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� ��� <br /> D� ED REC�O�.D <br /> Huffman Form No. tog�/2 Containing qii Printed Words. <br /> NO. 1 3 5-3 6 08 6-THE AUGUSTINE C0.6RAND ISLAND,NEBR. � <br /> STATB OF NEBRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FROM County oE �ic'�,.11. Entered in Numerical Index and f iled f or record in <br /> the Regis ter Oi Deeds b{{ice oj said County <br /> Harold B. Sco'�t and Alma L. Scott the 15 day o) July 19 �-9 «r 2 0'�lo�k and 15 m��uaes pM. <br /> TO and recnrcled in book 99 page 2].�{- of De s ( 3,,.��� <br /> Carl Olsan �,21t� `��"""""-Register of Deeds. <br /> +�tl?'i1c�. v. �Z S 0:1 By � Deputy. <br /> KNOW ATL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That H�rold B. Scot't �.r�d Alma L. Sco�t�, husband Amd z�r�.fe an� each <br /> in the-re own ri�n�. — <br /> in consicleration of One C�.01.7�.:^ �`i.:1��. ot?zer valued consi�.eration -- -- -- DOLLARS <br /> in hand paid,cIo hereby grant, bargain,sell,conuey and con(irm unto Carl 0�san �'',,,'.`l� EIi1?11F1.. Ci. ��..5011 <br /> � JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; the following decribed real estnte situnte in the County of ��a,1,]. and <br /> State o) Nebras�.a to-w�t: <br /> Lot (�) in ?l�cl� Five (5) Russel VTheeler �s Addition to the City of Grand Island., <br /> Tlebra��;a, as svrveye�., platted and recorded. <br /> ( . 0 •R. a,mps) <br /> (Caneelled } <br /> together with aIl the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances to the same belonging, and aIl the estate, title, dower, right of Iiomestead, claim or aemand whatsoever of <br /> the saic��rantor g, of,in or to the same,or any pnrt thereof; subject to <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTI$S HERBTO, THAT�IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER �F SAID GRANTE$S THE <br /> ENTIRE FEE SIMPLE TITLB TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VBST IN THE SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br />, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aboue c�escribecl premises, with the appurtenances, unto the safcl grantees as JOINT TENANTS, anct not as tenants in common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to t�e heirs and assigns of the survivor of them, forever, and V�g the grantor g namec�herein for ot�rselves <br /> and 0�.72' heirs, executors, and administrators, do conenant ruith the flrantees named herein ancl with tlieir assigns and with the heirs nnd assrqns of the <br /> sur�ivor of them, that UT@ Iawfully seized of said premises; that they cw�e free from incumbrance except as stated herein,and that W�, <br /> the said grantor S ha V8 good rigTit artid Iawful authority to sell the same, and that y�g will and p�, heirs, executors <br /> ancl aclministrators shull warrant and defend the same unto the grantees named herein anc� unto their assigns and unto the heirs anc� assigns of the survivor of them, foreuer, <br />�I;� against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever, excluding the exceptions named herein. <br /> IN WITNESS WH$REOF _�_ �'have hereunto set p�+ hand g thts 11 tn. � day <br /> of July , A.D. 19�-9 <br /> In presence of <br /> H. T. Brot�rn Harold B. Scott <br /> Alma L. Scot� <br /> STATE OFvebras_<>�, 1 On tliis �]_�l�� day of July A. D.19�-�-� , before me,a 1Votary Public in and for said <br /> County of ����-�- f SS County,personally came t�ie above named j��,rO�..C�. B. `�"COtt t'�.riC� ,AZIT1u, I,. SCOtt� husband �ri(�. <br /> ti•sife et%ch in thei-r ow�� right <br /> who S porsonnlly known t� me to be the identical person � whose name s are aFf ixed to the abone <br /> instrument as grantor� , and they ncknowledgecl snid instrument to be tneir <br /> voluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNBSS my hand and Notarial Seal the date last aforesaicl. H. 2'. Brown <br /> �`S�Z'� Notary Publia . <br /> My commission expires on the 27t,I1. � day o{ TJovember A• D•1,95�- <br />