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� <br /> by the eYecutor for the direct or indirect use or benefit of such. <br /> - beneficiary in any one or more of the following ways, in his opin- <br /> ion, shall be most desirable for the beneficiary: (a) directly <br /> � <br /> to the beneficiary; (b) to a qualified Iegal representative of snah <br /> beneficiary; (c) to some near relative or friend of such beneficiary, <br /> for the beneficiary during the continuance of the disability, with <br /> the remainder thereof to be delivered directly to the beneficiary <br /> upon termination � the disability; or (d) by the executor using <br /> such payment for the benefit o� such beneficiary. All of said pow- <br /> ers are to be broadly construed, and are tc be exercised in the dis- <br /> cretion of the person who serves as executor, without authorization <br /> or approval of ar.y Court, if tne person is my said sister specifi- <br /> cally named in Paragraph 2, hereof, or with approval of Court, if <br /> anqone else serves as executor. <br /> 4. I give;and bequeath to t�;yrtle Batchelor, my sister, <br /> af Windsor, biissou:i, the s�.:�. of Twc Thousdnd c ive i�undred and <br /> No/100 Dollars (��,SUO.CO ) , F;rovided she is living at the time of <br /> my desth. I further provide that tnis amount shall not exceed <br /> twenty-five per cent (25`�a) oF my net estate, after payment �f all <br /> cltiims against my estate allowed by Court, the expenses of my last <br /> illness, funeral and cemetery expenses, t'r.e cost of administration <br /> of my estate, and any and all inheritance taxes and estate taxes. <br /> In the event that this sum of a 2, 5GG.00 does -a�#r exceed the amou�*�t !°'��, <br /> of 25% of my said net estat��, tnen I direct that this bequest to �C� <br /> �3�- <br /> my said sister, Myrtle Batci-ieior, shall be reduced accord3ngly, on <br /> a pro rata basis. In the event tnat my said sister, Myrtle <br /> Batchelor, is not living at tne time of my death, then this share <br /> in my estate shall lapse and shall be adc;ed to, and pa'ss with, the <br /> , rest, residue and remainder of my estate. <br /> 5. I qive, devis� and bequeath, absolutely anci in fee <br /> simple, all of the rest, residue and remainder of my property 8nd <br /> Pege 2 of my Last Will and Testament_�i� <br /> ze . anna ^ <br /> InYtials of Witnesses �'[�9'f ���- <br />...,.�.,.�.� , _ , � �•r <br />