on the 14th day oP July, A.D. <br /> 1934� eonsidered, ad�udged, and decreed that in default of the payme�t to the Clerk oY the Dis- <br /> trict Court of the cost� of sald aetion, and to James 1l�c�,ellan, Executor of the will and <br /> testament of Wi111am �eLellan, deceased, the full sum o� �;1T93�:.�j�y, with interest at ten per oent. <br /> from June 1�, 1934, within twenty days from the date of such �udgment and deeree, that the equit9 <br /> of redemptior� of each and all of sald defendants ln and to the lands and tenements hereinafter <br /> deseribe�. be foreciosed and Porever barred, and that the Sheriff of said Hall County cause the <br /> lands and tenemen�s hereinafter de$eribed to be advertised, and sold according to lav�; and where- <br /> as the said defendants having made default therein, Daniel Sanders, as $heriff oP eaid County, <br /> t�nder and by virtue of the order of said Court to him directed, did, on the l�th d.ay of June, <br /> , - _ <br /> A.D. , 1936, at the north door of the Cotzrt House in the city of 4rand Island, Nebraska, in said <br /> �ounty of Hail, (the same being the place wherein the District Court was last held in said County) <br /> having first given due and legal notice of the time and place vf' said sa1.e, for not less than <br /> thirty days prior thereto, lr� the (�rand Island Daily independent, a Zegal ne�vspaper printed and <br /> �n general circulation in said County of Hall, sell the said premises at public auction to Fred <br /> W.�eyer, (he being the h3ghest and best bidder therefor) for the sum of Eight Thousand and no/I00 <br /> DO�,LARS, which s�,le was aPterwards at the April Term of said Court, A.D. , 1936, examined and <br /> eonYirmed, and the said Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff of said County, was ordered to execute a deed <br /> of said premises to the said Fred W.�ieyer, <br /> NO�T, '�HEREF�RE, I, the sald Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff oP Ha7.1 County, I�ebraska, in pursuance of <br /> the order of said Court, as aforesaid, in coneideration a�' the premises, and by virtue oP the <br /> powers in me vested by law, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto the said Fred W.�[eyer, and <br /> assigns, the premises sold a.s aPoresaid, to-v�it: A17. oP The Northeast Quarter of SectSon Eight O <br /> in Township Eleven (11) North of Range Ten (10) West of the 6th P.A6. , in Hall Gounty, Nebraska. <br /> Sub�ect to the lease of William �ayne Rouse on forty aeres thereof. <br /> � with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging, to have and to hold unto him the <br /> said Fred S�.Meyer, and his heirs and assigns Porever. . <br /> IN WITNESS �HEREOF, I have, as sueh sheriff o� Hall County, Nebraska, hereunto set my hand thia <br /> � Daniel Sanders <br /> -ls�t day of' �'"u1.y , A.D. 1936. <br /> ' Exeeuted and Delivered in - sheriff oP Hall County <br /> Presence of .00 I.R.Stamps <br /> �argaret Vick ,�Cancelled ) - <br /> THE ST1�TE OF NEBRASKA ) On this lst day of Ju�y, A.D. 1936, bef'ore me, D.O.Beekmann, a Clerk <br /> )�$ <br />'� HALL COUI�TY ) - of District Court duly elected and qualified for said County, person- <br /> ally appeared Daniel Sanders, Sk�eriff of said County, to me known to be the identieal person des- <br /> eribed in and who executed the �aregoing instrument as grantor, and acknowledged said instrument <br /> to be his voluntary act and deed as such Sheriff. <br />