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� <br /> ��r� <br /> D���D R �GQR� <br /> HuEfma�►.Porm No. tog4/2 Containtn�;�t x Pri�ted Werds. <br /> NO. 1'd5�36O88�THEAl1GU5TINLCO.GRANDISLAND,NEBR. <br /> STA'�E QF N�BRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FROM County o.f H8.11. Entered in Numeaical Index ancl f iled f or record in <br /> Mrs. Gladys G. Hoffman rheRegister of Deeds 'off�e of saitl County <br /> � MI'. LZO d R. �''�offman ��e 5 d�y oF Ju1y �9�-9 at1.0 o'clocFz and�-�j' minutesA. 1�'I• <br /> y a�ua recort�etl in �ook 99 page �.�3 of Deetls <br /> �a <br /> ���0 ����',������.� ` ��a/��o� Register of Deeds. <br /> Lena Sprin�sguth Bv � Deputy. <br /> KNOW ALL M8N BY THESE PRESENTS,TI�at Gladys G. Noffman and Lloyd R. Hoffman, �+Tife and Husband <br /> in enMSBcleration of One Dollar and Other Valuable Consideration - - - _� _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ por.�,�&S- <br /> in �iand paid,do {tereby grant, bargain,sell,convey and confirm unto Qt',1',O Springs�u�h and Lena Springsguth� Hj.B S"r�.�8 <br /> � JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; tke followtng decribed rea� estate situute in t�e CountX of Hall anc� <br /> Saate of AIebraska to-wit: <br /> Lot Eight (&) in Block One (1) �n Bartling�s Subc?ivision, located on Part of Lot Fifteen <br /> (15) of the County of the South Ha1.f of the Southeas� Quarter (S-2SE4) of <br /> � Section Six�een (16) in Township Eleven (11) , North, Ran�e �tine (9) and Part of the <br /> Nor�heast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NF�NE4) af Section Twenty-one (21) in Toz�rn- <br /> ship Eleven (ll), North, Range Nine (y) , a1.1 West..of the Sixth (6th) Principal Meridian. <br /> ( . . . amps) <br /> (Cancelled ) <br /> together wit� aIl the tenomenis, F�er�ditaments, and appurtenances �o the s.nme belong�ng, and aIl the estate, title, dower, right af homestead, claim or demand w�►atsoever o{ <br /> the saicl grantor S, of, in or to the same,or any part thereof; subject to <br /> IT BEIN� THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTtES HERETQ, THAT,IN THE EV�NT OF TH� DEATH OF EITHER OP SAID �RAIVT�ES THE <br /> ENTIR$ FEE SIMPLE TITLF. TO THE REA� �STATE I)ESCRIB�D HEREIN SHALL� VEST,IIV TH� SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVB AND TO HOLD the a�iove clescrt�aecl premises, with the appurtenanGes, unto !he satd JOINT T�NANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to the heirs and assigns of the sur�iuor of them, forever, and y�g t�ee grantor g namecI herein F�►' US <br /> and OU,1+ heirs, executors, and administrators, do cauenant with the grantees named leerein and with tl�eir assigns and with the heirs nnd assigns of the <br /> survivor of them, that yJg �g lawfullp seizet� of said premises; that they are free from ineumbrance except as stated herein,and that W8 <br /> !he saic� grantorS hov@ .�ood right and �awful aut�iority to sell the same, and that W@ wz�l and OUI' heirs, executors <br /> and.aclministrators shall warrant and defer�d the s¢mo unto the grantees named Itereen ancI unto their assigns and unto the l�eirs and assigns aF the suruivor oF them, forever, <br /> against tTie lawful claims of all persons whomsoever, excluding the exceptions namvd heroin. <br /> I1V WITN$SS WHEREOF y�g have hereunto sot OUy� hand g this 2ng day <br /> �f JuZy .A. D. �9�g <br /> In presence of Ml'S GI.&C�.�S G. HOf'f'IIla.Y1 <br /> Mr Lloyd R. Hoffman <br /> STATE OF Nebraska on this `�T1C�. day of �JU]..V A• D• 19�-9• before me,a 1Votary Public ir�and for said <br /> SS. Count y Gla.d s G. Ho�fman and Llo d R. Hoffman Wife and <br /> County of Ha11 y, Personall came the above named y y <br /> , <br /> Husband <br /> who �+@ personally Iznown to me. to be the identical person g wltose name S �g af fixed to the aboue <br /> instrument as grctntor g , and thg�T acknowleclged said instrument to be their <br /> uoluntary act and deecl. <br /> WITN$SS my hand,and,Notarial Seal the date Iast afaresaid. �'+ . ViviAn Roark <br /> (�Fi;Aj,� � � � Notary Publio. <br /> My commission expires on the ���j�, day of jvlar•Ch A• D• ZC�.�]_ <br />