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���� � <br /> �� �� �. ����� <br /> I-��sJ'f�a� �orm No. �ogi/2 �ontai�i�g��i Prin#ed V�ords. <br /> NO. 135�38O86—TNERUGIISTINEC0.6RANDISLANU.NEBR. ' . <br /> �'1'ATE QF N��RASKA� <br /> gs. <br /> FROl�I County pf �ja,l], Entered in �lumerical Index and f iled f or record in <br /> William H. Grubb and Leona B. Grubb, eaah the Regis�er of Deedsaf{��e of said County <br /> in his or her own right and as apouse of t� 22 d4� of November 19 �+9 a� 10 p�clocTz andl�.5 minutes p,;1�t. <br /> qnc�rscprd�d in boo�Z C�9 page �-�9 oF De,e�� <br /> the other TO �� Register o;Deeds. <br /> Ray M. S�ryker and Phyllis S�Gryker B,, � Deputy. <br />� �`e�r�s�+ �r+ rs e f �� a i�ie <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THBSE PRESENTS, That �T�11iam H. Grubb and.Leona B. Grubb, each in his or her own <br /> right and as spouse oP the other ���� <br /> in FA1i31�eTµtion oE One �ol,lar and other valuable con8ideration <br /> in hand paid,do hereby grant, bargain,sell,convey and confirm unto Ray M. 5�ryker and Phyllis Stryker <br /> as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; the FqlloFufng decribed raal os�ate ,situatR in t�e C'qunty of HA.1.�. a/►d <br /> State of Nebraska to-wtt: <br /> Lot Thirty-four (3�) Block D Parkview Subdivision to Grand Island, Nebraska <br /> (Cancelled� �p$) <br /> �qgexh�rr with gIl the tenements, he.reslitamonts, and appurtonances to tlte same belonging, and all the estate, title, dower, right oj' �omestead, claim or demand whatsoever�of <br /> tha saicl grantor $, o f,in or to t�ie same,or any part t�ereo f; subject to <br /> IT ��IN� THE I1�ITENTIQIV OF ALL PA��'IES HERETO, �'HAT IN TH� $VEN'T OF TH� DEATH OF �C!'HER OF SA1D GRANTEES THE <br /> ENTIRE FEE SIMPLB TITLE 1'O THE REAL EST�T,� D�SCRI�E,p HEREIN SHAI,G VEST IN TH� SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> �'(J �IAVE AND TO HO�D the abQve d,escriGed premises, with the apRU,rtenances, unto t�ie yaid grantees as JOINT T�NANTS, and not as tenants tn common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to tTie �eirs and assigns of the survivor of them, forever, and W@ the grc�ntor g hamed horoin far ourselvea <br /> aI#d OLl2' heirs, executors, and administratora, do conenctn� wiEh,tl�e �rqntee� namec� �ei�i� and wFth their assigns c�ncl with the heirs nnd assigns oF the <br /> survivor of them, that W� a.l"E . 1�4u?fu��Y g�ized of said pro�ises; th�� {hex nre free(rom ineumb�ance except c�s stated herein,and that yJ�,s • <br /> tlte sµa€� grantszr S ha VE good right and �awfu� authority to sell tTie same, ancj th4t �Tg will and p� heirs, executors <br /> a�td �m�nis#Fator� shpll warrartt p}�d de`end t�ie same �r�to t�►e sran#ees r�amed herein �4nd uflto Iheit Assigns and uttto t�e heirs afld assigns af tT�e survfvor of.tTtem, forever. <br /> against the lawful claims of aIl persons whomsoever, excluding the exceptions namecI he�eir�. <br /> IN WITNESS WH$REOF WE havQ hQreunto set OLi2' �iar�d 8 th►s 9th dQy <br /> of Marcn .A. D. 1949 <br /> In presence of <br /> William H. Grubb <br /> Leona H. Grubb <br /> _ _ :. _� ... . _._._ . ._ _.... . _ . _ <br /> ST'f��'FS QF Nebraska SS On th�g g'Gh day of Mareh A. D, lq�g, before me,a 1�'otary PubTic in and for saicl <br /> County of j-�a1,1 } County;personnlly came the aboue named Wi111am H• Grubb and Leona B• Grubb, @8Cr1 �.Yl rl�S <br /> or her own right, and as spouse of the other <br /> who AY`8 personally �.z�own to �r►e to �e 6he ideattienl perscan S wl�ose name$ $Y'e nfrklecI to thc� n6one <br /> iz�strume�� as&ratetar g , anc� they cteknowledged saz<I instrument to be �heir <br /> ��oluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNESS my han� �.�d 1Vet�zsl Seal t�e dctte Icest a{vraet�id. Pa,Lil. �"i• $Ue�Ori <br /> ($F�4I,� Nata►y Pubiz�. <br /> My commission ezpires on tl�e 21gt day o( June A. D. 1953 <br />