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�.U�� <br /> ��E�� ��E� ��� �T�. �� * <br />_� _ <br /> � THF.AUGUSTINECO.--I�On3--3-35 .. . . . . � . . . . . ...�. . ...._... ..._..._ <br /> �Nebr. the sum oP $�77�.75 with interest at 9� from November 22, 1935, as a Pirst lien on the North- <br /> r <br /> ;er2y one-half o� Lot 1, Block 9, oY Sch3mmer 's Addition to the City of Grand Island,Nebr, ; to <br /> � <br /> 'Montgomery VPard and Compar�y, a corp., the sum of �1, 6�M3.11 with interest at 7,� from Nov. 22, 1935� <br /> �as a ealid lien against the Southerly one-third of Lots I. and 2 in Block 1� and the Northerly one- <br /> �half of Lot 1 in Bloek l�ine of Schimmer's Addition; to C.R.Cousins, Receiver for the Cousins Lumbe <br /> Co. , a corp: as a valid lien again5t the Southerly one-third oP Lots l and 2 in Block 1� of Schim.-M::- ; <br /> mer 's Addition, the sum of �25�.65 with interes� at 7� from Nov. 22, 1935, and a valid lien agains <br /> � <br /> �the Northerly one-ha1P of Lot 1 in Block 9 of Schimmer's Addition, the sum of ��j�.70 with interest <br /> tat 7� from Nov. 22, 1935, �hat the Iien of �dontgomery i�ard and Co. , a c�rp. and the lien for <br /> ��25�.6�j of C.R.Cousins, Receiver Por the Cousins Lumber Co. , a corp. are valid first liens against <br /> � <br /> s, <br /> J �said Southeriy one-third of' Lots 1 and 2 in Block 1� of Schimmer's Addition to the City of Gr�.nd <br /> �Is3,and, and the lien of the Montgomery Ward & Co. , a corp. and the lier� for �5�.70 of C.R.Cousine <br /> �Rec€:iver for Cousins Lumber Co. , a corp. , ase valid liens against the Northerly one-half oP Lot 1 <br /> in Block 9 oP Schimmer's Addltion to the City of Grand Island, of equal rank and the same degree <br /> of superiority, but sub,�ect to the first lien of the Nebraska Loan �.rid Trust Company, <br /> �within twenty days Prom the date oP such judgment an.d decree, that the equity of redemption of eac <br /> �and aIl oP said deYendants in and to the lands and tenements hereina�'ter described be Poreclosed <br /> ,and forever barred, and that the Sheriff of said Hall County cause the Iands and tenements herein- <br /> iafter described to be advert�.sed, and sold aecording to law; and whereas the said defendants havin <br /> 1 � <br /> �made default therein, Daniel Sandera, as Sheriff of said County, under and by virtue o� the order <br /> a <br /> �oP said Court to him directed, did, on the 24th day oP Januar�r, A.D. , 1936, at the north door of <br /> the Court HousE in the city oP Grand I$land,Nebraska, in said County oP Hall, ( the same being the <br /> �nlaee wherein the Di�trict Court was last held in said County) , having f irst given due and legal <br /> 'notiee of the time and place of said sale, for not less than thirty days prior thereto, in the <br /> 4rand Is7.and DaiZy Independent, a legal newspaper printed and in generai circuiation in said Count <br /> ,. of Hall, sell the said premisee at public auction '�o A.L.KIein (he being the highest and best bid- <br /> ider� therefor) Por the sum of Two Thousand and no/l00 DOLLARS, which sale was afterwards at the <br /> ,January Term of eaid Court, A.D. 1936, examined and confirmed, and the s�.id Daniel Sanders, as <br /> Sheriff of said County, was ordered to execute a deed of said premises to the said A.L.KIein <br /> 4 <br /> �NO�I, THEREFORE, I, the said Daniel Sanders , as Sheriff of Hall County, Nebraska, in pursuance of <br /> �the order of said Court, as a�ores�,id, in eonaideration of the premises, and by virtue of the powe s <br /> �in me vested by law, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto the said A.L.Klein a,nd assigns , the � <br /> premises sold as aforesaid, to-wit: All of The South One-third (1/3) of Lots One (1� and Tv�o (2) __ <br /> in Block Eighteen (l�) and the North One-halP (A�2) of Lot One (i) in Block Nine (9) �ill in Schimme 's <br /> Ad�ition to the City of Gr�.nd Island, Nebraska, with a1.1 and singular the appurtenances thereunto <br /> belonging, to have and to hold unto him the said A.L.Klein �,nd his heirs and assigns forever. <br /> IN �fITNESS WHEREOF, I have, as such Sheriff o� Hall County, Nebraska, hereunto set my hand this <br /> �20th day of February, A.D. 1936. <br /> , <br /> Executed and Delivered in Presence of Daniel Sanders <br /> �argaret Vick ( 2.00 I.R.Stamps ) Sheriff of Hall County <br /> � (Cancelled ) <br /> , <br /> �THE STATE OF NEBRASKA ) On this 20th day of F"ebruary, A.D. 1936, before me, D.O.Beekmann, a <br /> )ss <br /> �HALL C�UNTY ) Clerk of District Gourt duly elected and qualified for said County, <br /> �personally �,ppeared Daniel �anders , Sheriff oP said County, to me kno�vn to be the identical person <br /> �described in and who executed the foregoing instrument as grantor, and aekna�r3.edged said instrumen <br /> to be his voiuntary act and deed as such Sheriff. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and off icial seal �t Grand Island,Nebraska, in sai <br /> 3County, the d.a.y and year last above written. D.O.Beckmann <br /> (SEAL) � �'� Clerk of the Distriet Court <br /> Filed �ar record this 17 day of &tarch, 1936, at 4:�5 o 'clock P.�. ����, <br /> � Register �o�' Deeds <br /> _ <br /> _ ._�_---_.________ ____ <br /> ____ _._ _. _..,_._ . ___. _ _ _ <br /> � <br />