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� <br /> �o� <br /> D � �D R � CO�RD <br /> HuFfman Form No. iog�/2 Containing qit Printed Words. <br /> NO. 195-'38384-TXEAUGUSTINECO.GRANDISLAND.NEBR. <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA � <br /> FROM Ha.11 ss' <br /> County o f $ntered in Numerical Index and f iled f or record in <br /> Benedict P. Wassin�er theRegister of Deeds'offiCeofsaidCounty <br /> and Lola E. Was sl.n�er the <br /> TO � day of January iq 5�. at9 i o'clo�k ancl 55 minutes A. M. <br /> Thomas Bennett and Hazel Bennett and recorded in book 100 nase 601 of Deec�s ��fL���__ <br /> Register of�. ee s. <br /> lgo9 west 3tate i�fii $y Deputy. <br /> arand Island Nebr <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRF.SENTS,That Ber�edict P. Wa.ssinger and I,ola E. Wassinger his wif e, eaCh ln <br /> his or her own right and as husband and wife. <br /> in consideration of �ne cgC T10�1�� — — — — -. .� — — — — — •� — — — � — — �. — — — � — — � .� — .. � — — — DOLLARS <br /> in hand paid,do hereby grant,bargain,sell,convey and confirm unto Thomas� Bennett and Hazel Bennett his W�.�@ 88 ,�Oj.i1t �EI18rit8 <br /> and not as tenants in co�nmon with right of survivorship <br /> ae�}�' '����}�����rr`ta����; the following described real estate situate in the County of HR�.�. and <br /> State o{ Nebraska to-wLt: <br /> Lot five (5) in Block Pive (5) Qilbert 'e Second Addition to Grand Island And �rantors agree to pay <br /> the real estate taxes for the year 1950. <br /> ( . . . tamps) <br /> (Cancselled ) <br /> together with all the tenements, hereclitaments, and appurtenanees to tlie same belonging, ancl all the estate, title, dower, right of homestead, elaim or clemand wliatsoever of <br /> the said grantor $of,in or to the same,or any part thereof; subpect to the one and 0111q reservation that grantors reserve 1'.YI_@ ri�ht <br /> to l.ive in said property and to vacate the same on Januaxy 5, 1951. <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HBRETO. THAT IN THE EVENT OF THB DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> ENTIRE FEE SIMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IN THE SURVIVING GRANTBE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the said grantees as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in.common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to the heirs and assigns o}` the surnivor of them, forever, and tliegrantor S namedherein for 1'i�'1@TIIS@�.V@S - <br /> and their heirs, executors, and administrators, do covenant with the grantees named herein and with their assigns and with the heirs and assigns of the <br /> survivor of them, that they STE lawfully seizecl of said premises; that tliey are free from incumbrance except as stated herein,ancl tliat t'.118 <br /> the said grantor s ha ve goocl right and lawful authority to sell the same, and that t'ir1@Sf will and �$gjp heirs,,executors <br /> and administrators shall warrant and defend the same unto the grantees named herein and unto their assigns and unto the heirs and assigns of the survi�or qf them, forever, <br /> against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever, excluding the exceptions named herein. <br /> IN WITNESS WH$REOF W@ have hereunto set OtiP hand$ this '2211$ day <br /> of November . A.D.1950 <br /> In presence of <br /> Bayard H. P�ine Benedict P. Wassin�er <br /> Lola E. Wassiflger <br /> sT�TE oF Nebraska 1 On this 22nd day of November 19�j�1 A�D• , Tiefore me,a Notary Public in ant�for saicl <br /> �g�,ll, SS County,personally came the above namect Henediot P. Wasa3.nger and IAla E. Wassinger <br /> �.'ounty o f f <br /> who a2'8 personally known to me to be the identical person 8 whose name S � ' af fixed to tlie above <br /> eI.CYl �' tYl ID acknowled ed said instrument to be thelr <br /> instrument as rantor 8 anc� 6 O @ g <br /> 9 . <br /> voLuntary acE and deed. <br /> WITNESS my liand and Notarial Seal the date last aforesaid. Ba.,yQY`C� H. Pa3ne Jr. <br /> (SEAL) Nota�y Public. <br /> My commission expires on the 2`�Ilt� day o) Deeember A. D. 1951 <br /> � <br />