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":`.� ` • =�3- - � _ <br /> is hereby assigned to the Tabitha Home of Lincoln, Nebraska, <br /> pursuant .to ' the provisions of d�ecedent' s W�11. ` <br /> The Greeley Gounty real estate described as : <br /> Lots 7 and 8 , Block 3, Second Addition to the <br /> Town of Wolbach, Greeley County, Nebraska <br /> is hereby assigned to the Trinity Lutheran Church of Wolbach, � <br /> Nebraska, subject only to the right of Hazel Paulman to rent said , <br /> real estate during her lifetime all as contained in Article IV of <br /> the decedent 's Will. . <br /> The Executor deliver to Thomas J. Milliken, Trustee , the <br /> cash and other property on hand which is set out and listed above. <br /> That upon payment of the said costs of administration, and <br /> the payment of the money and delivery of the personal property <br /> as aforesaid, and upon the return of the proper vouchers and report <br /> of his doings under this Decree , and upon the approval of the same by <br /> this Court , the Executor be discharged. <br /> � BY THE COURT . <br /> (SEAL) R' <br /> ��t' <br />