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\ <br /> � ��� <br /> ���� ��� ��.� ��o �� <br /> ___ _ - <br /> _ _ _ <br /> .. � . � . � iHEAUG115TINECO--II003--3-35 . . . . . ... � . . . . . . . . <br /> purpose o�' i�terment only and to be us�d for no other purpose, sub�ect, hovaever, to the provisions <br /> � <br /> ancl restrictions of the La�� of the Stat of Nebraska relating to Cemetery Associations and alI <br /> �Aa�s �,nd Law$ of the Legislature of the tate of �Tebraska which have been or may be Iawfully enact d <br /> �respeeting Cemetery Associations and als sub�ect to the conditions and limitations and with ail <br /> �the privilegea and restrictions speciPie by the r�xles and regulations of said �iood River Cemetery <br /> E <br /> , �Association now in foree or that may be ereafter adopted by it not in conPlict with the Laws <br /> �oP the St�,te of Nebraska �vhich rules a.nd regulations as hereby apeci#'ied are ma�l.e a part of this <br /> � <br /> 4 <br /> i <br /> conveyance. <br /> , I1� TESTI�ONY whereof the sa3.d Wood �fiiver Cem�'�ery Association has caused these Presents to be <br /> � signed by its President and countersigned by �ts Secretary and the corparate seal of said company <br /> � <br /> � to be hereunto aPfixed this _4th day oP June, A.D. 1907. <br /> � <br /> � <br /> (CORP) WOOD RIVER CE�iETERY ASSOCIATION <br /> Attest; C.E.Towne, Secretary (SEAL) By M.DiePenderfer, Presldent <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) Be it remembered that on this 4th day oP June, A.D. 1907, before F.�. <br /> ; )ss . <br /> iCOUNTY OF HALL ) Penney, a Notary Publi� duly commissioned ar�d qualified in and for Hall <br /> ! <br /> County, Nebraska, personally came M.Diefenderfer, President and C.E.To�vne, S�cretary of the Wood <br /> River Cem�tery Association, and they are personally known to me to be the parties eigning the <br /> for�oing Deed a9 Off ieers oP said Association and each severally aeknowledge the execution of the <br /> Poregoing instrument to be his voluhtary act and deed personaliy and as an officer oP said Asso- <br /> � ciatior� Yor the use and purposes therein expressed. <br /> ; IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Notarial Seal this 4th day of June, A.D.1907. <br /> � F°:�.Penney <br /> � � ( SEAL) Notary Public <br /> � <br /> My eommiesion expirea July 23, 1910. <br /> � Filed for record this 25th day oP April; 1936, at 2:00 0'clock P.H�, �j���� �-71'c'���, <br /> VJ Z,,/ <br /> ° Register of Deed <br /> o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-�-o-o-Q-o-o-o_o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-�_o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o <br /> ; WARRANTY DEED <br /> KRTOW ALL PdEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That �.Kern and John W.I�ern, wiPe and husband, of the County <br /> � of Hall and State oP Nebraska, Por and in consideratlon oP the sum of One Dollar and other valnab e <br /> consideration, in hand paid do hereby grant bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto the HOME OV�TER ' <br /> LOAN CORPORATION of �PA�HINGTON, D.C. , the followin� described rEal estate situated in the County f <br /> Hall, and 8tate of Nebraska, to-wit; <br /> Lot Three (3) in B1ock Three (3) in the eillage of Doniphan, Hal1 County, Nebraska. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the premises above deecribed, together with all o�' the Tenements, Heredi�tamen s <br /> jand Appurtenanees thereunto belonging, unto the said I30ME OWNERS � L�AN CORPORA�ION OF WASHIAIGTON, <br /> 9 <br /> + D.C. , its successora, legal representatives and assigns f'orever. <br /> And we do hereby covenant with the said Grantee, its successors, legal representatives and assign , <br /> � that we are lawfully seized of said premises; that they are free Prom all encumbrances excepting <br /> � only t�xe� for the years 1934 ana 1935; that we have good right and lawful authority to sell the <br /> � same, and we do hereby covenant to �rarrant and dePend the title to said premises against the law� l <br /> claims oP alI persons whomsoever. <br /> And the said Ella M.K�rn ar�d John W.Kern, wiPe and huaband, hereby relinquish all right, title <br /> and interest in and, to said described premises, <br /> Thie de.ed ie an absolute Qonveyaiace oP title in ePPect as well as in Porm and is not intended as <br /> a mort�age, trust conveyance, or security of any kind. The eoneideration thereYor is full releas <br /> of all debts, notes, obligations, costs and charges heretofore subsisting on account of and by th <br /> terme oP that certain mortgage heretoPore existin� on the property herein conveyed, exeCuted by <br /> Ella M.Kern and John �V.Kern, wiPe and husba,nd, to the said HO�E O�fNERS ' L�AN CORPOr'?ATION OF VPASH- <br /> _ __ . _INC#TON: ._D.C. , �ecorded in Book 72 at page 66� of the o_fficial _mort�ga�e re_�or�_..Q�'.. 'ti___�n��.�._ <br />