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•���� <br /> LE�D R �CORD <br /> HuFFmAn Form No. tog�/2 Containing qtt Printed Words. <br /> NO. 135�36088-THEAUGI151'INiCO.GRANDISLpND,NEBR. � � <br /> STATE OF NBBRASKA� <br /> FRONI County o� H$],�., S3� $ntered in Numorical Index and f iled f or record in <br /> Mabel Thompson & thg Re�;i�ter of Aeeds�ff�6 of said County <br /> i Walter Thompaon the 2p dQy of February l�p at 1 o��'ock ancl].5 minutes P�M. <br /> TO and roeorclecl in boolz 99 pafle �83 of Deecls ��l.ycai���/fvr✓ <br />' MSb81 ThOIASpOri dG . Register of Deeds. <br />�I Wa1.�er Thompaon By Deputy.� <br /> --. <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That Mabe1. Thompson and Walter ThompsoM Husband and Wife <br /> in consideration of One Q21C�. NO�1�0 — — — — �- — — — — — — — — — -' — — — — -- — -� — — — — — — — — DOLLARS <br /> in hand paid,do hereby�rant, bargain,sell,convey andconfirm unto Mabel Thompson and Walt�r Thompson <br /> «s ]OINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; tho following decribed real estate situate in the County of $a,],], and <br /> State of � Nebraska to-wit: <br /> The East Half of the Northeagt Quarter (E N.E.�) of Seation Thirty—five (3,�) , in . <br /> Township Eleven (7.1) North, Ra.nge Twelve �12) West of the 6th P.M. <br /> together witTi all the tenemcsnts, hereclitaments, and appurtenances to the same belonfling, and aIl tlie estate, title, clower, right o}` homesteacl, clairn or c�emantt w�tatsoever of <br /> � <br /> the saic�granfor g of, in or to the same,or any part thereof; subject to <br /> IT'BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF' THE DEATH OF BITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> ENTIRE FEE SIMPLB TITLE TO THE REAL BSTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IN THE SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the al�ove described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the said grantees as ]OINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br /> and to their assi�ns, or to the heirs_and assigns of the survivor of them, forever, and --- the grantor8 named herein for t',�1@1A88�.4@8 <br /> and �hg iz+ heirs, executors, and administrators, do conenant with the grantees named herein and with their assigns and with the heirs anc�assigns o f the <br /> survivor of them, that Wg grE Iawf ullq seized of said premises; fhat they are f ree f rom incumbrance except as stated herein,and that y,'@ . " <br /> the said grantorg havE good ricjht and Iawful authority to sell the same, and that We will and OUI° heirs, exeautora <br /> and administrators shall warrant and de`end the samo unto ihe grantees named herein and unto their assigns and unto the heirs and assigns of tha sur�iuor of them, foreuer, <br /> against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoeuer, excluding the exceptions named herein. <br /> � <br /> IN WITNESS WHER$OF y�@ have herecinto set pu� handg this J.��h day <br /> of Deeember � A• D� 1939 <br /> In presence of <br /> Mabel Thompaon <br /> E. C. Huxtable Walter Thompeon <br /> STATE OFNEBR.ASKA On this 1.�j',h daY of De cember A• D�1939 � before me,a 1\'otary Public in and for said <br /> County of H&�.�.- }ss. County,personally came the aboue named Mabel Thom�B011 and Walter Thompson, hu�band <br /> and wif e <br /> who a,r� personally Iznown to me to t�e t�o identical person g whose name g a,re aF/ixed to the above <br /> instrument as prantorg , and �hey acknowledfled said instrument to be their <br /> voluntary act and deed. <br /> �,rj�'+,�� WITNESS my hand and 1hlotarial Seal fl�e date last aforesaid. E. C. $UXtSbl.@ <br /> - Notary Public. <br /> My commission expires on the ��tYl dQy of June A• D• 19�5 <br />