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officd of the County Judge in Jefferson County, Nebraska, was the <br /> ti�e and piace fixed for hearin� en 8aid petition. <br /> There is aleo the fellowing described r�al estate belonging <br /> to said estate, in-w�fch tht dece�std owned an undivided one-half <br /> interes�. to-wit: <br /> Tract Z The West 20 fe�t af Lot 15, Block IS, Ori�inai <br /> Tm��rnn of Fairbury, Jeffersan County. Nebraaka, <br /> known as the Po].2y Buildin�o <br /> Tract 2 Lots 14 and 15, Bl�ck 2b, Original Town of Fairbury, <br /> Jefferson Countq, Nebraska. <br /> Tract 3 Lot 8� Block 41, Original Town nf Fairbury, <br /> 3�ffersoza County, Ncbraska. <br /> Tract 4 Lots 9 and 10, Sl�ck �1, Original Toev;� c�f Fairbuzy� <br /> Jeffersfln County� Nebraska. <br /> Trac4: 5 Lots 8, 9, 10� Biock 14, and Lofis 1�, 12, i3 and <br /> 14, Black 15, all in Harbor Additi�n ta the T�wn <br /> of Grand k.arais, Rotik County, Minncsota. <br /> haw an this and �ay of August, 1962, this cause comes on for <br /> tiearing on said petition on the voluntary appearance of the County <br /> r�ttorney of Jefferson County, Nebraska, and the voluntary appearance <br /> o�` the Co�nty Att�rn�y of Hall County, Nebraska, and the evidence, <br /> and the Cuurt bei�tg fully inf�rmed in the premis�s find� that the <br /> report of the adminisfiratar �vith the will annexed is correct in <br /> every particular; that he has therein aceounted for a�l of the <br /> assets of said estate; that said report ought to be ici all things <br /> approved and confirm6d; that the heirs at law of said deceased ar� <br /> Meaedyth E. Peters, dau�hter; and Sylvia �i. Lahse, daughter, b�th <br /> more than twenty-on� yaars cf age; that all claims filad and ailowed <br /> agains� said estate have� been paid; that all claims not f il�d within <br /> the time fi�ed by tha Court ought to be for�ver barr�d; that the <br /> inheritance tax due £rom this extat� h�s been fixed in a s�parate <br /> order aad ba� been paid. <br /> The Court .£inds tbat the Masonic ring and diamond little <br /> fing�r ringi xeferr�ci to �.n th� fourth paragraph of the wiii, haa <br /> been del3ver+�d priQr to the death flf the decea�aed and �s not a part <br /> af this estat�. <br /> c`�� J <br />