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: � <br /> J�. <br /> ���� ��� ��� ��. �'� <br />__�. , <br /> THEAlIGUSTINECO--��(�n3--3-3rj � �� �� <br /> trators, remise, release and forever quit-claim and corYVey unto the said party of the second part <br />, and to his heirs and assigns forever, al1 their rlght, title, interest, estate, claim and demand, <br /> �both at law and in equity, of, in and to aIl of the follo�rin�;-described premises, situated in the <br /> �County of Hal1, and State oP Nebraska, to-wit: <br /> �Part of the Northea�t qua.rter of the IVortheast Quarter (PJE�) of (NE4) of Section Tcaenty-one ( 21) , <br /> �Tovanship Eleven (11) , North Range Nine ( �� ,�'�est oP the 6th P.M. and part of lot fifteen (15) of th <br /> County Subdivision of part of the South half of the Southeast Quarter (S� of SE�) of Section 5ixte n <br /> (i6> , Township Eleven (11) , North, Range Nine ( y) , �Vest of the 6th P.M. , more particularly describ d <br /> as folloars, to-urit : <br /> Commencing at a point on the Easterly line of Clark Street in the City of Grand Island,Nebraska, <br /> where the . center line of John Str�et, if extended would interaect same, and running thence Souther y <br /> alon� the Easterly line of Clark Street forty (40) feet to the Southerly line of John Street, if <br /> ;extended, thence at ri�ht an�les in an Easterly direction along the Southerly line of John ��reet, <br /> �if extended, one hundred twenty four (12�) feet, thence Southerly at right angles fifty (50 feet, <br /> thence WesterZy at r-��ht angles, one hundred tvaenty=four (12�-) feet to the Easterly line oP Clark <br /> �Street, the�ce Southe-rIy alon�; the Easterly line of Clark Street tcrro hundred thirty (230) feet to <br /> .the Northerly line of Anna Street, thence Easterly at right angles along said Northerly line o� <br /> Anna �treet, six hundxed forty-eight (64�) feet to the extended center line of Cleburn Street, <br /> thence Northerly at right angles alon� said extended center line of '�leburn Street, three hundred <br /> it��enty (320) feet, and thence Westerly at ri ht angles along evhat would be the entended center lin <br /> °of John Street, six hundred forty-eight ( (��� feet to the place of beginning, said tract being the <br /> . same tract described in deed recorded in, Book 3�F of Deeds, at Page 357, less the property conveyed <br /> by deed recorded in Book �F� of Deeds at Page 5�7 of the Deed records of Hall County, Nebraska, all <br /> of said prop.erty being within the corporate limits of the City of Grand Island,Nebraska. <br /> i <br /> � iTogether with all and singular the hereditaments thereunto belonging. <br /> ; <br /> �TO HAND AND TO HOLD the above described premises unto the said William H.Harrison, pa.rty of the <br /> ! second art his heirs and assi ns • so that neither Geor e R.Bartlin and Doroth A.Bartlin ar- <br /> � � , � g Y � <br /> , <br /> P g P <br /> � ties of the first part, or any person in their name and behalf, shall or will hereafter claim or <br /> i � <br /> idemand any right or title to the said premises or any part tnereof, but they and ever� one of them <br /> jshall by the�e presents be excluded and forever barred. <br /> � IN VJITNESS WHEREOF, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the <br /> !, day and year above ��ritten. <br /> ! George R.Bartling <br /> ! Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of Dorothy A.Bartling <br /> W.B.B�rtlin.g <br /> ' Chas.R.�haw <br /> STATE OF MISSOURI ) On this 20th day of November, 1935, A.D. , before me, the undersigned, O.J <br /> )ss - <br /> CITY OF ST. LOUIS ) - Briehler, a No�ary Public, duly commissioned and qualified for and residi g <br /> � - <br /> in said City, personally came George R.Bar�ling and Dorothy A.Bartling, husband & wife, to me kno <br /> to be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the foregoing instrument as grantors and <br /> ! aeknov=rledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed. <br /> ,Witness my hand and 1VTotarial Seal the day and year last a.bove written. <br /> O.J .Brichler <br /> ' (SEAL) Notary Public <br />' +��y commission expires the 3rd day of March, �939• <br /> �! Filed for record this 17th day of December, 1935, at 2:00 o �clock P.M. �/��✓�d � <br /> I � Register of Deeds <br /> � 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-J-0-0-0-U-C�-0-0-0-U-�-v-0-0-0-0-0-U-0-�-G-U-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-�-C1-0-0-0-0-0_p_Q_Q_ <br /> �; ,Q,,UIT CLAIM DEED <br /> ; <br /> THIS INDENTURE, l�ade this 19th day of November, ln the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty- <br /> � five, between WILLIA�,q H.HA�ISON, of the Pirst part, and HER�IAN A,BARTLING and LAURA BARTLING, hus <br /> I <br /> i �and & wife, of the seeond part, <br /> jWITNESSETH, that the said party of the first part, in consideration of the sum of' One Hundred ; , . _ " . <br /> , <br /> � (�100.00) Dollars, to him duly paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, has remised, re- <br /> r1.�ased, and quit-claim, and by these presents does forever se11 to their helrs, executors and ad- <br /> ' ministrators, remise, release and forever quit-claim and convey unto the sald parties of the aec�n <br /> fpart, and to their heirs and assigns forever, all his rights, title, interest, estate , claim and <br /> � demand, both at law and inequity, of, in and .to all of the following-described premises, situated <br /> ' in the County of Hal.l, and 5tate of Nebraska, to-wit : <br /> � Part of the Northeast quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE4) of NE4) of Section Twenty-one (21 <br /> ) <br /> � Tov�nship Eleven (11) , Nor-th Range Nine ( 9) , West of the 6th P.M. and part o� lot f ifteen (15} of <br /> the County Subdivision of part of the South h�,lf of the Southeast _ uarter _��i_�� � <br />--__._.._ .._.__� . _ __ _ _..._._. _ _ __ ._ _ ___ _____ � . . - �� <br />. . , _ <br />