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��� <br /> ���� ��� ��� �T�. �c� <br /> _. :,. _ _ _ <br /> �_ __.,___=�_ <br /> TIIE AUGUSTINE CO,--���()3--3-35 <br /> prior thereto, in the Grand Island Daily Independent, a legal newspaper printed and in general <br /> circulation in said County of Hall, sell the said premises at pub].ic auct3on to The Equitable <br /> Building & Loan Association of Grand Island, a corporation, which bid has been duly assigned to <br /> �Otto Schmidt, ( they being the highest and best bidder therefor) for the sum of �ne Thousand Five <br /> Hundred Seventy-five and no /100 DOLLARS, which s�le and assignment was afterwarda at the January <br /> Term of said Court, A.D. , �936, examined and confirmed, and the said Daniel Sanders, as SheriPf <br /> of said County, was ordered to execute a deed of said premises to the said Otto Schmidt <br /> NOW, THEF�EFORE, I, the said Daniel Sanders, as Sheriff of Hall County, Nebraska, in pursuance of <br /> the order of said Court, as aPoresaid, in consideration oP the premises, and by virtue of the <br /> ! <br /> powers in me veated by la�, do hereby give, grant, and convey unto t he said Otto Schmidt, and <br /> ,assigns, the premises sold as aPoresaid, to-�it; All of Lot Five (5) in Block Flve (5j ��1 Gilb��t s <br /> �Second Addition to the City oP Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, as surveyed, platted, and re- <br /> i <br /> � corded, with all �,nd singular the appurtenances �thereunto belonging, to have and to hol.d un�o him <br /> � the said Otto Schmidt and his heirs and assigns forever. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have, as sueh Sheriff of Ha11 County, Nebraska, hereunto set my hand this <br /> 17th day of January, A.D. , 1936. <br /> Daniel Sanders <br /> Executed and Delivered in Presence of (�.00 I�.R.stampsj Sheriff of Hall County <br /> Margaxet Vick ((Cancelled ) <br /> THE STATE OF NEBRASKA ) On this 17th day of Janua,ry, A.D. , 1936, before me, D.O.Beckmann, <br /> )ss; <br /> HALL COUNTY ) a Clerk of District Court du7.y elected and quallfied for said <br /> County, personally appeared Daniel 5anders, Sheriff of said County, to me known to be the identica <br /> nerson described in and �rho executed the foregoing instrument as grantor, and acknowledged said <br /> ' instrument to be his voluntary act and deed as such Sheriff. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hAnd and Official seal at Grand Island, Nebraska, in <br /> said County, the day and year last abone written. <br /> D.D.Beckmann <br /> (SEAL) . � Clerk of the District Court. <br /> t�; <br /> Filed for record this 17th day of January, Z936, at 2:00 o 'clock P.l�. ��j���� � <br /> Ll( �-�-4»-�- <br /> Register oP Deeds <br /> 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 <br /> �UIT CLAIM DEED: <br /> Know All I�en By Theee Presents: <br /> That Patrick Callihan,Sin�le,(Being also one and the same person as Patrick H. Ca�lla,han) of the <br /> Co�nty of Hall and State of Nebraska for the consideration of Ei�hteen Hundred and Ao/1�0 Dollars <br /> hereby �uit Claim a,nd convey unto Grand Island Trust Company,Trustee of the County of Hall and <br /> gtate of ATebraska,all of my right,title and i.n�erest of whataosver n�,ture,in and to �he following <br /> described Real Estate,situated in the County of Hall and State of Nebraska,to-wit: <br /> All of the Southwest Quarter of the Southweet Quarter ( 5�,�-St9�) of section T�enty-nine (29) , <br /> Town�hi.p Ten (10) �orth,Range TweZve (12) ,tNest of the 6th P,�d. ,in H�11 County,Nebraska. <br /> This deed is an abaolute conveyanee of title a,nd possession in effect as well a$ in form and is <br /> not intended as Q mortgage,trust conveyance or seeurity of any kind. The aonsideration therefor ia <br /> fu11 release of all debts,obligations,co�ts and chaxges heretofore subsisting on account of and <br /> by the term� of that certain mort�age heretofor� ER�.8t1Y1� on the property herein conveyed(�hieh <br /> mort�a�e v��s executed by James Callihan,�argaret Callihan,his wife,e�nd Patrick Callihan,a single <br /> man,to the Grand Island �'rust Cc>mpaxiy,and recorded in Book 62,page 394,of the official reeords of <br /> Hall County,Nebraska) ,and the note secured thereby,this conveyance completely satisfying said <br /> obli.gation and said mortgage and note and any effect thereof in all respects. <br /> , I�T 1�ITNEBS 1NHEREOF,I have hereunto set my hand this 2� day of Oct, i935• <br /> '�itness D.D.OKane Patrick Callahan <br /> ._. ._. _._ _ _ , _.___. _.. _ __._. <br /> _ ._. _.... .._.. . _--- .._ <br /> _ ____ . _.._._._. _.____ __.___.________._._.�. _ <br />,r-__ _.__....._�_ _. __ Y....._._....._..�..,a..__�.n_.�..._. ... .. ... . . . . .. . <br /> ,1 <br />