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f <br /> �� � <br /> I���T� I�: E�GC�RD <br /> �`Iu�fmnn Forrn 1Vo. togl/� ContaSning qtt Printed Words. <br />. NO. 135�38O86-THEAUGIISTINECO.GRANDISLANO,NEBR. � � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FROM County of Hall Entered in Numerical Inc�ex and filed for record in <br /> th�egis�er of Deeds ' �ff�e of said�.'ounty <br /> Kenneth T�d. Shindo & wf. , <br /> tlte 1,3 day of July 9 49 at 3 o'clock and3Q minutes P, M. <br /> TO and recorded fn book 99 Pafle 205 0( Deecl�, �p D <br /> C. A. Fairbar�l�s & ' ��JUd�w Register o(Deeds. <br /> Anna Fairbanks By / Deputy. <br /> „� <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS. Thnt Kenneth P��. Shindo and Hazel l�i. Shindo, each in h�� or her own <br /> right and as Husband and ti+Tif e <br /> in constderation of One Dollar and Other Va'luable Consideration- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =-�LrlR�'r <br /> in hand paid,do hereby grant, bargain,sell,convey and confirm unto Q� A. Fairbanks and Anna Fairbanks, �j.S W'�.�'e <br /> � JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; t{�e following decribed real estate situale in t�ie County of �'ja,l.l, and <br /> State of Nebraska to-wTt: ' <br /> All that pa.rt of Lots Three (3) and Four (�-) in Block Three (3), in La,keview, an Addition to the <br /> City of Grand Island, ;Nebraska, more �articularly described as follo�rs: to-wit - Cor�mencing at a <br /> point Fifty-six (56) #'eet South of �he TvTOrthwest Corner of Lot Four (�-), in said Block running <br /> thence E�st, parallel ti•Jith the Plorth boundary line of said lots, a distance of Seventy (70) feet, <br /> then�e South, parallel ti�rith the ti�Test boundary line of said Lot four (�-) , a distance of Forty-two <br /> (�2) feet, thence West a distance of Seventy (70) feet, and thence Plorth a distance of Forty-two <br /> (�2) feet to the place of be;inning, bein; a rectangular tract of ground having a west frontage oP <br /> Forty-two (42) feet on Locust Street, and a depth of Seventy (70) f�eet. <br /> ( . . . tamps) <br /> ( Cancelled ) <br /> together wtth alI the tenemcsnts, Tiereditaments, and appurtenancea to the same belonging, and aII the estate, title, dower, right of homestead, claim or demand whatsoever of <br /> the said grantorS ,of, in or to the same, or any part thereof; subject to <br /> IT $EING THE I1�ITENTION OF A�,L PARTIES H$RETp, THAT IN TH� EVENT OF THE DEATH OF �ITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THB <br /> BNTIRE FEE SIMPLE TITL� TO THE R�AL ESTAT� DESCRIB�D H�REIN SHAL�I, V�ST IN TH� SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> �o H�IV� ANn To HOr.D ahe above describerl promises, with the appurtenances, unto the said�rantees ns JO1NT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to tl�e heirs and aasrgns of tlte survivor of them, fore�er, and Wg the granto� S named hcsrain for US <br /> � and �u�' hetirs, oxecutors, and aclministrators, do conenant with the grantees namecj herein ancl with thoir assigns and witli the lieirs and assi�ns oF the <br /> surviuor of them, that Tn*@ a,r'e lawful�y seized of snid premises; thctt tltey are freo(ram:incumbrance escept as'stnted herein,«►�d chat Wg <br /> the said grantor S ha Ve Qoocl rigTit «�Ld Iaw{�uI authority to sell the same, and that W� will and OUr+ heers, executors <br /> and adm�.nistrator,� shall warrant artc� de�'end tlie samo unto tl�e grantees namscl harsin and untn tltei� assigns and unto the lteirs nnd asaigns of the survivor of them, fureuer, <br /> against the lawful claims of all persons w�iomsoever, excluding t�e exceptions na►nect Iteretn;• <br /> IN WITN$SS WHEREOF We have h�reunto set OUr hand g this I2th daY <br /> of July ,A. D. 19�-9 • <br /> In presence o) Kenneth r��T. Sh3.ndo <br /> Haze1 Ni. Shindo <br /> STATE OFNebras�a � On this �,2�Y1 day of JuZy A. D, 1949, before me,a 1Votary Public in and for said <br /> SS. Y Kenneth M. Shindo and Hazel AT. Shindo, each in <br /> County of Ha�-�- County, personall came the above named <br /> his or rer oVrn right and as Husband and Wife <br /> who are Versonally Ttnown to_me to be the identtcal porsan S w.hoso name S are af(i.Yed to the nboue <br /> instrument as grantPr S , and t',IZ@y acknowledped saiil instrument to be their <br /> uoluntary act and deed. � <br /> WITNESS my �iand and Notartal Seal tlie date last aforesaid. F. Vivian Roark <br /> (SEAL) Notary Pubii�. <br /> My commission expires on tl�e �7t',j�, daY �F rdareh A� D� 1951 <br /> I _ <br /> - - <br />