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` � J� <br /> ���� ��� ��.� ��. �� <br /> � _.�_ <br /> � � �� TNEAUGUSTINECO.--��()�3--3-3'rj � �� � - � � � � '� �- ' <br />_ ..... . . . . .. . . . �� .. .... _. ...._..._ <br /> i aimnitaneousl �ith this deed,has hereb <br /> Y y granted,bargained,sold and conveyed and bq these preaen�G <br /> � does �rant,bar�ain,sell and can�ey unto the said party of the second part,and to her heirs at�d <br /> � ae�signs forever.all that certair� tract or pareel of land �situate,lying and being in the County <br /> af Hall,and 9tat e of Nebraska,tcr-wit; Easterly One-third and the cent erly One-third of Lot TYsr ee <br /> � in Block 8i�cty-nine,Original ToWn,now City of Grand Island,Nebraska,,described by metes and bounds <br />� as follows: Commencing at the northeast corner of said lot and running thenee in a. s�outhweeterly <br /> � <br /> ! direction along the aorth line of lo�,P'orty-four Feet ,thence in a southeasterly direction <br /> � <br /> i � <br /> parallel to the 1�est line of said lot a distance of �ne Hundred Thirty-two Feet to the south line <br /> of said lot,thence in a Northeasterly dixection along 9outh line of said lot to the Southeaat <br /> Corner thereof,thence in a l�orthwesterly direction along Eaet li�e of said 1ot to the place of <br /> beginning,all accordin� to the official pla�t thereof of record e�nd on file in the office of the <br /> Regieter of Deeds of said County; _ <br /> -. � <br /> Being the eame premises aonveyed to The Prudential Insurance Company of America �by deed dated <br /> April 29t��1933 and recorded in Book 74 p�e 92. � <br /> THIS C�NVEYANC� is made sub�ect to taaes and assesements,to rights of tenants or oecupants,if ang <br /> a,nd to any etate of facte which aa aocurste eurvey might show. ^ <br /> TOGETHER with a,ll and singular the .tenemente,hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, <br /> or in anywise appertai.ning ancl the reversions,rema;inder and remainders,rents,iesues and profita <br /> thereof. <br /> _ � <br /> ' TO HAVE AND TO HOLD,all and singulsr the premises- above mentioned and described and hereby oo�r- <br /> � <br /> veped,or intended so to be to�ether with the a,ppurtenanCes unto the said party of the second part <br /> � �er heire and assigns forever. ' <br /> - And the said T�€E FRUDEN�IAL INSURAI�CE GOMPANY OF AMERICA,will warrant and defend the title of sai <br /> pr�nises to the said ANNA M.DRULINER,her heirs and assigns forever,a�ainst the lawful olai�s and <br /> . <br /> demand8,of all persons claiming,by from or under it. <br /> I� �'ITNESS �HEREOF Vice President of s�id THE PRt1p�NTIAL IDI�URANCE CO�dPANY OF AASERICA,has here- <br /> unto signed his name and hereunto affiaed the seal of said Compan3r,attested by an asaii�t.a�t <br /> Secretary in Newark,New Jersey,this the day and year first above written. <br /> ATTE9T: . Paul Bestos �S�AI�� By R RURogersL INgURANCE CO�PANY OF ��IC�i, <br /> Assistant Secretary _ Vice President <br /> - -----------------.� <br /> '�itness; �20.�b �.�,9tamps <br /> � Rieha,rd �.Britton f Caneelled � <br /> � 8tate of New Jersey <br /> _ • ss On this 29th day qf Apri1,1936,before me,the undereigned, a Notery <br /> County of Esaex <br /> Public,authorized to acknowledgemente in said County and <br /> 8tate, appeared R.R.Ro�ere to me personally known and 1�noRn to me tv be the pereon who <br /> executed the foregoing inetrument,who being 3ay me duly sworn did say that he is a qiae Presiden� <br /> of THE PRUD�N�I�iL IBTSURANCE CO�dPANY OF AMERICA�a corporation under the laws of the 9tate of New <br /> � . <br /> Jersey,and thQt the seal affixed to the foregoing instrument,is the corporate sea�l of said Compan , <br /> and that said instrument �as signed and sealed in behalf of eaid Companq by authority of its <br /> Board of Directors,and said R.R.Ro�ers ackno�rledged said inatrument to be the free act and desd <br /> of said Company. � . _ <br /> IN T�STIMONY '�tfiEREOF,I have hereunto set my hand and a,ffiaed my official seal a.t my offi.ce in the <br /> � City of Newark,the day and year first above written. � <br /> (9EAL) Richard E.Britton <br /> Notary Public <br /> D�y co�miseion expires; June 12,193g �� � <br /> Filed for reeord this 1� day of �ay,1936,at 2 otcloQk P.�. ��,ey� � <br /> � e�ist�r o Dee s <br /> -o-cro--o-o--o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o�-c�-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-c�-v-v-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- <br />