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/- <br />156. <br />RELEASE OF LIEN Fg IFICATE OF, <br />AWS <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that the County of Halla corporation, <br />In the State of Nebraska,in consideration of the payment of the sum of <br />One Dollar and other valuable consideration in hand paid by Eva (Minnie) <br />Tagge,receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged,does hereby oancel,release <br />and discharge of record the lien existing under the Certificate of Award <br />dated June 1,1937,filed February 26,1940,in Book l,at Page 126 of the <br />records of Hall Count ,Nebraska,on the following described gro erty,to-wit: <br />Southeast Quarter (Oft) of Section One (1),Township Twelve (12T <br />,Range <br />Twelve (12),Hall County,Nebraska. <br />This release shall include the lien created by all subsequent payments <br />made thereunder,and payment of said lien is hereby aeknowledged,and said lien is <br />hereby satisfied and released,in accordance with the resolution of the Board <br />of Supervisors of Hall County,Nebraska,under date of September 20,1940. <br />This release shall not in any manner affect the lien'against the following <br />described property: <br />East Half (E*) of Northwest quarter (NWJ) of Section Twelve (12),Township <br />Twelve (12),Range Twelve (12),Hall County,Nebraska. <br />Witness: (CORP) THE COUNTY OF HA,LL,a Corporation, <br />(SEAL) in the State of Nebraska. <br />Elea. hiller By J C . Bowd n <br />Chairman of the Board of Supervisors <br />of Hall County,Nebraska <br />Ellen Miller T H Jones <br />ounty ClerkpHall ounty,Nebraska. <br />BUT$ ®r NEBAA, M ) <br />)ss: Now on this 30" day of September,1940,personally app - <br />COUNTY OF HALL ) eared before me,the undersigned,a Notary Public <br />in and for Hall County,Nebraska,J.C.Bowden,Chairman <br />of the Board of Supervisors of Hall County,Nebraska,and J.H.Jones,County <br />Clerk of Hall County, Nebraska,to me known to be the identical persons who <br />executed the foregoing Release,and they acknowledged the execution thereof <br />to be their voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein set forth, <br />and the voluntary act and deed of the County of Hall,& eorporation,and that <br />the seal of the County of Hall was thereto affixed with their authority. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF,I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal the day and <br />year last above written. <br />(SEAL) Ri har B <br />©tart'` <br />Commission expires July 14,1944 u is <br />Filed for record this 30 day of September,1940,at 3:30 o'clock P. <br />Register of Deeds <br />