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V� <br /> ���� ��� ��� �T�. `�� <br /> _ _ _ <br /> � THEAUGUSTINECO.--���Q3--3-35 <br /> Q�UIT CLAI�I DEED_ <br /> KNOW ALL �EN" BY THESE P13ESENTS; <br /> � <br /> � THAT Louis Don �toore, husband of grantee herein, of the County of Hall and State of Nebraska for <br /> � the eonsideration of One and no/1�0 DOLLARS, h�reby quit C1.aim and convey unto Rose E.Moore, wife <br /> � of grantor, oP the County oP Hall and State of ATebraska, all of our right, title and interest of <br /> � whatsoev�r nature, in and �o the following deserib�d Real Estate, situated in the County oP Hall, <br /> ! <br /> � and State of Nebr�.ska, to-wit: <br /> � The �'esterly Forty four (�) feet of Lot Four (�F) in Bloek '�A" of Boehm's Subdivision in the City <br /> of Grand Island,Nebraska as surveyed, platted and recorded. Also a right of way for a driveway <br /> over and upon the four (�) Peet ad�aeent to the Easterly line of the property described abov�, <br /> and sub�eet 'Go a right of �ay heretofore gPranted over and upon the easterly four (�F) feet oP, the <br /> herein conveyed tract. It being under�tood that the easernents granted and reserved are for the <br /> �oint use and benePit o� '�he tract ad�acent thereto. ` <br /> i <br /> � I'� is the intention of the $rantor herein, ta convey any and all right, title and interest oP <br /> �hatsoever kind and nature that he acquired in the above described premises by warranty deed <br /> executed by Louise Erdbr.txger, a widow to Rose E.�doore and Louis Don �Ioore, whieh deed bears d.ate <br /> of November �, 1933 arid recorded in Book 73 at Page 315 of the deed records of HaII County,Nebras a, <br /> The further in�ention being to terminate the �oint tenanc� created in the above referred to deed, <br /> so that the said Rose E.�oore sha11 be the sole owner oP said premises, sub�ect to the life estat <br /> � of Louise Erdba?�zger therein. <br /> � _ <br /> � IN WITNESS t�HEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 3rd day of January, 1936. <br /> � <br /> � Witness: Louis Don Moore <br /> Herman F.Bucko�r <br /> � STATE OF NEBRASKA ) On thia 3rd day of January, A.D, , 1936, before me, the undersigned, a <br /> s )s8 <br /> � HALL COUNTY ) Notary �Public in and for said county, person�,lly came Louis Don �ioore, <br /> husband of grantee herein, who is personally known to me to be the identieal person �hose name is <br /> aff ixed to the abave instrument as grantor and he severally acknowledged the said instrument to b <br /> his voluntar� act and deed. � <br /> �itness my hand and Notarial Seal, the date aPvresaid. <br /> ' Herman F.Buckow <br /> � (SEAL) Notary Public <br /> �y commission expires April 16, 193�• ' <br /> ; , <br /> Filed for reeord this 3rd day of January, 1936, at �+:30 0 'clock P.B�. ��J�� ���--_� <br /> � 3 . Regis�Ger of Deed'�s <br /> �-0-0-Q-0-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-�0-0-0-�-�-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Q-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 �' <br /> WARRANTY DEED- VESTING ENTIRE TITLE TN 3URVIV�R. <br /> � KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That O.A.Abbott, �rido�ver, in consideration of One and no/100 (�1. 0) <br /> DOLLARS, in hand paid, do hereb,y grant, bargain, sel.l, convey and confirm unto William H.Thqmpson <br /> and Nettie I.Thomp�on, husband and wife as JOINT TEA1Ar1T5, and not as tenants in common; the f ollo - <br /> ing deserib�d real estate, situate in the Courity oP Hall and State of 1Vebraska, to-�it: <br /> s � <br /> Lot Four (4) in Block Seven (7) oP Woodbine a.ddition to the original town now City oP Grand Islan , <br /> Nebraska, a,nd, the South Forty-four (4�� Peet of the North Sixty-seven a�d one half (672) Peet <br /> of Lot Five (5) , in Block fif ty-f ive (55) oP the original town nov� city of Grand Isl�,nd,Alebraska, <br /> and Lot seven ( 7) in Block Te�relve (12� of Kernohan & Decker's Addition to the original town now <br /> city of Grand Island, Nebraska, and the East one-third (E I/3) of Lot three (3) in Block sixty- <br /> . four (6�-) original town nova city of Grand Islanyj., Nebraska, and all of the follo�aing real estate <br /> situated 3n the County of Howard and Stat� o� Nebraska, to�wit; The Northwest quarter (NW4) of <br /> , Sea'Gion Thirty-two (32) Township Fifteen (15) North o� Range Ten (10) West oP the Sixth Principal <br /> ' �ieridian. <br /> together with alZ the t�nements, hereditamentg, and appurtenances to the same belonging, and <br /> , all � the eatate, title, do�er, right of homestead, claim or demand whatsoever of the said grantor, <br /> caP, in or to the same, or any part thereof; sub�ect to <br /> _ IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERE'T'0, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID <br /> ` GRA.�'TEES, THE ENTIRE FEE SIIi�PLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED �IEREIN SHALL VEST IN THE SUR- <br /> � �IVING GRANTEE. . <br /> , � <br /> T� HAVE AND TO H�LD the above described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the said grantee$ <br /> . <br /> 1 ` as JDINT TENA�TTS, and not as tenants in common, and to their asslgns, vr tv the heirs and assigns <br /> , <br /> ' of the sureivor of� then�, forever, and the grantor named herein f'or himself and his heirs, executo s <br /> and adminis'�rators, do covenant with the grantees named hereln and with their assigns and with th <br />