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� �f.7 <br /> ���� ��EC ��� �T�. 7� <br /> �herlff of said Hall County cause the lands and tenements hereinafter deseribed to be advertlsed, ' <br /> : � <br /> �and so�d according to law; and whereas the said defendants having made defauit therein, Dan1el San-� <br /> �ders, as sheriPf of said County, under and by virtue of the order of said �ourt to him directed, � <br /> , <br /> �d�d, on the 19th day of l�ay, A.D. , 1936, at the north door oP the Court House in the City of Grand � <br /> ;Island,Nebraska, in said eounty o�' Hall (the same being the place wherein the District Court was la�st <br /> �held in s�.id County) , hauing first given due and legal notice of the time and pZace of said sale, <br /> �Por not Iess than thirty days prior thereto, in the The Grand Island Independent, a legal newapape <br /> �rinted and in general circulation in said County of Hall, se�:l the said premises at public au�tior� <br /> ;to The Prudential Insurance Company of America ( it being the highest and best bidder therefor) Por , <br /> 'the sum of Three Thousand Six Hundred Thirty-two and 60/100 DOLLARS, which sale was afterwards at <br /> ;the April Term of �said Court, A.D. , i936, examined and conf3.rmed, and the said Daniel Sanders , as s <br /> � <br /> �heriff oP said County, was ordered to ,execute a deed of said premises to the said The Prudential � <br /> �nsurance Company of America <br /> �OW, THEREFORE, I, the s�.id Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff o� Hall CQUnty, Nebraska, in pursuance of th <br /> brder of said Court as aPoresaid, in consideration of the premises and by virtue of the powers in m <br /> �vested by law, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto the said The Prudential Insurance Company o� ; <br /> �,merica and assigns, the premises sold as aforesaid, to-v�it: Al1 of' Lot Nineteen (19) , Block Four <br /> � <br /> �4) , Ashton Place, a n additior� to the City of Grand Island,Nebraska, �ith all and singular the appu�- <br /> �tenances thereunto belonging, to have and to hold unto i� the said The Prudential Insuranee Company� <br /> pf Ameriea, and its assigns forever. <br /> , <br /> 3 <br /> �AT WITNESS WHEREOF, I have, as sueh Sheriff oP Hall County, Nebraska, hereunto set my hand thia 5th <br /> day of June, A.D. , 1936. <br /> 00 I.R Stamps ) <br /> �xecuted and Delivered in Presence of ( . . <br /> Margaret Vick ( Cancelled ) Daniel Sanders <br /> sheriff of HaII County � <br /> I <br /> �PHE STATE OF NEBAASKA ) On this 5th day of June, A.D. , 1936, before me, D.�.Beckmann, a Clerk � �. <br /> � )ss. <br /> �IALL COUNTY ) of District Court, duly elected and qualified Por sald County, person- <br /> �lly appeared Daniel Sander�, �heriff oP said County, to me known to be the identical person des- � <br /> �ribed in and who executed the forego1ng instrument as grantor, and acknowledg�d said instrument to� <br /> � <br /> � e his voluntar aet and deed as such Sheriff. <br /> �b y <br /> �C�i �/ITNESS WHEREOF, I h�ve hereunto set my hand and oPficial seal at Grand Island, Nebras�.a, in sai <br /> �ounty, the day and year last above written. <br /> D.O.Beckmann � <br /> �SEAL) � ." Clerk oP the D3strict Court � <br /> �'iled Por reeord this 5th day of June, Ig3�, at �+;00 o 'clock P.�f. �� � � I <br /> � <br /> ' Register of Deeds � <br /> � 0-�-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Q-0-0-n-0-i�-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-�-4-0-0-0- <br /> i gUIT CLAIM DEED <br /> � <br /> F�NO�V ALL MEN BY THESE PRE�ENTS: <br /> F � <br /> i TH�T Ed A.Jones, Jr. and Edith J.Jones , Husband and Wife, of the County oP Hall and State oP Nebr ska, � <br /> l <br /> ; Por the consideration of One and no/I00 (�1.00� DOLLARS, hereby quit Claim and convey unto Union � <br /> ; Loan and Savings Aesociation of the County of Lancaster and State of Nebraska, all of our right, � <br /> � <br /> ; <br /> � title and interest oP whatsoever nature, in and to the f ollowing described Real Estate, situated � <br /> i <br /> ' in the County of Hall and State of Nebraska, to-wit: <br /> ' Lot Nineteen (19) , Block Twenty-four (2�+) in Coliege Addition to West La�rn in the City of Grand <br /> � Island, Nebraska, as surveyed, platted and recorded. <br /> , <br /> : This deed is given to correct deed issued and filed in November 1926, in which incorrect de$cript �on <br /> � � <br /> i was entered. <br /> � <br /> � IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our handa this lst day of June, 1936. <br /> � �►itness: Ed.A.Jones,Jr. <br /> �� C.T.Flower <br /> Edith J.Jones <br /> � <br />