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the bottom marqin the signature of the testatrix and the initials <br /> of the witnesses, and th� third page bearing t� signatures ot <br /> � the testatri� and the witnesses, was this -��- d�y of July, 1961, <br /> signed, sealed, published and declared by the said testatrix aa autd <br /> for her Last �ill and Testament, in the Fresence of us, who, at <br /> her request, and in her preseT:ce, and in tne presence of each <br /> other, have hereunto subscribed our as witness� thezeto, <br /> We, snd each of us, believing the said testatrix to be of sound <br /> and dipposing mind and memory at the date nereof, and under no <br /> dnress. <br /> f'.�.,� C. ��=��`" <br /> �Rr�n s anc�, e ras a. <br /> � z <br /> �"/�a.L,...�v - <br /> vran s sn , : epras a. <br /> -> Pags 4. <br /> . ��.. �� �--: <br />