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� r-� <br /> ��� <br /> � D��� � R �C�ORD <br /> Huffman Form No. tog�/2 Containing qit Pr'rnted Words. <br /> NO. 735-3G088-THE�IIGUSTINE C0.GRAND ISLAND,NEBR. � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA� <br /> FROM County o{ Hall S3 $ntered in Numerical Index and f iled f or record in <br /> �tto F. �ehwartz & w�. thBRegister of Deed� 6fi1C6 of said County <br /> . the � day of lujay ig }.�.Cj at � o'clock and minutes P� M. <br /> � <br /> 7.� and recorded in book �9 pac�o �J� of Deeds <br /> ��� <br /> ���,Q �'• & Anna �• SCI1WAY't,2 Repister of Deeds. <br /> By Depu� <br /> KNOW AI,I MEN BY Z`HF,SE PRF:SENTS, Thnt OTTO F' SCFiWARTZ and ANNA 8. 3CHWARTZ <br /> in consirleration of One Dollar ��1���� a,Yl�. ��'i1'1@� �raluable consideration �� <br /> in hand paid, do hereby grant, bargain,sell,convey and confirm unto pTT� F. S�"iH����. AT1C�. ��� �. SCHWARTZ <br /> � JOINT TENANTS, ancl not as tenants in common; the following decribed real estate situate in the Caunty of ��1jj�j� and <br /> State of NEBRASKA to-wit: <br /> L�T NIN� (9) , IN BLOCK SEVEN (7) , IN HANN�S THZRD ADDITI�N T� THE CITY �F GRAI�TD �SLAN�, <br /> HALL C�UNTY, NEBRASKA, AS stTRVEYED, PLATT�D AND REC�RDED. <br /> (� ,�:1�:�amps� <br /> (Ganeelled <br /> togetlier with all the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances to t�ie same belonging, ancl all tlie estate, title, dower, ric�/it of homesteac�, claim or demand whatsoever of <br /> the said grantor ,g, of, in or fo the same,or any part thereof; subject to <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIBS HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF ETTHBR OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> ENTIRE F8E SIMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IN THE SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aFiove described pramises, with the appurtenances, unto the said grantees as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br /> and to tlteir assigns, or to the heirs and assic�ns of the survivor of them, foreuer, and th�y � the grantor $ named herein for '��EIIISE3�.V@S <br /> anc� thelr lieirs, executors, and ndministrators, do conenant with the grantees named herein ancl with their assigns and with tlte heirs and assi�ns of the <br /> suruiuor of them, that they f�Y`$ lawfully seized of said premises; that they are free from incumbrance except as stated herein,and that �h�ay <br />, h oo ri h anc� Iaw ul aut�orit to sell the same and that will and heir or <br /> fhe said grantor 8 ave g cl g t f y 1'i�1e �heir s, execut s <br /> . y <br /> ancl aclministrators shall warrant and defend the same unto the grantees nametl herein and unto their assiqns and unto the heirs and assigns of the surviuor of them, foreuer, <br /> . <br /> against the law(ul claims of aIl persons whomsoever, excluding the exceptions named herein. <br /> IN WITNESS WH$R$OF W6 haue hereunto set p�'+ hanc� this � day • <br /> o MA �. �I' , A. D. <br /> f Y 99 <br /> I In presence of 0'�i'�i0 F• sC3Y1WA1"t"iZ <br /> E. Merle MeDermott Anna S. Schwartz <br /> Lorene Buhrman <br /> STATE OFNEbY'a.Ska, On thtis 3rd ctay of �ay, 19�.9 A. D. , beFore me,a 1\'otnry Public in ancl for snid <br /> County of Ha�-1 }ss. �.'ounty, personally came the above named Q'�t',O F• Schwartz a�t� �11111$ ►�• ►�C}1WA2'�?, <br /> who �ersonally known t� me to be the identical person iuhose name n ised to the nhoue <br />, �@ I $ (� <br /> s <br /> � <br /> inslrurnent as grantor$ , anc� �hey acknowledc�ecl saic�instrument io tie �h��r <br /> uoluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNESS my hand and Notarial Seal the date last aforesaid. �'. Merle MeDertt�ott <br /> ���'+�i�u� Notary Public. <br /> My commission expires on the 9'�h, daY of June A• D• 195� <br />