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. <br /> i <br /> . , . _ <br /> . <br /> , , . : <br /> . . �c�t�� �t�.� �� �.��.�ct11�.i.s� . : <br /> oF <br /> FR.t;NK J. C�SPER <br /> , I, FranK J. Casper, of Grand Island, Hall County, I�Ieorasica, <br /> 'oeir.g of sound rr:ind and disposing r,�er�cry, do herewith make, <br /> publish and declare. this to be rny Last t�ill and Testar�.ent, in <br /> manner and form as follows: <br /> r IRST <br /> I direct that my Executrix or Executor, as the case raay <br /> be, hereinafter named, shall pay all of rny just debts, expenses <br /> of last illness, funeral expenses and the expenses for the <br /> administration of my estate as soon as can be conveniently done. <br /> s�,corrr � <br /> If my wife, Alta H. Casper, survives me, then I give, devise <br /> and bequeath. to my vaife, Alta H. Casper, all of'the rest, residue <br /> and remainder of my estate, ooth real estate and personal . <br /> property, whether now owned by :.�e or hereafter acquired and where- <br /> soever situated, to be hers absolutely, to have and to hold the <br /> same forever. <br /> THID� <br /> If my vvife, I�lta H. Casper, does not survive me, then I give, <br /> devise and bequeath all of the rest, residue and. remainder of <br /> my estate, both real estate and per�onal property, wh�ther nova <br /> oti�med by me or hereafter acquired', and wheresoever. situated, in <br /> ea,ual. snares to my children who shall survive me, provided that <br /> if any of r,1y 'children shall predecease me leaving issue who <br /> survive me, then I give, bequeath and devise the share of such <br /> deceased child to his or her issue, who survive me, in equal <br /> shares per stirpes. I_ <br /> FOU RTH I <br /> I narle, nominate, and appoint my J�ife, tilta i:. Casper, to be <br /> the E�;ecutrix of this, �;��5= Last ;�vill and�Testar;ent, ..�urther <br /> requesting that she be not�required to furnish sur�ty on ner <br /> official bond as such, iurtner granting to her full right, <br /> license and authority to sell and dispose of r.-iy personal property � <br /> and real estate at either public sale or private sale, when <br /> deemed necessary by her, without first securing license from any <br /> . Court authcrizing her to do so. If my wife, Alta H. Casper, does � <br /> not survive �e, or should resign, fail to qualify or cease to act j <br /> as such Executrix, then I name, nor�linate and appoint my son, <br /> v�lillard r. Casper, of Lincoln, ilebraska, to be the �xecutor cf ; <br /> this, n;y Last L�ill and Testarnent, iurther giving to such i <br /> Executor all of the rights, povrers and authorities I have herein� ; <br /> oefore given to r�y first-named Executrix. j • <br /> FI FTH ; <br /> i <br /> Having conferred in c�etail regarding the provisions of ::1p � <br /> ��Iill with iiichard A. Huebner, of the law firrn oi' Lueos, Elson, ; <br /> Tracy & Huebner, of Grand Island, Nebraska, I hereby waive all ' <br /> prcvisior�s of the laws of �'ebraska, pertaining to privile�ed ; <br /> con�r.unications between attorney and client. I expressly. authorize '; <br /> i <br /> ; <br /> � <br /> ; <br /> � <br /> � <br /> �t ! <br /> ' . ` f <br /> ! � <br /> . . -�- 3�y <br />