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, <br /> The Coeurt finds that ali the reat afld residue of tha property <br /> belonging ta th� deceasad at the ti�ae ef har dea�h ahouid ba �asi�necl <br /> i�n equal sharas to �teredyfih B. Peters and Sylvia A. �:ohs�e. <br /> IT IS THBREFURE ORUSR�D, ADJtJi)GBD AND DECRBBD BY THB C:�URT <br /> that th� report of the administrator with the wi11 annexed be aad <br /> the same ia her�by approved and confirmed; tha# all c].aim� filed <br /> and allo�red against sa3d estate have been paid; that all cZaia►a not <br /> fi1�d within the time fix�d bp thc Cot�rt be and the �a��e are� foraver <br /> ba�red; that the inheritance tax fixed by this Court in a separat� <br /> orde� �as been paid; that ths heirs at law of said deceastti art �s <br /> in the findings herein; that there is a�sigr�ed to I�eredyth E. Peters <br /> on� l�,dys plat�.num �iamond ring� center 5ton� three carats, dia�eond <br /> ear screws set in yeZlow �old, charm braclet. bearing initials H. S.; <br /> that �here is assigned to Sylvia A� Lohse a fancy dinner ring w�.th <br /> c2ntex� stone weighing one and a half carat�, diamond pendant, diamond <br /> wrist watch and braclet. dinner ring with three center diamonds and <br /> six �maller d�.amond�; tha� all the rest and residue of the property <br /> belonging to the deceased at the time 4f her dcath be and �he sam� is <br /> hereby assigned in equal shares to Meredyth E. Peters and Sylvia A. <br /> Lohse, share an$ ��fare alike. <br /> It is further ardered ttsat upon his filing vuuehers showing <br /> payment of the sivas ordered paid that an order of discharge €rom <br /> his trust as such administrator with the will annexed be iss�ed aut <br /> of and under the seal of this Court t� the said Fletcher C. Peters. <br /> I�V �Vitness Where�f I have hereunto s�t my hand and thc seal <br /> af the County Ceurt of Jefferson County, Nebraska, thia 2nd daq of <br /> August, 14fi2. <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, SS e f �ht ge o e e son <br /> W M. �-1•'R�L�. <br /> ,�9-�--0�- I, ��we. �Judge of th�����+iC��tUi�i���or said <br /> �+�Coui�'tg;do hereby certif�� that tne foregoing is a full and correct <br /> _-�,���1; .Cppyefof�'�e original instrument duly filed and of record in this <br /> �,�: �. Y�ui�.'l��!�' <br /> =��:� 0 , 4�I��$�•i�y hand and the seal af said Court at Fairbury, <br /> • N . <br /> , �� . �' Ne�aslc8 tY�is� �`� day of � , 19�a <br /> . �,� a��r�' � :• �� <br /> ,�', `�` � :s`yy u:�t�yJudge <br /> �'� t� �'•. '� ,- <br /> , •. ; -•. <br /> �' �� . c� B <br /> �`�,��, ``� y Clerk o�County Court ' <br /> , ,• .,. o .Y�rLG <br /> . --�".,,�+;;�..,_ ._._ <br /> � ��P�d �r��cr� �-�:-��2..,-.�a�..,��3�. �� ����a/ ;��, Pz�� ��'� <br /> (�..�;,.�. ��.i t��glS'ti Gf �?Ei�S� �:4� ui��1y, ?!r�lfdSka. ��� <br />