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� <br /> • � <br /> � � �� � 1--����� . <br /> I�uFfman Form No. tog!/2 Containin�' q�i Printed Words. <br /> . , NO. 735�38O86-THEAUGIlSTINECO.GRANUISUND,NEBR. <br /> STA�'E OF NE�RASKA� <br /> S3. <br /> FROM County of �.j�•�„],l Entered in Numerical Index and filed for record in <br /> the Register Of' Deedsoffice of said County <br /> Ge orge G'. La.mbe rt �'c w�.f S• the 'l day of Mfl.,y ig �9 at 1]. o'clock and l�mfnutes �M. <br /> �TD and recordecl in booTz 99 paqe '7'7 of Deeds ���,�,�� <br /> Dan ��T. Cl.atterson & , --kegtister of Deeds. <br /> Violet L. Cha�terson By Deputy. <br /> . � <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That George C . L�mbert and Gertrude E. Lambert, husband and <br /> w-if e, <br />� tn oonsadernt�o���f One Dollar, and other valuable cansideration - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -��AR� <br /> . <br /> I <br /> in hancl paic�,do Tiereby grant, bargain,sell, convey and confirm unto Dan �. Chatterson and Violet L. Chatterson, husband �.11C� <br /> wife, or of a corr�nunity estate; . <br />' as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common!l�e, f ollowi�g decribed regl estate situate,in the County o( H�], and <br /> State of Nebraska fo-w�t: . <br /> Nor�heast Quarter (NE$) of Sect3.on Fourteen (14�) , Township Nine (9) , North Range Nine (9) , <br /> t�Test of the 6th P M <br /> . . <br />� <br /> � 35•20 I. R. STAI�RPS) <br /> (Cancelled ) <br /> , <br /> together witli all the tene►nents, hereditaments, anc� app�rlenQnces to tTi� same belong�ng, and all the estate, titla, dower, right of homestead, claim or demancl whatsoever of <br /> the saicl grantor S of, in or to the same,or any part t�ereof; sutijeet to T10 E11CU$lbY'c9,11C@ <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PA$TIES HERETCI, THt�T IN THE EVEI`VT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THB <br /> ENTIRE FEE SIMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATB DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IN THB SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAV$ AND TO HOLD the above c�escribed premises, with the aqpurtengnces, unto the said grantees as ]OINT TENANTS,nnd not ns tenants in common, <br /> and to t�eir assigns, or to the heirs and ussigns oF tlte survivor of them, forever, and j�Te the grantor S named herein for US <br /> and p�Y' heirs, executors, and admin.istrators, do conen,ant wttTi tlie grantees ngmed herein and witli their assigns and witli the heirs nnd assigns of the <br /> survivor of them, that Z�e �,y'e lawfully seizecl of said premises; ihat they are free from incumbrance except as stated herein,and that W6 <br /> the said grantor s ha Ve good ri�ht and lawf ul authority to sell the same, ana that we w�rr and Ouz` heirs, executors <br /> and administrators shall wnrr�nt and clefen,d tlye same unto tl�,e grantees ng►ned herein and unto t�eir,assigns and unto the heirs and assig►�s of the suruivor of.them, foreuer, <br /> against t�e lawful claims of all persons whomsoeuer, excluding the exceptions namecl herein. <br /> IN WITNESS WH$REOF t�g haue �ereunto set OUY+ hancl g this ]_ clay <br /> �f March �A• D• �9�9 La.mbert <br /> In presence of Ge orge C. <br /> Lawrence Dunmire Gertrude E. La,mbert <br /> STATE OP Nebraska l On this lg� day of Mareh E1. D•].9.�9 . before me,a 1�'otary Public in and for said <br /> ss. <br /> County of �A��,' ,c33 f Counay, personally �ame tlie above named G2�Y'g8 C. La.mbert and Gertrude E. Lambert, <br /> husband and wife, <br /> who are personally know+n to rne to Fie the identicnl person.g . u�hose name S nf f i.Ced to the aboi�e <br /> instrwnent as qrantor S > and thgy acknowledged said instrument to be their <br /> voluntnry act and deed. <br /> �S�+ l�j�� WITNESS my hand and 1�lotarial Sea� the date last afore�d. Lawrenee Dunmire <br /> Notary Public. <br /> N�y commission expires on f�ie 25 c�ay of Jjz13T A• D• 1953 <br /> CERTIFICATE <br /> The undersigned grantees hereby accept delivery of the above instrument of conveyance and acknow- <br /> ledge it to be a conveyance to them of an estate as �joint tenants with right of survivorship and <br /> nbt as tenants in common or tenants of a communi'�y eatate. <br /> Dan W. Chatterson <br /> Violet L. Chatterson <br /> STATE �F NEBRASI{� )SS. On this lst day of March, 19�9, before me, the undersigned, a Notaxy <br /> .Adams COUNTY )~ public in and f or said county, personally came the above named Dan W. <br /> Ch�,tterson and Violet L. Chatterson husband and wife, ti�hose names ar� aff3.xed to tne foregoing <br /> certificate and Vrho are personally known to me to be the grantees in the above instrument of <br /> conveyance and acknowledge �he acceptance a,nd deliv�ry of said instrument of conveyance and the <br /> execution of said certificate to be their volun'�ary act and deed and that the recitals of said <br /> certificate are true. <br /> Witness my hand and seal the day and year last above s��ritten. • <br /> ' Lawrence Dunmire <br /> (SEAL) Notary Public <br /> My Commission expires: July 25, 1953 _ <br />