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r--F—�— - - - _ <br /> � <br /> 2Q�3 <br /> I���L� RECORD <br /> Huffman Form No. iog�/2 Containtng qtt Printed Worda. <br /> _ <br />�I�� NO. I35-36O8B-TIIE AUGUSTINL C0.GRANU ISLANP,NEBR. � . <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FRO1�I County of _ H��, Entered in Numerical Indez and fi[ed for record in <br /> , t� Register of DeedsoffLCe of sQ�d County <br /> - Alic� F. Langan, et al ihe 12 day of Ju1y ��9 at 110'�lo�k and — m�nutes A.M, <br /> TO ` and recorded in I�ook a9 pape 2�3 of Deed � p <br /> Lat�rrenee �T. GUy'��tE.' C��°�"^' Register of Deeds. <br /> Bernice L. Guyette Bv �, Deputy. <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESEIVTS, That Alice F. La,n�an and Thomas A. Langan, wife and husband, <br /> and J. Langan, single, <br /> in constderatiori o) �ne Do21a.r and other valuable considerations _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _DOLLARS <br /> in hand paid,do hereby grant, bargain,seli,convey and confirm unto LaS�menee J. Guyette and Berniee L. Guyette, husband and <br /> � wife, <br /> as ]OINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; ihe f ollowtng decribed rea� estate situate in the County uf j��,l, and <br /> state of Nebraska ta-w�t: <br /> Lot Three (3 ) in B1ock Two_ (2) in Better Homes Subdivis3on to the City of Grand Island, <br /> �Tebraska, as surveyed, platted and recorded; <br /> ( 7.7o I:: R. s��PS� <br /> (Cancelled ) <br /> together with all tlte tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances to the same belonging, and aIl the estate, title, clojuer, right o{ homesteact, clarm or clemand whatsoeuer o� <br /> the saict grantorS , of, in or to the same,or any part thereof; subject to , <br /> ti <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERETO. THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> ENTIRE FEB SIMPLE TITLE TO THE RE:4L ESTATE DESCRIBED HBREIN SHALL VEST IN THE SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described pFemises, w��h �he appurtenances, unto the said grantees as JOINT TBNANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to the heirs and aseiyns of the survivor of them, (ore�er, and ti�JB the grantorg named herein for ourselves <br /> and p1�r' heirs, executors, and administrators, do cor�enant,with the �rantees named lierein and with their assigns and with the heirs and assigns of t{te <br /> suruivor oF them, that We are iawfully seized o( said premises; that they are}�ree from incumbrnnce except as stnted Aerein,mid that Wg <br /> the said grantar S ha Ve floocl right and Iawf uI autliority to sell the same, and that j�t@ will nnd OUY+ heirs, executors <br /> ancl administrators shall warrant and de�'end the same unto the grantees named �ierein and unto their.assigns and unto the Iteirs and assic,�ns of t{ie sur�iuor o( them, (oreuer, <br /> against the lawful claims of nll persons wl�omsoever, excluding the exceptions named herein. <br /> INWITN$SS WHEREOF ti,Te haUe.hereunto set OUY' handS this 2Ot',h day <br /> of June . A. D.19�9 <br /> In presence of �.3.CE r+'. Langan <br /> C. E. Grundy X Her Mark <br /> Darlene Puncochar Thom_as A. Lan�;an <br /> And in Attest to the signature of A1ice F. Lan�;�,n by mark. Frederick J. Lan�a,n <br /> STATE OF �TebT'r�,5��a, On this 2Qth day of June A. D. 19ta.g: be�'ore me,a 1Votary Public in and for sai�l <br /> ss. <br /> County of H�.�. County,personally came the above named Aliee F. Langan and Thomas A. Langan, ti+Ij.f e a.Tld <br /> husband, and Frederick J. Langa.n, single, <br /> who a,Y'@ personally lenr�wn to me. to be the identical person g whose nam� �'e nf f ixed to ihe abone <br /> ' instrument as grantorg , and �hey ncknowledged said inslrument to be <br /> voluntary aet ancl cleecl. <br /> �SEAL� WITNESS my i�and and Notarial Seal the date laat aforesaic�. C � E, Grundy <br /> Notary Public. <br /> My commission expires on the 1,9t',1_1 day of J�e A. D.19.�Q <br />