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This is a True Copy of <br />Certificate Originaly Issued <br />NEBRASKA N2 105 <br />Director of Assistance BOARD OF CONTROL <br />DEPARTMENT OF ASSISTANCE AND CHILD WELFARE <br />DECLARATION OF OWNERSHIP OF REAL ESTATE <br />X] Old Age Assistance <br />❑ Blind Assistance <br />_a O.S . --R. t er------------------------------------------------------------------- ..-------_------- Januar.-y 2-3 ----------------------------------•---------- <br />City or Village <br />Ha -ll ---_---------------------------...._ ------------- __--------- ----------------- - - ----------- <br />County Application Number <br />In compliance with State Assistance Statutes in Section 68 Comp. St. Supp. 1937, 1 hereby declare the following described <br />real estate as all of the real estate owned in whole or in part by myself and/or my spouse. <br />1. Legal description of real estate used by me as place of my residence: <br />SEJ, Section 1, Township 10, Range 12. <br />2. Legal description of all real estate not used by me as place of my residence: <br />W NEI., Section 35, Township 11, Range 12. <br />Recorded in name of Lillie M.Root, spouse. <br />Pursuant to the Enactment of L. B. 89, by the 55th Session of the Legislature of the State of Nebraska and approved May 12, <br />1941, authorizing the Register of Deeds to release the Old Age Assistance liens of record, ereby release thejhin lien this <br />.. day of..... �..... , 1941. rel .... <br />Register of Deeds <br />------ ---------------fur -e1-An_tl qqy ---------------------- Si <br />Witness <br />have investigated the ...................... Hal <br />to be correct to the best of my knowledge. <br />To: State Assistance Director, <br />1008 State Capitol, <br />Lincoln, Nebraska <br />VERIFICATION <br />Frank- A.Root <br />------------------------------ <br />Applicant for Assistance <br />records and hereby certify the above description(s) <br />------------------------------------Muriel Anthony..------ --------------------------- <br />County Assistance 44sesU& or Visitor <br />_-------------- Rall -------------- --------------------------------County <br />----------..lebr..uar..y 21. ................... 19-40------ <br />Received for record Certificate of Award for Application No-Afn5.74.................................. (Old Age Assistance), (Blind Assist- <br />ance) at ------------ 10 ----------------- o'clock and --------------------- ----- minutes ..... ...... M. in compliance with Sec. 68-258 Comp. St. Supp., 1937 as amended <br />by 1K. B. 389, 53rd Session Nebraska Legislature, or 68-413 Com. St. Supp., 1939and L. B. 2 Ja7-f—'e y 1940 <br />-----•-----•------•-----•----r.C..._.._....-•-? ------------_-- <br />Signed Book. 1, Page 105 Register of Deeds <br />