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- <br /> � <br /> L�cl e� <br /> DEED RECC� RD <br /> HufFmun Form No. iog�/2 Containin�4it Printed Words. <br /> NO. 135�38086-THEAUGIISTINECO.GRANOISLAND,NEBR. ' , <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA� <br /> FROM County of Hall ss� Entered in Numerical Index and f iled f or rocord in <br /> theRegister of Deeds bffz�e of said County <br /> . Alvina Gosda Hongersmeier et al the 3p day of August 191�9 at 1 0'�lo�k and 45 P�M. <br /> minutes <br /> TO and recorded in book 99 pa96 299 of Deeds C��� <br /> Wi1118I►i A. ShOmSh01^ ��is�o/Deeds. <br /> Beatrice M. Shomshor B.v Deputy. <br /> KNOW AT.L M�N BY THES� PRFSEN -� x <br /> Alvina Gosda, Hongsermeier and Henry Hongsermeier (her husband) <br /> • , 7'S, That Minnie Gosda Niemoth and Joseph Niemoth (her husband) Ernest <br /> Goada and Emma Gosda. (his wife) Alfred Gosda and Anna Gosda (his wife) <br /> iri cor�sideration of pne Dollar and Other VaZuable Considerations ;DOLLARS <br /> in hand paid,do hereby grant, bargain,se[l,convey and confirm unto William A. Shomshor and Beatriee M. Shomshor (Huaband and <br /> W3.fe) <br /> as JOINT TENANTS, ancl not as tenants in common; bho following decribed renl estate situate in the �,'ountx of Ha.�.l and <br /> state o{ Nebraska ta-w{t: <br /> Lot One (1) �n Block Twenty-four (24) o� Ruasel Wheeler�s Addition to Gra�d Island, Nebraska. <br /> ( . • • 5) <br /> ( Cancelled ) <br /> together wfth all the tenements.,hereditaments, and appurtenances to the same belonging, and aII the estate, title, dower, rig�t oF homestead, claim or demand w�atsoever of <br /> t�e saitl grantor 8,of,in or to the same, or any part thareof; subject to <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> �NTIRE FEE SIMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL� ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREW SHALL VEST IN TH$ SURVIYING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aboue described premises, with the a�purtenances, unto the said grantees as ]OINT TENANTS, and not as.tenants in common, <br /> ancl to their assiqns, or to the heirs and assigns of tl�e suruivor of them, forever, and W@ the grantor 8 named Tierein for OUI'SQI.V88 <br /> ancl OUr heirs, executors, and administrators; do co►tenant with the flrantees named herein and witli their assigns and with the heirs and assigns of the <br /> sur�ivor oF ihem, that yJg lawfully seized oF. said premises; that they are free(rom incumbrance except�asstaEed herein,and that We. <br /> !he said grantorg haVe qood right and Iawful autl�ority to sell the same, and ihat W@ will and OLl2' ' heirs, executors <br /> ancl ac�ministrators shall warrant and defend t{ie same unto tlte.,g.runtees.nanaed herein ancl.unto their assigns and unto the heirs and assigns o( the sur�iuor of lhem, roreuer, <br /> against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever, excludinc� the exceptions named herein. . <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have hereunto set OUY' hand S this 26 , day <br /> �f August ,A. D. 19�+9 Alvina Goada Hongsermeier <br /> '����� Alfred Gosda Henry Hongse�msier <br /> . Anna Gosda Minnie Gosda Niemoth <br /> • Joseph Niemoth <br /> Ernest Gosda <br /> Emma Go s d.a, <br /> STATE OF Nebraska � On this 26 claY of August A. D. 19�9' �'efore me,a 1Votary Public in and for said <br /> ss. Count <br /> County of Hall y, personadly came the aboUe named A1jT�21a, GOSC�La Hongsermeier and Henry Hongsermeier <br />" (her Husband) Minnie Gosda Niemoth and Joseph Niemoth (her Husband) Ernest <br /> Gosda and Emma Gosda (his Wife) Alf'red Gosda and Anna Gosda (his �1iYe) • <br /> who �,y�g personally,known to me to 'be the identicnl pe.rsong u�hose name S c�,l'E afr�xPd �� ihP ahone <br /> _ . , _ ,, iristrume►it as pr.antor g , and they have �knau�ledqed said instrument to be their <br /> uoluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNESS my hand aa�d Notarial S�aI tT�e date last aforesaid. �`rE0 L'OWt',OI1 <br /> (gEAL) - Nota►y Publao. <br /> My commission expires on the ].$� day o/ Ju1y A. D.19�2 <br /> _ _ _ � <br />