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' ' HALL COUNTY,.NEBRAS�A <br /> F'I L�C� <br /> FEB 171966 <br /> I,,AST NIIZ A8D TZ3T�T � •. <br /> � COUNTY JUDli_ L- — <br /> � ADA I,. S'�TART <br /> I, ADA I.. S'I'ZMl►8T of Grand Ieland, Hall County, 8ebrsaks, beiaa6 of <br /> sonad aind and di�posina nemory, but not uamindful of the uacertainties o! <br /> hn�sn life, do hereby make, publish and declare this my I�sst will e.nd T�sbamemt. <br /> hereb�r revokina my rrills dated September 21, 1943, and October 6, 1949. �ad <br /> as�}► and all former willa by me made: <br /> I� _ <br /> I hereby appoint 1[ra. Anna Mae Lindgren of Grand Ieland, lTebraska� <br /> exacutriz of this my I�aat Will and Testament. <br /> II. . <br /> I hereby authorize and direct iqy ezecutrix to pay all of �► �usb <br /> and sub4lsting debts, inclnding the eapeneea of apr last illness aad burial <br /> sr won eSter mp► death as poseible; and f rom my personal estate. <br /> III. <br /> I hereby give, devise and bequeath all the reet. residue a.nd remaia�er <br /> of ma� estats, real, personal and mixed, of whtch I may die siesad and posses4eQ <br /> to Kr�. Anna lY[se Lindgren of GFraad Ieland, DTebraska, to have and to hold for��er. : <br /> IV. . <br /> I am not vasntndtlil of my relatives, but they have been ad�anced c�r- <br /> tsin euma during the lifetime of a�v husband and myself, aad I hereby lea�� thq <br /> none of my property. !'urther� Anua Mae Lindgren resided in my home from th, <br /> time shs was eig�t yreare old utttil the time of her me�rziage, and ehe has �rlrq�� <br /> : occnpied the place of a dangbter in our fam3ly. <br /> IH MITN�SS WH�RFA]�, I have hereunto subecribed �y aaae tht• 30�r d��► <br /> of l�o�e�ber. �.D., 1.953. �t Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> C.�.� ,�. ���.��►�f- <br /> Sigaed. publiahed and declared by the above-namsd ADl I,. $'171ta�'1' �a <br /> aad for her Last Xi11 ead Teatanent in the preseace of us and :�ach of ns. t�o ia <br /> h�r pr�s�nce sad at her reques� aad in th� pressac� oY �ach other, han �renatb <br /> ' snb�cribed our name• `as witneases th1• 30th oY Bovsmber, l.D., �9530 �t: <br /> 6read Island, 8�brasl�aa. <br /> � . ���..�G � �� <br /> " � � . � .. � . - �./�'l00 �J�fi/�.�w�'��`� <br /> � ; � :. All o! brsn� Islsnd. HsZl Ca��?• <br /> � �abrsstw. <br /> ..��� -_��,`� <br /> _F�, ' " <br />