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�:� <br /> ���� ��� ��� ��o �� <br /> _ ,�_ <br /> � THEAUGUSTINECO.���Q()3--3-3rj �_ . . _ <br /> t. . . . .. �. . . . <br /> _ <br /> �IT BEING THE INTENTI�N OF ALL PARTIES HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID <br /> GRAPdTEES, THE EN`TIRE FEE SI�dPLE TITLE T� THE REAL ESTA�'E D�SCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IA1 THE SUR- <br /> ��TVING GRA�ITEE. _ <br /> �TO HAVE AND TO H�LD the premises above described, together ��rith all the Tenement�, Hereditaments <br /> � <br /> ;and Appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said Joseph �.Philbriak and Martha L.Philbrick <br /> ��tu�b�nd and t�if e, <br /> � <br /> fAnd the said xo�e 3avings and Loan Association for itselP or its suecessors, do hereby covenant an <br /> � agres to and with the said parties of the second part and their heirs and assigns, that at the tlm <br /> � of the execution and delivery of these presents it is lawPully seized oP said premises; that it ha, <br /> � good right and lawful aut�iority �Go convey the same; that they are free Yrom encumbranee and does <br /> �hereby covenant to warrant and defend the said premises against the lawful claims of all persons <br /> �whom�oever. <br /> ! <br /> jIN �ITNESS 1�JHEt�EOF, the said Home Savings and Loa.� Association has hereunto caused its corporate <br /> � seal to be affixed and these presents to be si�ned b� its President the day and year first above <br /> ; (�.50 I.R.3tamps ) <br /> �written. (Cancelled ) . , <br /> � <br /> ; 8lgned, sealed and d�livered in presence of HODdE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION <br /> � �race �d.Christopherson (C�RP). By R.E.Harrington, President <br /> (SEAL) Attest: H.V.Davis, Secretary <br /> a <br /> � STATE OF AIEBRASKA ) On this 4th day oP November, 1935, before me, the undersigned, a Not�.r <br /> )ss <br /> � LANCASTER COUNTY ) Publlc in and for said County, personally came R.�.Harrington, Preside t <br /> _ <br /> � oP the Home Savin�s and Loan Association to me personally knocvn to be the President and the iden- <br /> ; <br /> � tical person v�hose name is aff ixed to the above eonweyanee, and acknov�ledged the execution thereoP <br /> � to be hie voluntary act and deed as sueh officer and the voluntary act and deed oP the 8aid Home <br /> � :3avin�s and Loan Aasociation, and that the Corporate seal of the said, Home savinga and Loan Asso- <br /> iciation was thereto affixed by its authority. <br /> � �litness my ha.nd and Notarial Seal at Lincoln, in said county the day and year last above writt�n. <br /> � <br /> � Grace �.Christopher�on <br /> (SEAL) Notary Public <br /> A�y Commission expires the 10'Gh day of February, 193y, , <br /> � Filed for record this 9 day of Novembe�, 1935, at 2:15 o 'clock P.M. �G� �j <br /> � v���-�/ <br /> � Re�ister oP Deeds <br /> � <br /> � 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Q-0-�J-0-0-0-0-�-0-�-0-t�-0-0-�-0-J-0-0-0-U-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-fl-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- �--• <br /> � SHERIFF" 'S DEED �N FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGE <br /> � <br /> � K�TOV� ALL B�E�T BY THESE" FRESEI�TS: <br /> � That 1Nhereas, in an aetion in the Diatrict Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of Nebraska, <br /> � <br /> � within and for Hall County, wherein Odes Giles, was the Plaintiff, and Lizzie A.Clark, Le�el A. � <br /> �= <br /> Glark, her hueband; �'exas Production Company of Nebraska, a. corporation; and Robert H.A�ann and <br /> � Sar€�,h l�ann, his wife, were �he Defendants, it was by said Court at the March �erm thereof, A.D. <br /> � 1932, to-wit, on the 26th day oP August, A.D. , 1932, considered, ad�udged, and decreed that in <br /> � def�ult of the p�.yment to the Clerk of the District Court o�' the costs of said action, and to <br /> � . <br /> � �des Giles the sum oP �10,191.j5 with interest thereon �.t the rate of 10� par annum from Au�ust <br /> � 26, 193�, wSthin twenty days from the d.a.te of such ,�udgment and decr�ee, that the equit3r of redem� <br /> Ition oP each and aIl of said defendants in and to the 2ands and tenementa hereinafter desaribed b <br /> � forealosed and Porever barred, and that the Sherif� oP said Hall County cause the lands and tene- <br /> I � <br /> � ments hereinafter described to be advertised, and sold according to law, and whereas the said <br /> � <br /> jdefendants having made default therein, Daniel Sanders , as Sheriff' of said County, under and by <br /> i <br /> � virtue of the order of said Gourt to him directed, did, on the 9th day of October, A.D. 1935� a'� <br /> the north door of the Court House in the eity of Grand Island,Nebraska, ir� said County of Hall(th <br /> S <br /> ' sa�e being the place �rherein the District Caurt was last held in said County} , havin� first �iven <br /> due and legal notice of tihe time and plac� of s�,id sale, for not Iess th�.n thirty days prior thereto <br /> i _ __ ___ -- - <br />